Too Late to Jump on the Bitcoin Boat?

With all of the recent news and excitement circling around Bitcoin, its hard to ignore the gigantic price increases the coin has seen this year alone. I am grateful to have been introduced early in 2017 and we invested limited resources. Thus far this year our investment has more than tripled.

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Too Late to Jump on the Bitcoin Boat?

Invest in Your Future


I have recently began investing and planning for our financial future with high hopes. A bright future lays ahead, with forward thinking and planning today. Early on the focus was on developing skills to be successful in the future. Today, I would like to use past skills and experiences to better my financial future.


I believe that starts with planning for future needs and desires today. Simple questions like where do want to live or how will I secure food and water. Today we are uncertain if the city life is for us; we are planning a future countryside homestead and ranch lifestyle.


Our Investment Strategy


Until recently, our major focus was on paying off the remainder of my student loans. Most often the interest rates are unreasonably high and keep you struggling financially for many years. I could better afford the payments today, but the years immediately after college were challenging. Credit card payments are unnecessary when I would rather be investing the money wisely and letting it work for me instead.


One of my favorite personal financial blogs has been recommending Bitcoin for years now, since 2014 to be exact. The website features a narrative that opposes nationalized world currencies. Nationalized currencies create borders, draw lines of separation between people and facilitate conflict. In turn, it promotes a constant competition for the wealth of individual nations.


I currently favor a financial savings featuring precious metals, short liquid assets, cash and Bitcoin. Our desired portfolio today looks something like this:

Too Late to Jump on the Bitcoin Boat?

Shoebox Strategy


We believe the economy is currently reaching a peak state and that we will be approaching a steep decline in the near future. It signifies tough times, but only for those unprepared.


As a result, my understanding is that we are headed into the greatest opportunity to make money with your current savings. Utilizing your cash flow effectively can earn significant profits in todays’ world.


We don’t believe that banks are the safest place to store your entire savings. What if they close in conjunction with the economy crash? The FDIC backing will no longer protect your savings. This is what happened in the Great Depression. Banks closed and people lost their savings. Today, Banks offer little to no interest for holding your hard earned money.


The United States are not the only nation to suffer sever depression. Nearly every nation has seen their currency inflate and deflate. Its when the value crashes, that the people suffer drastically and the cost of everything skyrockets.


Today we rely heavily on the US Dollar backed debt economy. Every kind of loan is out in the world stacked on top of each other, just like a house of cards waiting to collapse.


For this very reason, I advocate the cash shoebox strategy. When the crash comes, cash will have significantly more value and the Great Wealth Transfer will occur.



How I started with Bitcoin?


Buying and using digital currency is not as easy as it could and should be. Today, Bitcoin is more accessible and easy to use than ever. Core developers maintain; it offers a great Getting Started Guide on how to get up and running.


coinbase, bitcoin, ether, litecoin is the easiest way to start using Bitcoin. Coinbase allows you to buy Bitcoin directly from your bank account or credit card, store your coins in an online wallet, and pay using Bitcoin for a large number of merchants from to Home Depot, CVS, Kmart and Amazon. If you sign up now here, you will get $10 on your account to buy Bitcoin.


Use Smartphone Wallets for Daily Expenditures


“If you don’t control your money, it’s not your money.” Transfer a small allowance to a smartphone wallet like Coinbase for daily expenditures. During Grexit, banks withdrawals had a 60 euros limit; the rate was higher for Bitcoin ATMs.


The Coinbase app is super user friendly. You can make purchases, send, receive and more. It’s the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin from your bank account. Coinbase offers the simplest way to buy Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. I have had a lot of success so far. You can read this post for more information about why we invest in Bitcoin today.


Connect with Other Bitcoin Users in the Local Community


LocalBitcoins is a fantastic resource to find people nearby willing to buy your Bitcoin for a nationalized fiat currency. Searching for local Bitcoin Meetup groups is another fantastic resource to meet others. In addition, introduce yourself on local Facebook Bitcoin groups to get more helpful tips. Local groups can also help guide you to websites or smartphone Bitcoin apps based in that city or country.


In Conclusion


The stock market is inflated and the wealth must be distributed more effectively to sustain overall economic growth. That is why Bitcoin has exploded so quickly onto the free market. The Great Wealth Transfer is upon us!


We are excited and optimistic about our bright financial futures. But we are here today, present in the now. For that I am extremely grateful! This blog allows us the opportunity to share information and connect with other all around the world.


We also save money in many ways. Below are some of our favorite strategies for saving money monthly. Our current savings is over $1,200 per month!

Save money articles:

Hopefully these tips will also help with new ways to save money.

Blogging is something that helped me to QUIT my $150,000 a year job and make a full-time living and traveling now and just a few years ago I never thought it would be possible. But I earn income online through my blog and you can learn how I do it here.


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32 thoughts on “Too Late to Jump on the Bitcoin Boat?

  1. I find Bitcoin fascinating – I had a bit of a play earlier in the year and made a small profit, but as its such an unknown entity, I find I’m not sure about investing too heavily.

  2. Maths was never my strong point and I do find the bitcoin strategy slightly confusing but I do see its potential and how it can be a substitute for material income or money. My good friend is obsessed with bitcoins and made an investment before it took off earlier in the year! x

    1. I like your friend 😉 it’s a decentralized nationless currency. it makes governments irrelevant because we don’t need their paper money.

  3. I really need to put some more time into learning more about bitcoins! So far I have skip it but it is seems to be already reality. Hope I’m not too late!

  4. True to every word you’ve said wrt investment. Stock market seems really saturated and hence the bitcoin surged so suddenly with a bullish nature. I too have invested in Bitcoins and till now it seems a better option than shares to me.

    1. be weary though, the market is about to take a down turn. I will be taking my profits and reinvesting at a later time.

  5. We have several investment options including shares, gold, real estate and bank deposits. And Bitcoins are most profitable among them at this moment which offers huge earnings on your investments. But can we rely it on a long-term basis ?

    1. Big yes to the future; Blockchain technology has many advantages in the future. But a downturn is ahead in the bitcoin marketplace. I may turn my profits to the cannabis pot stock boom that is about to erupt when California legalizes, then nationwide will follow. Ill reinvest in Bitcoin when the bull market returns.

  6. Well I will not pretend to understand anything about the stock market and the economy. I need to read these beginners guides you listed.

  7. I really had no idea what bitcoin was nor did I know you could make money from it. This is a well-researched piece. I really enjoyed it and now I genuinely want to find out more about bitcoin and how it can benefit or hinder me and our economy. There’s a documentary on Netflix about Bitcoin, I kind of want to watch that now too… haha thanks for teaching me something new!

  8. I never really understood bitcoin before, but reading your post has helped me learn a lot! I have a few friends who are already investing in bitcoin.

  9. I find bitcoin both interesting and intimidating, later because I know very little about it. I am bookmarking your post to read properly because it is filled with all the info I need to know as a newbie in the bitcoin world.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Do drop by my blog as well : 🙂

  10. I am always intrigued by the hype for Bitcoin and Ethirium. My husband is totally into this. But I still feel, this may be a bit over hyped.

  11. I started looking into bitcoin early this year, but have not invested I them yet. I definitely see the benefits of bitcoin. Just need to do a little more research to understand them better.

  12. Great information. I have heard my friends discussed about bitcoins but I did not get so much information about it as you provided here. Thanks so much!

  13. I’ve just caught wind of this a week ago. I was never aware of these Bitcoins, but they appear to have some potential to change the financial climate of the blogosphere.

  14. Information needed for me! Bitcoins are the most profitable of them at this time providing a huge income for your investments. How to contribute to it for long-term development?

    1. The technology is rapidly catching up. There are many projects currently underway. This is the second coming for the internet. 🙂

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