How To Wear Mule Shoes Without Ruining Your Outfit

Don’t know how to wear mule shoes with your favorite wardrobe items? Wearing the same old boots or sneakers with your everyday casual outfit just doesn’t look right. Add a pair of adorable mule shoes to your closet today so that you have a stylish footwear alternative.

From leather to cute little kitten heels, there are a variety of styles of mule shoes that look chic and go with the classic wardrobe pieces in your closet. Mules are the most versatile and timeless footwear, other than the iconic sneakers. Let us inspire you with fun looks for you to experiment with and add your own personal touch.


How to wear mules without slipping?

Because mules don’t have a back, just like loafers, it is easy to slip out of them while walking. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear mule shoes anymore with your favorite outfit ideas.

Here are the best shoe expert tips for wearing mules without slipping:

  • Use hairspray to spray the bottom of your feet and make your feet less slippery.
  • Add double sided tape in the areas around the toe, the ball, and also the sides so that your foot will better adhere to the shoe.
  • Place antiperspirant deodorant on the bottom of your feet to prevent from sweating and slipping out of your backless mules.
  • Create scratch marks with a nail, knife, or sharp pointed end to provide  traction and a more permanent solution to the slipping problem.
  • Use non-slip shoe inserts inside the shoe or on the ball of your foot to prevent the foot from slipping out while you walk.

Mule shoes are an easy and comfortable footwear that every fashion girl loves to wear. As a result, invest in these simple hacks so that you don’t slip out of your mules anymore.


Can you wear mules with tights?

When it is freezing outside, it no fun to wear mules with bare feet. Especially since the open-toe mules make your feet extra cold. The best way to wear mules is with fleece-lined thermal leggings or tights to stay cozy and look stylish when its cold outside.

Not only will this keep your body warm, but will also prevent you from slipping when walking. Play around with super-opaque black or sheer tights that go well with your favorite outfit ideas.


How To Wear Mule Shoes

How To Wear Mule Shoes

source: @jaceyduprie

Whether you have flat or wedge style mule shoes, it’s easy to ruin your outfit for the day. As a result, it is extremely important to built a capsule wardrobe filled with quality pieces that every woman should have in her closet.

From denim jeans to dresses, classic essential always goes well with your adorable mule shoes during each season. Make sure to grab the perfect pair of mules to add to your everlasting quality wardrobe pieces.


How To Wear Mules With Dresses

How To Wear Mules With Dresses

source: @thelaurendailey

Grab your favorite wrap floral maxi dress that goes well with black suede mules. Suede and vintage floral print pattern is perfect for a casual day during the spring and summer seasons.


How To Wear Flat Mules To Work

How To Wear Flat Mules To Work

source: @emmahill

If you are tired of pump heels, switch to a genuine leather flat mule to wear for work. Make sure to tuck in the button-down shirt inside the cropped jeans and throw on your favorite boyfriend blazer over the top to look chic and classic.


How To Wear Heeled Mules With Jeans

How To Wear Heeled Mules With Jeans

source: @sivanayla

In order to dress successfully when deciding how to wear heeled mules with jeans, first pick cool block heel mules with a black and pointed toe.

Then, pair the best boyfriend jeans that you already have in your closet. Don’t forget to fold the hem a couple times to create a more casual look.


How To Wear Loafer Mules

How To Wear Loafer Mules

source: @herfashionedlife

Whether you have Gucci loafer mules or something similar, make sure to wear  a lightweight puffer jacket that goes well with the iconic mules.

It’s a perfect modern style with a casual touch for the fall and early spring seasons.


How To Wear Gucci Mules

How To Wear Gucci Mules

source: @glamometer

Gucci mules are a perfect footwear for winter weather with this cute outfit style. Throw on your favorite crewneck cashmere sweater from the classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style.

Wear this casual faux fur outfit all winter long with your favorite Gucci mules.


How To Wear Flat Mules

How To Wear Flat Mules

source: @minimalmajor

Do you have cute embroidered flat mules?

Stay chic and stylish while traveling in these classic skinny jeans. They are so comfortable for airport check-in and long-haul flights.


What To Wear With Fur Mules

What To Wear With Fur Mules

source: @gypsytan

Fur mules are super cute and will get you to replace your UGG shoes.

If you are still figuring out what to wear with fur mules to look casual, simply grab a chic cardigan to layer with your fall wardrobe items.


Mules With Shorts

Mules With Shorts

source: @notyourstandard

Other than flip-flops, mules with shorts are a match made in fashion.

Go with light brown leather, which is a neutral color palette that pairs well with this essential utility jacket. This is how to dress casual, but also look edgy and chic at the same time.


Block Heel Mules Outfit

Block Heel Mules Outfit

source: @dressmelikethat

Something about block heel mules with an open toe is super sexy. Grab your simple off the shoulder top and pretty denim skirt from your capsule wardrobe pieces for this season.


Flat Mule Shoes Outfit

Flat Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @fleurdille

Pick your favorite leopard flat mule shoes to go with your skinny jeans and seriously soft and warm sweater to create a casual outfit for the day.

Instead of a tote bag, carry a fun backpack purse to go with the look.


Casual Mule Shoes Outfit

Casual Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @fashionablykay

Do you have white mule shoes? If you don’t know where to start, always go with denim on denim to create this casual mule shoe outfit.

This cool girl denim jacket is all you need for your everyday style.


Mule Shoes Outfit

Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @anna_brstyle

Sweater and comfy joggers are a great start to put together a mule shoe outfit.

Upgrade your casual outfit with the best crossbody bag that every fashion girls loves, which means you’ll also love it too!


Black Mule Shoe Outfit

Black Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @rose_machado

Denim skirt, crop t-shirt, and a cute newsboy hat are all you need to complete this black mule shoe outfit. Avoid a black leather material.

Instead, mix and match with suede and shiny faux leather to make the outfit look more interesting.


White Mule Shoes Outfit

White Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @alexismaymcmullin

Have cute studded detail white mule shoes in your capsule wardrobe?

Dress down with a simple striped t-shirt and stylish overall dress that goes well with your dressy shoes for going out later.


Silver Mule Shoes Outfit

Silver Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @karinastylediaries

Chunky sweater cardigan and tapered cropped jeans generally make an outfit appear too boring. Add unexpected silver mule shoes to create a fun color palette.

Casual plus chic equals this fashion forward outfit.


Spring Mule Shoes Outfit

Spring Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @carajourdan

Go with suede open-toed mule shoes for cute spring outfits.

It’s still chilly in the evenings and during the early morning. Therefore, layer your jacket with white sweater outfits that every fashion girl is wearing right now.


Summer Mule Shoes Outfit

Summer Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @micjanee

Grab your favorite off the shoulder dress to wear with this summer mule shoe outfit. Don’t forget to include the most pinned summer straw tote bag to carry around with this look.


Fall Mule Shoes Outfit

Fall Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @everyday.holly

Sweater weather is here! Wear your favorite sweater and skinny jeans that goes well with mule shoes to create a comfy casual outfit.

Add the best tote bag to carry everywhere for work and travel.


Winter Mule Shoes Outfit

Winter Mule Shoes Outfit

source: @ciaofustyle

Winter is all about layering your favorite winter wool coat that goes well with sweaters, jeans, and mules. Choose plaid or herringbone for a classic and professional office style look.


Finding the right footwear that goes with every outfit is crucial. Especially knowing how to wear mule shoes without ruining your outfit is the key to successfully dressing up your capsule wardrobe essentials. Choose the perfect pair of mules that are comfortable and look good when you wear them for different occasions during every season.

How do you wear your favorite mule shoes?

Share your chic mule shoes outfit ideas with us!


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How To Wear Mule Shoes Without Ruining Your Outfit

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