Lightweight Rain Jackets That Keep You Dry and Stylish


Lightweight rain jackets are basic essential items that every women should have in her closet. You are not at all looking stylish when your clothes are soaking wet. Be prepared with a couple lightweight rain jackets so that you can look great when the rain starts pouring down.

As the weather begins to shift towards the cooler temperatures, the rain showers start to finally cool off that summer heat. The last thing you want is to get soaked because you are not prepared. Build your winter capsule wardrobe with a couple lightweight rain jackets to solve the problem.

From cool print patterns to bright bold fun colors, there are so many options of lightweight rain jackets to choose from. Stay dry and looking stylish with the perfect waterproof jacket.


What is the Best Material for Lightweight Rain Jackets?

Majority of lightweight rain jackets out there are made using a blend of two or more materials, such as cotton, polyester, Gore-Tex, nylon, vinyl and rayon.

These rain jackets are made to be waterproof or water resistant to repel liquids with the outer shell material. In order to make them waterproof or water resistant, all of the fabrics and materials are chemically treated.


Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

A jacket is waterproof when it is water resistance enough to keep out forceful rain. There are disagreements about test standards, but trust that any gear that a major brand designates as waterproof will repel a serious down pour.


Waterproof Breathable Material

This type of performance rainwear prevents rain water from penetrating the outer shell and getting to your skin. In addition, the material allows vapors to escape out through the breathable membrane. If you’re engaged in any physical activity, this is your kind of gear you will want. This type of waterproof breathable material prevents both precipitation and perspiration from soaking you.


Water Resistant Breathable Material

Gear such as windbreakers and featherweight jackets, can handle a mist or even light rain for a short amount of time. But if precipitation lingers, or the rain begins pouring harder, this material won’t hold up for the job.


Waterproof Non-Breathable Material

If you are sitting or standing around and simply need to keep the rain out, then a rain slicker or poncho may work well. They cost very little money and can be effective when you are not being very active. But, if you do any physical exertion, then your rain slicker will retain moisture and build up perspiration on the inside. Furthermore, a little wind will make a poncho inadequate for the task.


What is the Best Waterproof Breathable Material?

Basically, there are two kinds of waterproof breathable materials, membranes and coated fabrics. Membranes, like Gore-Tex, are made to be waterproof. Coated fabrics are usually coated with a polyurethane-base, which allows water vapor created through perspiration to escape, while simultaneously keeping rain water from penetrating towards the skin.

Coated fabrics are sometimes sandwiched between two other fabric layers the same way Gore-Tex is constructed in a three-ply method. As a general rule, there are products that don’t breathe quite as well as Gore-Tex, but they’re cheaper and breathe pretty well. There is simply no single standard to completely measure the features of waterproof breathable materials.


Is Nylon or Polyester Better for Rain Jackets?

Not all lightweight rain jackets are created equal, so is nylon or polyester better for rain jackets? Both are synthetic fabrics, so it really depends on your lifestyle.

Polyester is a hydrophobic material that is softer and more quiet, but tends to absorbs oil, not water. On the other hand, nylon is the opposite because it is a stronger and more durable material that absorbs about 3~4% of water, not the oil.

So technically, polyester will handle moisture and dry faster than nylon, and nylon feels colder when wet and stays wet for longer.


Lightweight Rain Jackets That Keep You Dry

Lightweight Rain Jackets That Keep You Dry and Stylish

source: @vickyomalley

Simple lightweight rain jackets are must have essential items for the wet fall, winter and spring seasons. Some regions of the country, like the west coast of the United States, it doesn’t snow at all unless you are in the mountains. For this reason, light rain jackets are essential wardrobe items.

With specific styling guides and the best base layers for cold weather, you can stay dry and look great throughout winter. But how do you find the best lightweight rain jackets that are made with great quality and guaranteed to last long?

If you are overwhelmed by all the choices out there, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you with clothes shopping tips to find the best lightweight rain jackets with superior quality and long lasting durability.


Trench Rain Jacket

Trench Rain Jacket

The outer shell material is made with 100% nylon and the inner lining is 100% polyester. This trench rain jacket is perfect for the outdoors, or even running errands on a rainy day.

Insider tip: It’s cute enough to just wear as a normal jacket. FIY, you might end up wearing it almost every day!


Windbreaker Rain Jacket

Windbreaker Rain Jacket

A combination of windbreaker and rain jacket is a match made in heaven! Choose a trendy winter color palette windbreaker rain jacket that will go well with all your basic essential items.

Insider tip: Grab this windbreaker rain jacket and you will stay dry and stylish!


Ski Rain Jacket

Ski Rain Jacket

With a super fuzzy inner lining, this ski rain jacket is suitable for misty or rainy weather. If you are looking to downsize your capsule wardrobe, you can layer up this ski rain jacket when the weather gets rough.


Stain Repellent Travel Rain Jacket

Stain Repellent Travel Rain Jacket

This stain repellent travel rain jacket has a modern fit that you can wear with any casual outfit.

Insider tip: There is a little pocket where the hood is folded and hidden inside the collar. Works well in case you need more protection from rain and wind.


Waterproof Rain Jacket

Waterproof Rain Jacket

This waterproof rain jacket is lined with mesh to create air flow circulation inside. The two-way front zipper, wind flap and heat-sealed seams help you stay dry and stylish in any weather.

Insider tip: The highly functional features on this waterproof rain jacket make it the best for hiking, biking and being active outdoors


Quick-Drying Rain Jacket

Quick-Drying Rain Jacket

This quick-drying rain jacket features a unique fishtail hemline, is lightweight and also easy to pack for traveling.

Insider tip: If you are looking for a winter jacket, you are in the wrong place! This quick-drying rain jacket is only a waterproof layer.


Omni-Tech Waterproof Rain Jacket

Omni-Tech Waterproof Rain Jacket

All the seams of this rain jacket use Omni-Tech waterproof and breathable technology. This lightweight jacket is guaranteed to keep you dry during a rainy day adventure.

Insider tip: The rain jacket is long enough that you can protect your hips from splashing water.


Lightweight Rain Jacket

Lightweight Rain Jacket

With 5% spandex and added sun protection features, this lightweight rain jacket is perfect for outdoor activities.

Insider tip: When you wear this rain jacket over your clothes, you won’t get wet and the rain drops will only float on top of the fabric.


Water Resistant Sporty Rain Jacket

Water Resistant Sporty Rain Jacket

The angel wing articulated shoulders of this water resistant sporty rain jacket allows motion in arms without the jacket bunching up.

Insider tip: The zipper tends to get caught in the lining so be careful when you zip it up.


Long Hooded Rain Jacket

Long Hooded Rain Jacket

The unique contrast color taping of this long hooded rain jacket is so classic. This is the perfect everyday item that you can wear with your boyfriend jeans.

Insider tip: If you are looking for a bit more warmth in your rain jacket, this will keep you feeingl warm because of polyurethane fabric.


Lightweight rain jackets are essential basic items that should be in every woman’s closet. From classic yellow rain slickers to windbreaker style lightweight rain jackets, there are so many fun ways to dress with style in the rain. Grab lightweight rain jackets for your fall and winter capsule wardrobe so that you can be ready for a stormy day.

What are your favorite lightweight rain jackets?

Share your rain jackets shopping tips with us!


Lightweight Rain Jackets That Keep You Dry and Stylish

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