Lightweight Puffer Jackets That Keep You Warm And Cozy


From outdoor to fashionable street style, there are so many varieties of lightweight puffer jackets for your must have essential wardrobe. Definitely a worldwide winter essential item that every women should have in her closet. Build your winter capsule wardrobe with basic essential items for women so that you can easily decide what to wear for any type of weather.

Puffer jackets, also known as down jackets, have a signature quilted stitching design that is filled with down insulation or synthetic fibers. The insulation helps to trap pockets of heat depending on amount of fiber fill inside. Using the best base layers for cold weather drastically increases the level of warmth.


Best Tips For Buying Down Filled Jacket

There are a few major factors to consider before purchasing lightweight puffer jackets for your winter basic essential capsule wardrobe. Here are the best clothes shopping tips for buying a down filled jacket to better fit your needs.

  • Synthetic vs. Down
  • Down Jacket Fill Power Temperature Rating
  • Weight of the Down Jacket
  • Down Jacket Outer Shell Material
  • Down Jacket Construction Style
  • Quality of Jacket Features


Synthetic vs. Down

Whether to buy synthetic or down is the first decision to make when buying lightweight puffer jackets. Down weights less and is much warmer, breathes better and compresses easier. Synthetic materials are more durable when it comes to cuts and holes in the outer shell fabric, and also have improved ability to keep you warm if it gets wet.


Down Jacket Fill Power Temperature Rating

Down jacket fill power refers to the fluffiness of the jacket and insulating value of the down. The number represents the cubic inches that one ounce of down fills. As a result, the bigger number generally means better insulation ability.

Other factors that influence fill power include the type of down used, such as feathers, duck or goose and also what percentage of down to regular small feathers. In addition, was the down sourced from immature geese or duck vs coming from mature birds.

Pro tip: Not all lightweight puffer jackets are made equally. Make sure you check the fill power. The higher the fill power number is the better the quality of the down it is. When purchasing a quality down jacket for warmth, look for a fill power rating of 550 for a good buy, and anything above 750 will provide excellent insulation.


Weight of the Down Jacket

Consider purchasing a down jacket based on your needs. If purchasing lightweight puffer jackets for backpacking or outdoors travel, then consider weight to be an important factor. For general use, a bulkier jacket may work well.

A down jacket with a lower fill power has to be bulkier and heavier than a down jacket with a higher fill power for it to be able to offer the same kind of warmth. As a result, it is preferable to buy lightweight puffer jackets with a higher fill power.


Down Jacket Outer Shell Material

The outer shell and inner lining of the down jacket effects the durability, weight, warmth, and water resistance. Consider the outer shell material as much as you value the down jacket fill power and down jacket insulation temperature rating.

Gore-Tex is a waterproof and breathable fabric membrane that can effectively repel liquids, but also helps clothes wick perspiration away. Wind and water resistance are key features to acknowledge if you are using your lightweight puffer jackets for outdoor activities.  But if you are just planning to wear it for an evening stroll, then this factor may be much less important.

The two most commonly used materials to form the outer shell material of a down jacket are nylon and polyester. Both materials are durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

Pro tip: When initially inspecting any down coat, compress the down jacket and evaluate the outer shell material to see if there are any feather poking through the material. If it passes initial inspection, then it should be strong enough to withstand basic wear. The outer shell material of down jackets is important for warmth and protection from the elements, so be sure to evaluate the fabrics durability.


Down Jacket Construction Style

There are a number of different designs used when constructing lightweight puffer jackets. The tube wall design uses smaller baffles, or compartments, while the box wall design uses two main outer layers. The down has a tendency to bunch up when the compartments are too large, which creates areas inside that jacket that let cold air pass through.

In addition, nobody enjoys a down jacket that is too large and bulky. Flattering lightweight puffer jackets typically fit well in the sleeves and torso. From slim fit to athletic or classic, be sure to also find the right shape down jacket for your body type.


Quality of Jacket Features

Furthermore, examine the quality of jacket features such as the hood, zippers, and pockets. Are the jacket features necessary and worth paying extra? In general, usually the more features the better when it comes to lightweight puffer jackets.


Consider these best tips for buying a down filled jacket before making your purchase. These guidelines will be helpful when you are shopping for lightweight puffer jackets to layer up for cold winter weather.


Lightweight Puffer Jackets That Keep You Warm And Cozy

Lightweight Puffer Jackets That Keep You Warm And Cozy

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Lightweight puffer jackets have a reputation for a good insulation ability and lightweight durability. However, the quality of the lightweight puffer jacket needs to be good for the warmth to be maximized.

It’s not easy to find the perfect lightweight puffer jackets that keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter. Most puffer jackets and down jackets are lightweight because of the reduced density of the down insulation and also the diminished quality of the outer shell fabric.


Fur Hood Down Parka Puffer Coat Jacket

Fur Hood Down Parka Puffer Coat Jacket

With 90% duck down and 10% feather, this down parka puffer coat jacket includes a faux fur hood, and is also windproof and water-repellent.

Inside tip: Lightweight puffer jackets might surprise you with how warm you will get. If you plan on wearing 1-2 extra layers, make sure to order one size up.


Packable Hooded Short Puffer JacketPackable Hooded Short Puffer Jacket

This packable hooded short puffer jacket fits compactly into a small pouch for easy carrying. With 80% duck down and 20% feather, its perfect for the outdoors or even fits into your travel packing list.

Insider tip: This down jacket is perfect for the winter season. So, if you are traveling or living in a brutal winter weather conditions, this would be a great choice to keep you warm without being overly bundled up.


Water Resistant Down Puffer Coat

Water Resistant Down Puffer Coat

With 600 down jacket fill power, this water resistant coat is machine washable. This lightweight down jacket will keep you warm and looking stylish with the fitted waistline.

Insider tip: Because of the slim fit, this jacket won’t make you look like the Michelin man and will also keep you warm when it is 17 degrees out.


Ultra Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket

Ultra Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket

Ultra lightweight puffer jackets will make you a layering pro this fall and winter. The raglan sleeved style jacket is designed to make you feel comfortable while outdoors hiking or being active.

Insider tip: If you are camping overnight in National Parks, you might need to wear a thicker thermal layer underneath to keep you warm.


Slim Mid Length Down Puffer Coat

Slim Mid Length Down Puffer Coat

This slim mid length down puffer coat is designed to fit any travel packing list. Make sure to store it in the packable pouch while traveling this winter! Simply shake and let it sit for 2 hours before wearing, that way the lightweight down jacket can fully decompress.

Insides tip: There is elastic around the wrists to help keep warmth inside the coat.


Chevron Quilted Down Puffer Coat

Chevron Quilted Down Puffer Coat

This chevron quilted down puffer coat is the perfect travel jacket. The stitching run diagonally, which also gives a slimming effect.

Insider tip: The pockets don’t have a zipper, so be sure that you don’t store any valuable items that might slip out.


Chic Quilted Puffer Coat

Chic Quilted Puffer Coat

This chic quilted puffer coat has a slight shine to the outer shell. The internal zipper has an outer snap button placket that helps keep you warm and protects your chest from the wind.

Insider tip: This jacket is not down but instead made with synthetic fill, which washes better and dries faster.


Fleece Lined Puffer Coat With Detachable Hood

Fleece Lined Puffer Coat With Detachable Hood

Featuring a detachable hood and waterproof outer shell material, the fleece lined puffer coat keeps you warm and stylish in winter.

Insider tip: If you are always cold like me, good news is this puffer coat doesn’t require you to wear a bulky sweater underneath to keep warm!


Windproof Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket

Windproof Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket

Windproof lightweight puffer jackets are not only suitable for winter, but also for spring and fall. It only weighs 250g and is filled with 80% white duck down to keep you warm.

Insider tip: If you are looking for a fashionable street style puffer jacket, grab this no hoodie puffer jacket. It has a slight glossy finish that makes your outfit look sleek and edgy.


Faux Fur Trim Hooded Down Puffer Jacket

Faux Fur Trim Hooded Down Puffer Jacket

The waist tightening style keeps you snugged warm and looking stylish throughout harsh winter conditions. The faux fur trim hood is also removable so that you can even wear this lightweight puffer jacket as the weather begins to warm.

Insider tip: Planning to travel anywhere that it is below zero? Grab this faux fur trim hooded down puffer jacket. Wear a medium weight sweater underneath and you will be warm enough to brave the arctic freeze.


Finding a down jacket with the right temperature rating is the key to a successful winter wardrobe. Using these guidelines, go over your capsule wardrobe and travel destinations in order to find the perfect lightweight puffer jackets that keep you warm and cozy.

What your favorite lightweight puffer jackets?

Share your down jacket shopping tips with us!


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Lightweight Puffer Jackets That Keep You Warm And Cozy

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