Staple Loafer Shoes That Will Totally Revamp Your Wardrobe

Are loafer shoes one of your favorite capsule wardrobe essentials? Include loafers into your everlasting collection to make it much easier to dress up every morning.

From classic sneakers to adorable mules, there are many comfortable footwear options that are easy to wear in order to complete stylish looks. As a result, there is something truly special about the perfect loafer outfit and the reason why it is one of the staple shoe choices.


What makes a shoe a loafer?

Loafers are shoes that don’t lace-up or fasten. Instead, they are a slip-on style shoe. Hence, that is why you will see slip-on as the product description online and in retail stores.

There are 6 different types of loafer shoes styles that you need to know about before shopping for the perfect pair that fits your style.

  • Penny loafers: Include a leather strap across the forefoot with a diamond-shaped slot to hold a penny.
  • Tassel loafers: A slip-on style that has decorative lace with tassels on the top. Originally crafted by the Alden Shoe Company and carried by Brooks Brothers.
  • Gucci loafers: Made with black leather that also includes a brass strap which is perfect for business wear.
  • Moc loafers: Features overcast stitching detail that is similar to traditional moccasins.
  • Apron loafers: Include an apron-shaped piece of leather and lacing over the forefoot.
  • High-heeled loafers: In general, loafers have flat or low heels. High-heeled loafers are a combination of pumps or wedges.

Due to the different styles, colors and designs, it may be overwhelming to shop for the perfect pair of loafer shoes that go well with your outfits. But understanding what options are available makes a huge difference and saves time because you know what to expect.


How to find the most comfortable loafers?

Finding cool design footwear is an amazing feeling, but discovering loafer shoes that look great and feel comfortable are even better. In addition, check out the money saving shopping tips for discounts and coupon deals.

Furthermore, use these loafer shoes shopping tips to find the most comfortable loafers that fit you perfectly:

  • Organize your capsule wardrobe essentials. Keep a list of footwear styles you need. Setup a budget to prevent any impulse purchases.
  • Shop for a pair of loafers at the end of the day. As a result, you will find your true shoe size because your hands and feet are swollen at the end of the day. Therefore, shoes fit better and feel more comfortable.
  • Know if you have a high or flat arch. The best way to figure out your arch type is by using a piece of paper. Wet the bottom of your foot and stand on a piece of white paper. Determine how much-wet part you see and observe what type of arch you have. If you see most of the footprint that means you have a flat arch. If you see the middle part of your footprint is missing, then you have a high arch. For a normal arch, only about half of the paper will be wet.
  • Always try at least three different half sizes before you buy. The little size difference makes a huge difference. It is recommended to go a half size bigger to prevent having a sore foot. Furthermore, consider whether or not you need shoes for wide feet in order to improve comfort and wearability.
  • Inside is much more important than outside. Check the inside of the shoes to see if there are any tags, seams, or other material that will irritate your feet or cause blisters.
  • Make sure the bottom of the shoes has sturdy soles to protect feet from sharp objects.
  • When trying on loafer shoes, make sure to stand and test if you have at least a quarter to a half inch of wiggle room between your longest toes and the end of the shoes.


Staple Loafer Shoes For Your Wardrobe

Staple Loafer Shoes For Your Wardrobe

source: @prettylittlefawn

From heeled to unique embellished designed loafer shoes, there are many options and styles to choose from for your wardrobe. Make sure to know your foot width and arch type before considering different styles of footwear that you don’t already have in your closet.

Buying staple loafer shoes is an investment for your everlasting capsule wardrobe and overall foot health. It is crucial to find a pair that fits properly and goes well with your everyday essentials.


Black Leather Loafer Shoes

Black Leather Loafer Shoes

Designed with Strobel construction for increased flexibility. These black leather loafer shoes are a classic footwear made with high-quality leather and durable stitching detail that will last a longtime.

The leather sock lining features cushioned memory foam for comfortable wear all day long. Buy it here!


Suede Loafer Shoes

Suede Loafer Shoes

These slip-on style tassel suede loafer shoes are adorable. It has a round toe and flat sole that doesn’t require breaking in at all. Buy it here!


Leather Loafer Shoes

Leather Loafer Shoes

Made with very soft leather that is a stylish and classic design. This pair of loafer shoes will replace your Gucci black leather Brixton loafers.

If you are between sizes, go a half size down for this one. Buy it here!


Velvet Loafer Shoes

Velvet Loafer Shoes

Something about velvet shoes makes them so magical. Velvet loafer shoes are a perfect luxurious business casual footwear for the fall and winter season.

Made with a breathable lining and a comfortable padded insole, they are perfect for walking around without hurting the feet during a long day. Buy it here!


Heeled Loafer Shoes

Heeled Loafer Shoes

This heeled Penny loafer shoes have a 2” tall heel that is made with slip-resistance, durabile, and shock-absorbing technology.

The leather material of the shoe is soft and thick. In addition, the heel is heavy and sturdy enough for snow and rainy days. Buy it here!


Lace Up Loafer Shoes

Lace Up Loafer Shoes

The sleek leather loafer shoes with lace up detail are the modernized tomboy oxfords. There is an extra layer of padding that feels comfortable on the feet.

They have a 1” heel that is the perfect height for work, but they tend to run a bit tight so be sure to order half size up. Buy it here!


Platform Loafers

Platform Loafers

These cool girl platform loafers are made with cowhide and a contrast rubber sole. The loafers have a rounded toe so they won’t hurt your toes for over time. Buy it here!


Pointed Loafers

Pointed Loafers

From high-heel to flats, most pointed shoes are not that comfortable to wear. But these pointed loafers are not only luxurious and sharp looking, but are also so comfortable that you won’t want to take them off.

Great news, these loafer shoes make your foot look narrow. Buy it here!


Oxford Loafers

Oxford Loafers

These oxford loafers are made with 100% Italian leather and are also treated with leather protectant spray for you to easily spot clean whenever necessary. These loafer shoes have a classic style with a modern touch.

Be sure to order a half size up when ordering. Buy it here!


Black Loafer Shoes

Black Loafer Shoes

Made with 100% premium quality leather and rubber soles. The tab across the front is a classic feature that perfectly resembles a pointed toe silhouette.

Its a great staple loafer shoe that totally revamps your wardrobe for any season. Buy it here!


White Loafer Shoes

White Loafer Shoes

Finding white loafers with quality fabric and design is not easy.

This mid heel height loafer shoe has a classic look with modern gold trim detail that goes well with the wooden sole. Buy it here!


Tan Loafers

Tan Loafers

The moccasin stitching detailed tan loafer shoes are your new cute Penny Loafers. With a chunky heel and almond toe, they won’t hurt your feet when worn all day long. Buy it here!


Grey Loafers

Grey Loafers

Light grey loafer oxfords feature lace-up detail combined with a menswear-inspired silhouette. Pair with a flirty fit-and-flare dress or relaxed boyfriend jeans to create a classic and modern look. Buy it here!


Red Loafers

Red Loafers

Red leather loafers are not easy to find. This one has a high-quality leather material with snaffle front detail and silver-tone hardware trim.

Not only are they comfortable, but the inside is also lined with leopard print lining to add a personal touch. Buy it here!


Pink Loafers

Pink Loafers

Pastel pink loafers are the staple footwear for the spring season. Made with 100% leather and breathable leather lining that gives a totally luxurious feel.

The sole of this shoe won’t peel off the bottom like most other leather soles. Buy it here!


Leopard Print Loafers

Leopard Print Loafers

From skirt to handbags, leopard print is everywhere. Especially since it is one of the classic timeless patterns that doesn’t go wrong with your classic wardrobe essentials.

Made with leopard print suede nubuck, these loafer shoes feature penny keeper detail in the front. They are stylish and easy to slip-on. Buy it here!


Silver Loafers

Silver Loafers

All black outfit from head-to-toe with black loafer shoes looks too serious.

Lighten up your outfit with this pair of cracked silver loafers. They are definitely the perfect choice for someone look for stylish shoes for a wide foot. Buy it here!


Gold Loafers

Gold Loafers

Finding pretty gold loafers is a headache. Grab this pair of cute ruffle front detail shoes that go well with your feminine and menswear-inspired outfits.

They run slightly large. As a result, make sure to order a size down so the heels won’t keep slipping out. Buy it here!


Studded Loafers

Studded Loafers

Why bother to buy loafers and mules when you can get both features all in one pair of shoes?

Grab studded loafers that easily fold-down to convert these loafer shoes into chic mule shoes. For $100 bucks, you get two high-quality leather shoes for one single price that’ll cover all four season. Buy it here!


From colorful leather to fun platforms, there are a variety of loafer styles that go well with every single essential from your capsule wardrobe. No wonder loafer shoes are known as a staple footwear item. Make sure to search for properly fitted and comfortable footwear that you can wear 24/7.

What is your favorite loafer style?

Share your cute staple loafer shoes with us!


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Staple Loafer Shoes That Will Totally Revamp Your Wardrobe

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