Lovely Eyelet Top You Can Wear For More Than One Season

Is it true that you have been wearing eyelet tops only during the spring season? It is important to find essential pieces that work for every season, this is no exception when it comes to a classic eyelet top.

If you have lovely eyelet tops that can’t be worn during any other season, then that is not how a capsule wardrobe is supposed to work. The goal is to find a style and silhouette eyelet top with the right design that can wear for more than a few months.


What is eyelet fabric?

The difference between lace and eyelet fabric often confuses people. Eyelet fabric is a type of lace that is made with holes using a buttonhole stitch.

The holes are stitched around floral patterns or geometric designs. Therefore, eyelet fabric is more durable than delicate lace fabric.

Eyelets used to only be made with white or cream color cotton fabric. Nowadays, the eyelet techniques is used with heavy fabrics and also polyester, silk and satin. As a result, it has become a much more versatile part of the capsule wardrobe.

There is also a big difference between lace and eyelet. Typically, lace tops have a much dressier feel to them than a casual style eyelet top.

They both are classic pieces that never go out of style, which is the reason for adding the two styles to your wardrobe collection. As a result, you will be able to diversify your outfits with no need to only stick to a simple button-down blouse everyday.

There are 3 types of eyelet tops widely used in the fashion industry that you need to know about:

  • All over eyelet: A simple eyelet design is incorporated all over the fabric.
  • Cotton eyelet border fabric: A plain upper portion with border and hemline eyelet designs.
  • Eyelet fabric trim: Simple peasant style blouses that use eyelet fabric trim around the button placket, sleeves or neckline.

There are many uses when it comes to eyelet fabrics. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, therefore it tends to be worn during the spring and summer seasons. But, finding the right silhouette for your body type can go long way towards extending its uses.


How to find the best eyelet tops that look good on my body type?

From different color options to stylish silhouettes, there are a variety of lovely eyelet tops that you will want to add to your capsule wardrobe. The problem is how to find the right eyelet tops that look good on your body type.

The key to looking good in eyelets is to find the right neckline, silhouette and sleeve length that works well on your body type. In addition, the right size eyelet design is crucial.

Just like picking the right glasses frame for your face, this is the similar method you need to use to find the best eyelet design for your body type.

  • For oval face: Great news is that you have lots of choices! Square, circle and also oval eyelet designs will work well for you. For the best look, make sure to determine the top style based on your body type.
  • For square face: Choose rounded eyelet shapes or a round border designed to make your face stand out. Avoid any conflicting sharp or pointy eyelet designs.
  • For a round face: Go with angular or pointy rectangle and square eyelet designs. It will bring more definition and balance to your round face. Avoid any tiny designs or circular eyelet styles.
  • For heart-shaped face: Look for eyelet designs that have a well-balanced mixture of round and angular eyelet designs overall. As a result, it will blend well with your face and look more natural.
  • For diamond shaped face: Oval-shaped eyelet designs look the best if you have a diamond shaped face. If you want to wear a square or rectangular shaped eyelet design, then make sure the buttonhole stitches are slim and not too thick.

When it comes to picking the right eyelet design, the general rule of thumb is to contrast your face shape. Utilize this method and also the best clothing shopping tips to choose a top style that looks great on your body type.


Lovely Eyelet Tops

Lovely Eyelet Top

source: @crystalinmarie

Finding lovely eyelet tops is just like shopping for sunglasses frame. You want to find a design that lasts through all four seasons, and not one that is only limited to a few months a year.

With the perfect eyelet tops, you are able to easily mix and match capsule wardrobe essentials to look stylish for many occasions. Make sure to understand the shape of your body and face in order to choose the right top.


White Eyelet Top

White Eyelet Top

This darling ruffled white eyelet top is perfect for everyone. The short sleeve length is not too short and also gives great coverage for both warm and cold weather.

The designs have a great balance of circular and soft rectangle shapes that work well with any face shape. Buy it here!


Black Eyelet Top

Black Eyelet Top

Ditch your peasant blouse for this black eyelet top.

Made with airy striped designs, this top has a swingy A-line body silhouette that you can comfortably wear with jeans on a casual day.

Perfect top for all four season. It is approved! Buy it here!


Navy Eyelet Top

Navy Eyelet Top

Tired of wearing a t-shirt all the time?

Try this navy eyelet top that has a boxy silhouette with a casual crew neckline.

If you have a rectangular or straight body type, this top looks the best on you. Don’t worry about finding a navy color camisole, this one has a lining inside the front and back, but leaves the sleeves open. Buy it here!


Red Eyelet Top

Red Eyelet Top

Ditzy dots and stripes equals this cute red eyelet top. Not only are the designs subtle and easy to wear, but also the wrap styling with tie closure is so elegant and looks gorgeous on every body type.

Pair it with pump heels and you are ready for a casual date night out. Buy it here!


Pink Eyelet Top

Pink Eyelet Top

Is it true one size comfortably fits all?

Yes, it is with this pink eyelet top. The boho and modern blouson top has a relaxed A-line silhouette with 3/4 length sleeves.

Comfortably wear this top during the fall and spring seasons. Buy it here!


Floral Eyelet Top

Floral Eyelet Top

The floral eyelet design top is one-of-a kind.

The one shoulder ruffled top has scallop edges and is secured with an elastic neckline that hugs your upper torso.

Pair it with a denim skirt or shorts for summer festivals. Buy it here!


Eyelet Crop Top

Eyelet Crop Top

Eyelet crop tops tend to look bare, and is also hard to layer with other basic essentials. But this camisole style top is pretty to wear and easy to layer with a denim jacket or cardigan for a chilly night.

The cinched waist tie detail accentuates your skinny waistline, which is all you need for a vacation getaway. Buy it here!


Eyelet Tunic

Eyelet Tunic

Eyelet tunic tops make you look bulky and heavy. Therefore, it’s best to grab one that is lightweight and slightly sheer like this stylish tunic.

This cotton-blend fabric with lace trim and embroidered eyelet detail is resort vacation ready. Buy it here!


V-Neck Eyelet Top

V-Neck Eyelet Top

This V-neck eyelet top has beautiful border design that makes you instantly look elegant, even though you are wearing jeans.

It is long enough to cover your tummy, and also a great straight silhouette for work or a casual setting. Simply wear a blazer for an office outfit, and take it off when enjoying happy hour in the evening. Buy it here!


Scoop Neck Eyelet Top

Scoop Neck Eyelet Top

The relaxed scoop neck eyelet top has a cute gathered front and back yoke with dropped shoulders and long balloon sleeves.

Perfect top for all four season. Snag one while it lasts! Buy it here!


High Neck Eyelet Top

High Neck Eyelet Top

This classic high neck eyelet top is a must-have capsule wardrobe essential. It has a comfortable neckline with classic round designs.

This top is one that will never go out of style. Buy it here!


Off The Shoulder Eyelet Top

Off The Shoulder Eyelet Top

Upgrade your peasant blouse with this off the shoulder eyelet blouse. It has the classic button-down feature with a slight peplum style to accentuate your waistline.

It’s a great top, but know that it is slightly cropped length so it will require high waisted bottoms. Buy it here!


One Shoulder Eyelet Top

One Shoulder Eyelet Top

This lovely feminine one shoulder eyelet top is a perfect addition for your closet.

The vertical pattern creates an illusion to make you look longer. But it doesn’t come with lining inside, so make sure to wear a skin-tone bra underneath. Buy it here!


Sleeveless Eyelet Top

Sleeveless Eyelet Top

If you are looking for a sleeveless eyelet top that you can wear to office without being too casual, then go with this one.

It has semi-sheer construction with a lining inside that creates eye catching texture. You won’t believe it, but this top is under $35. Buy it here!


Short Sleeve Eyelet Top

Short Sleeve Eyelet Top

Vintage style meets modern short sleeve eyelet top. The square neckline with boxy fit is perfect for a sunny day outfit.

The short raglan sleeves are comfortable and the scallop hem with delicate embroidered cutouts add a pretty detail. This top is worth every penny. Buy it here!


Long Sleeve Eyelet Top

Long Sleeve Eyelet Top

Ruffle and relaxed peplum top is a perfect combo when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe.

This square neck top has cute pompom trim which gives an additional feminine touch that is perfect for special night out. Buy it here!


Bell Sleeve Eyelet Top

Bell Sleeve Eyelet Top

The slight ruffled neckline detail with cute bell sleeve is such a classic piece. The front and back yoke gathering gives a slight A-line silhouette with a relaxed touch that you won’t want to take off. Buy it here!


Cold Shoulder Eyelet Top

Cold Shoulder Eyelet Top

This cold shoulder eyelet top has a cool paisley pattern with grosgrain straps. Easily pair with jeans to create a casual look for the day.

The flared 3/4 sleeves give enough coverage for your arm and it’s the perfect length to wear for fun. Buy it here!


Ruffle Eyelet Top

Ruffle Eyelet Top

Adorable ruffle eyelet top gives an effortless feminine touch to your daily outfit. The pretty V-neckline is not too deep and the button-down front is a great classic feature.

It is recommended to order one size up for a better fit. Buy it here!


If you have been wearing eyelet tops only during the spring and summer, then this selection will completely change your ability to dress up. Utilize these techniques to find the perfect eyelet design that looks good on your body type.

As a result, you can wear the tops during all four seasons with other capsule wardrobe essentials. You will be surprised how many different outfits you are able to easily create.

What are your favorite eyelet top styles?

Share your lovely eyelet tops with us!


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Lovely Eyelet Top You Can Wear For More Than One Season

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