Most Popular Slip Dress For Day And Night


Have you seen the most popular slip dress that every fashion girl is wearing for day and night? This 90s staple undergarment generally worn beneath a dress has become the new it dress for women this season.

From spring to winter season, these slips are worn as is with sandals and also layered with plain t-shirts and turtlenecks for more warmth in colder weather. This dress style has become a timeless year round trend that is not going away anytime soon.


How to find a good slip dress for layering?

Most slips are made of 100% nylon, but some brands also make slips with polyester, rayon, velvet, sequins and silk. As a result, you may experience that some thin and flimsy fabrications do not work well in certain weather conditions.

So, what is a good slip dress for layering? It is preferred to go with silk or durable polyester that is either georgette, crepe or satin. These three weave types make the best fabrications for slips to wear all year long.


What type of slip dress suits my body type?

From short to maxi and cowl-neck to v-neck, there are various styles of slips. As a result, they do not all look the same or fit the same. That is why it is important to know what type of slip dress suits your body type.

  • For apple shape: Choose a slip that has an empire waistline or slightly baby doll silhouette. It is the best design for apple shape because it flatters a full chest and hides a full midsection.
  • For pear shape: Look for a wide or adjustable neckline. This will create a square neckline and also make the dress volume full. Therefore, it won’t cling around the hips.
  • For hourglass: Pick slip dresses that are form fitting and also showcase the body curves.
  • For rectangular shape: Because the rectangular shape is rigid and stale, you want to go with dresses that have movement. Pick a cowl-neck or even a side slit to create free-flowing motion instead of a dress that lays flat on the body.

Slip dresses are feminine, and also light in weight and texture. Therefore, this is the reason that everyone looks so gorgeous for any occasion.

It is crucial to wear the appropriate style for your body type. The best clothing shopping tips will help you save time and money when deciding what is perfect for you. As a result, you will better be able to match the slip with your capsule wardrobe essentials to create a classic outfit.


Slip Dresses For Both Day And Night

Slip Dress For Day And Night

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Wearing slip dresses for both day and night is really fun, especially when you mix and match with your favorite classic wardrobe pieces for every occasion. Make sure to choose the right dress silhouette and length for your body type. As a result, you are able to create gorgeous slip dress outfits and look great for your personalized style.


Black Satin Slip Dress

Black Satin Slip Dress

This black satin slip dress is sleek and simple with a loose and relaxed fit that works well for every body type. The v-neckline in the front is the same as in the back.

Elegantly wear this slip as is, or even layer with your favorite top. Size down if you have a small bust because it may be a little big around the chest area. Buy it here!


White Slip Dress

White Slip Dress

Finding a white slip dress that is high quality with a bright white color is not easy.

This essential long slip is made with 100% triacetate Japanese GoWeave. As a result, it is a wrinkle-resistant minimal style that goes well with every jacket you have. Buy it here!


Champagne Slip Dress

Champagne Slip Dress

This fitted champagne slip dress is perfect for a date night.

There is 5% elastane in the fabric, which makes this bodycon dress very comfortable to wear all night long. Buy it here!


Red Slip Dress

Red Slip Dress

Something about red midi slip dress is so feminine. Red is a great alternative color to wear other than black.

This dress comes with adjustable straps to control the neckline drop. In addition, the bust darts help to secure the volume to look flattering every time you wear it. Buy it here!


Pink Slip Dress

Pink Slip Dress

This cute shoulder tie strap pink slip dress is a unique style that goes well with a long sleeve turtleneck for spring and winter.

The side button closure helps to wear it easily without a hassle. Adjust the strap by making cute bows and you are all ready to go. Buy it here!


Burgundy Slip Dress

Burgundy Slip Dress

Other than red color, burgundy slip dresses are an elegant color to wear for a special occasion. This mixed satin and crepe dress has shiny and dull panels that create volume and also a unique modern style.

Don’t worry this dress is not clingy and falls very nicely. Perfect for the fall and winter months. Buy it here!


Silver Slip Dress

Silver Slip Dress

This short silver slip dress has a square neckline that is made with crinkled silver satin fabric. This dress is totally rock ’n’ roll style.

It’s a fun going out dress that you must have in your closet. Buy it here!


Gold Slip Dress

Gold Slip Dress

Gold slip dresses make everyone look like a Hollywood star. This beautifully draped neckline is perfect for a rectangular or hourglass body type.

The material looks expensive even though it is made with polyester. In addition, it feels very soft when its on. Grab this dress for a holiday party and you will glow. Buy it here!


White Slip Dress Short

White Slip Dress Short

If you are looking for a short white slip dress, this is perfect for summertime. The form fitted silhouette features a draped neckline that is all you need to look gorgeous everyday. Buy it here!


Leopard Print Slip Dress

Leopard Print Slip Dress

This midi length leopard print slip dress is perfect to pair with tall boots or even layer a sweater over the top to create a casual look.

The subtle sheen all over the leopard print doesn’t make you look cheap. Buy it here!


Floral Slip Dress

Floral Slip Dress

Slight asymmetrical hemline with the side slit detail is so pretty. If you already have black in your wardrobe, add this ditzy floral slip dress to make an outfit that is cuter than ever.

The neckline is in between square and drape style, which is perfect if you are looking for a little bit of both. Buy it here!


Polka Dot Slip Dress

Polka Dot Slip Dress

Polka dot slip dresses are a classic and timeless print pattern that literally goes with every essential and every season. This is a vintage-look polka dot with an effortless slip silhouette.

The high square neckline with super thin shoulder straps that cross at the back are super chic. Buy it here!


Maxi Slip Dress

Maxi Slip Dress

It’s not easy to find a maxi slip dress that is not too dressy. The ruffle overlay across the bodice is so fun to wear, and the scoop neckline is perfect for every body type to wear while on a summer vacation. Buy it here!


Midi Slip Dress

Midi Slip Dress

This midi slip is every fashion girl’s dream dress. There is no zipper, so it is easy to slip on over the head.

It’s a versatile dress that you can wear so many different ways. Make sure to order a size up if you are in between sizes. Buy it here!


Short Slip Dress

Short Slip Dress

Going on a summer beach vacation?

Wear your swimsuit underneath this short slip dress. Its super swingy and scrappy, therefore you can easily slip on and off quickly. Buy it here!


Cowl Neck Slip Dress

Cowl Neck Slip Dress

This luxurious 90s style cowl neck slip dress has an empire waistline design that is perfect for an apple body type.

There is a hidden side-zip closure so it won’t overwhelm your hairstyle for the special occasion. Buy it here!


V-Neck Slip Dress

V-Neck Slip Dress

There is nothing wrong with simple plain v-neck slip dresses. This one is great for all occasions.

The slit on the side and also the back drape adds the perfect enhancement details. It will replace your little black dress. Buy it here!


Satin Slip Dress

Satin Slip Dress

Looking for a fitted satin slip dress? This slip has seam panels that go along the princess line and also hug every curve down to the hem to fit like a glove.

It’s an absolutely beautiful dress that’s worth your investment. Buy it here!


It’s definitely not easy to find the perfect slip dress that you can wear for both day and night. Slips are a great investment when it comes to building a personalized capsule wardrobe.

From mini to maxi, there are various styles and silhouettes you need to consider that go well with your body type. Go over these shopping tips to shop smart and find the best quality so your dress lasts a lifetime.

What are your favorite styles of slip dress?

Share your go-to slips with us!


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Most Popular Slip Dress For Day And Night

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