Macy’s Clothes Shopping Tips That’ll Help You Dress Like Girl Boss

Did you know that your favorite Michael Kors tote bag is much cheaper using these Macy’s clothes shopping tips than at any other department store? From work to travel, every fashion girl loves tote bags that go well with a classic wool coat and casual skinny jeans. No wonder this Michael Kors tote bag is so popular and has become a must-have capsule wardrobe essentials.

If you spent over $100 on a signature Michael Kors tote bag, you might want to use these Macy’s clothes shopping tips to save tons of money on your capsule wardrobe essentials.

The best part about Macy’s clothes shopping tips at stores or online is that the retailer carries a variety of affordable to high-end brands. When using Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Amazon shopping tips, you also have many options that make shopping for your capsule wardrobe convenient and easily.


Macy’s Clothes Shopping Tips To Save Tons Of Money

Macy’s Clothes Shopping Tips To Save Tons Of Money

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There are so many additional hidden costs in manufactured clothing and bags. When the products arrive to the customers, the retail price becomes double the production cost.

From Black Fridays to holiday and seasonal sales, it doesn’t feel right to pay full price for a single clothing article, accessory or bag.

Does that mean sale days are the only way to save money while shopping at Macy’s?

If you are only waiting for sale dates at Macy’s, then these Macy’s clothes shopping tips are for you. Save much more than the reduced price on those few days.


Macy’s Email And Text Sign Up

When you sign up for Macy’s email, you track orders and also instantly receive an extra 25% off coupon in your inbox.

If you aren’t an email type of a person, simply signup on and check the “Yes, text me” box on Preferences to enter your mobile telephone number. You will receive Macy’s Promo Alerts for additional coupons so that you don’t miss any deals when shopping at Macy’s for your essential items.


How To Compare Prices In-Store And Online With Macy’s App

These Macy’s clothes shopping tips are really fun if you have your phone battery fully charged. You can easily compare the prices in-store and online with the Macy’s app. Simply scan the barcode on any item, and it will shop for the current selling price online.

If you found your favorite sweater dress is cheaper online, just show the online price on your phone to the cashier. You’ll get the item for the online price.


Free Stuff After Macy’s Rebate

Free Stuff After Macy’s Rebate

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From electronics to accessories, use the app and email notification to find great Macy’s rebates. Keep an eye out and stay alert.

Whether it is a tote bag, graphic tee, or fashionable watches, there are free products when you use the mail-in rebate. It might cost you $10 or $20 in purchases, but you will get reimbursed with the same amount you’ve spent in the mail within a 3-5 business day. As a result, it will cost you zero and you will easily upgrade your capsule wardrobe.


Macy’s Sale

From Macy’s weekend sales to one day sales, it’s not easy to keep up with the sale dates.

If you are looking for the biggest sale date at Macy’s, you want to look for twice a year sales, which typically happen in January and August. They have a great selection of sales items on jewelry, home decor, apparel, and beauty items.


Macy’s Deal Of The Day

Whether shopping online and in-store, you will see signs that say, “Deal of the day”. These signs feature specially selected items at super discounted prices, sometimes they are too good to pass up.

If the prices are in red, that means it is the final sale price! Furthermore, for the deal of the day items, you can’t use promo codes, sorry!


Macy’s Coupon

Macy’s Coupon

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From 25%-70% off, there are many options when it comes to selecting Macy’s coupons.

Does that mean these coupons all work?

After spending hours of finding the verified coupons, it’s not fun if you end up having coupons that don’t work at checkout. But here is a simple trick:

If you are shopping in-store, the best way to save money at Macy’s is to first look for verified coupons. Then, pick one that has been used by more than 2,000 people and doesn’t require minimum purchases.

On the other hand, if you are an online shopper, stop wasting your time to look for coupon codes during the checkout process. Instead, shop at Macy’s online in your pajamas and be stress-free from finding parking spots. Use these verified coupons that save you over 45% off automatically at the end of checkout. Yes, you don’t need to do anything and it costs you nothing.

Can You Stack Coupons At Macy’s?

Similar to Joann’s, Macy’s used to allow coupon stacking, but they don’t allow  it anymore. You can only use one coupon per order. Make sure to compare the percentage and choose the highest one at checkout time.


Does Macy’s Do Price Matching?

Does Macy’s Do Price Matching?

source: @saramaqs

Don’t you hate when you bought new ankle boots at Macy’s for your capsule wardrobe and see the exact same color and style of shoes in another store for a cheaper price?

Macy’s offers a price adjustment for both online and in-store purchases. The price adjustments for all merchandise can only be made within 10 days of your purchase. Make sure to have the receipt with you and you will get a refund of the price difference to they original form of payment.

In addition, if you purchased an Apple iPhone at Macy’s, the price adjustments can be made within 14 days of purchase. All other Apple products are within 30 days of purchase.


Macy’s Star Rewards Program

Macy’s also has a loyalty program that offers special perks, savings, cash-backs, and surprise birthday gifts!

There are 4 membership levels depending on how much you spend. You will get $1 points, on top of everyday 5% cash back and also receive Star Money.

If you already signed up for Macy’s Star Rewards Program, make sure to mark your calendar and shop on the Star Money Days for the best money saving opportunities.


Join Macy’s Thanks For Sharing Program To Receive 10% Back

During the holidays, you will see so many non-profit charities that need everyone’s support. Join Macy’s Thanks for Sharing program to support the heart association, breast cancer research, and also the aids foundation.

There is a $25 enrollment fee and 10% cash back rewards on purchases. Macy’s will donate $10 out of every $25.


What Is Last Act Macy’s?

Macy’s Last Act is a selection of women’s and men’s clothing at 50%-80% off of original price.

When you are walking around the racks, you will find two different colored tags: yellow and blue tags.

Yellow tag mean prices ending in 6 are the product’s final markdown and the blue tag ending in 3 will be marked down one final time before they are pulled out of the store stock.

For all the last act items, you can’t use a coupon, but the price is so low and are better than using any coupons.

FYI, if you change your mind, you have 30 days to return from your purchase date. So, go over your capsule wardrobe essentials and make sure it works with your style and outfits.


Macy’s 50% Off Coupon Code On Outerwear

Macy’s carries high-quality outerwear such as classic wool coats for work and down jacket for heavy winter weather.

Most of the great quality outerwear ranges in price from $200 to $500. Having a long-lasting coat or quality jacket is ideal to build a strong capsule wardrobe. But it gets too pricey when investing in expensive outerwear.

Great news, Macy’s offers a variety of coupons and deals on all outerwear that you can get for half the price. Never again pay full price at Macy’s!


Macy’s Everyday Value Sale

Macy’s holds a special sale called “Everyday Value,” which represents the everyday price of an item. The most discounted Everyday Value brands are Style & Co and Charter Club.

The Everyday Value items at Macy’s never go on sale, unless they are put in the clearance section. If you see a price that ends in $0.98, it is the Everyday Value and you never need a coupon.


Free Macy’s Gift Card For In-Store And Online

Free Macy’s Gift Card For In-Store And Online

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When shopping at Macy’s either online or in-store, you don’t need to buy gift cards to save 10%. Instead, receive free Macy’s gift cards. Simply earn and build up your bank so that you can also use them at Amazon and Nordstrom anytime.


From cashmere sweaters to genuine leather tote bag, shopping at Macy’s is so much easier with these Macy’s clothes shopping tips. Build your capsule wardrobe for work and travel with ease. Stop wasting your time endlessly searching for the right essentials. Instead, shop smart with these Macy’s clothes shopping tips to help you dress like a girl boss.

What’re your favorite clothes shopping tips at Macy’s to save money?

Share your frugal shopping hacks with us!


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Macy’s Clothes Shopping Tips That’ll Help You Dress Like Girl Boss

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