Perfect Loafer Outfit Formulas For Your Capsule Wardrobe

How do you wear your favorite loafer outfit? Other than jeans and a t-shirt, it seems there is no other options to pair with your favorite loafer shoes. Here are outfit inspirations featuring expert styling tips using classic wardrobe pieces.

Having proper footwear is crucial to completing any outfit. Staple loafers are versatile and instantly upgrade your wardrobe.

As a result, that is the reason why you must add loafers to your capsule wardrobe essentials. Classic loafer shoes don’t only go well with office outfits, but also with casual looks and date night styles.


Can you wear loafers with a dress?

Other than jeans or pants, the great news is that you can also wear loafers with a dress. The key to dressing successfully in loafers is finding the right dress to create the perfect loafer outfit.

Because loafers are versatile for every season, it is crucial to pick a seasonal dress that goes well with your loafers.

  • For spring: It’s warm during the day and still chilly in the evening. As a result, a comfy striped t-shirt dress with a fitted denim jacket is an ideal look for spring weather that goes well with leopard printed loafers.
  • For summer: Choose a chiffon and flowy floral dress that is maxi length to go well with your suede loafers. It’s a comfy and breathable outfit on a hot summer day.
  • For fall: Go with classic long sleeve chambray shirt dress layered with a long chic cardigan to pair with black leather loafer shoes. Adding a cute red beret as an accessory is a perfect item to complete the fall look.
  • For winter: Ditch your over the knee boots during winter. Instead, wear a pretty sweater dress and wool coat with platform loafers. Don’t forget to wear fleece-lined tights to stay warm and look cute.

Pairing a seasonal dress with the perfect loafer outfit has just become so much easier. Always remember to mix and match basic essentials to wear with loafers from your capsule wardrobe.


How to wear metallic or platform loafers?

It’s super easy to wear black leather loafers because they literally go with every single piece of clothing. But when it comes to metallic or platform loafers, it’s not always easy to put an outfit together.

If you have metallic loafers, be careful matching the color to your outfit. They already have a spot-light shining, therefore you need to put together an outfit that tones down and balances the entire look. A monochrome color palette will work the best.

The best way to wear silver or gold loafers is to pair with a button-down poplin shirt and black skinny jeans for a modern-edgy look. Throw on a herringbone or checkered boyfriend blazer to help balance out the look even more.

However, if you have platform loafers, it is another story. The important part to consider is the length of your tops and bottoms. When wearing platforms, go with opposite length tops and jeans to make you taller and leaner.

Wear cropped jeans to show off your ankles or a mini denim skirt to expose your legs. This is the perfect way to look cute with platform loafers.

On the other hand, if you are wearing a maxi or mid-length skirt or dress, add a cropped top or short length outerwear to look proportionally balanced.


Perfect Loafer Outfit Ideas

Perfect Loafer Outfits

source: @styled_by_seven

With expert styling tips and loafer outfit formulas, its fun and easy to decide what to wear with loafer shoes. Especially if you have a couple different pairs of loafers, it is a no brainer to plan outfits with seasonal capsule wardrobe pieces.

From casual looks to special occasion loafer outfit ideas, start with basic essentials and classic wardrobe pieces. As a result, you will be able to plan what to wear with loafers that never go out of style.


How To Wear Loafers With Jeans

How To Wear Loafers With Jeans

source: @christinawonsbeck

Something about polka dot and red wine loafers creates a modern-vintage look that every fashion girl loves. With your favorite loafers, try these classy polka dot outfits that are perfect from casual to happy hour.


Penny Loafers With Skinny Jeans

Penny Loafers With Skinny Jeans

source: @simplysaffy

Can’t mess up with penny loafers and skinny jeans. Wear a simple striped t-shirt and classic skinny jeans, you will never go wrong.


Gucci Loafer Outfit

Gucci Loafer Outfits

source: @kristjanna

Mix and match a classic and sporty look. That is why Gucci loafers are the perfect versatile style for everyone to wear.

Carry the best selling belt bag that will replace your sporty fanny pack.


What To Wear With Pink Loafers

What To Wear With Pink Loafers

source: @gabriellewearsdenim

Go with a denim on denim look when you don’t know what to wear with pink loafers.

Pair a cool girl denim jacket and boyfriend jeans to definitely make your pink loafers stand out.


How To Style White Loafers

How To Style White Loafers

source: @brooklynblonde1

Do you know how to style white loafers to look chic-modern, and not look cheap?

The easiest way to do this is to go with all black from head-to-toe. Either wear a sweater or sweatshirt and black skinny jeans because it will match with your favorite white loafers.

It’s highly recommended to choose heeled loafers rather than flat ones. As a result, it makes you look taller and leaner.


Red Loafer Outfit

Red Loafer Outfits

source: @taylranne

Something about a red and ditzy dot mini dress that makes an adorable outfit. Make sure the red loafers are bright red leather with gold hardware trim.


Black Loafer Outfit

Black Loafer Outfits

source: @silviaboschmunoz

In order to create black loafer outfits, the formula goes like this, boyfriend blazer, belt bag, and jeans.

Go with a black belt bag and black loafers because it looks better together.


Suede Loafer Outfit

Suede Loafer Outfits

source: @taniadarling

Suede loafers tend to look outdated.

That’s why you need to upgrade your outfit with boho floral chiffon dress and a cute brown crossbody bag that every fashion girl loves for every occasion.


Cute Loafer Outfit

Cute Loafer Outfits

source: @lilymontasser

Loafers are known for their classic and casual style. It seems like it’s impossible to create cute loafer outfits.

The key to dress cute with your loafers is to have fun with the outerwear silhouette. Go with a cocoon shaped coat from your classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style.


Casual Loafer Outfit

Casual Loafer Outfits

source: @karlalathaway

It’s so easy to create casual loafer outfits with the best faux leather moto jackets and simple denim jeans. You instantly look like a cool girl.


Date Night Loafer Outfit

Date Night Loafer Outfits

source: @arianalauren

Ditch dresses on a date night. Instead, go with a pretty blouson silk blouse with faux leather leggings for casual night out.

Make sure the blouse has a cinched waist like a wrapped peplum body silhouette with a balloon sleeve style. As a result, you will look gorgeous!


Office Loafer Outfit

Office Loafer Outfits

source: @landannbrown

Classic dotted button-down shirt and high waisted boyfriend jeans are all you need to create office loafer outfits that look both professional and casual.


Spring Loafer Outfits

Spring Loafer Outfits

source: @cityandsee

If you have black leather loafers, grab this plain white t-shirt with jeans to look chic and stylish when you to head to your favorite coffee shop.


Summer Loafer Outfits

Summer Loafer Outfits

source: @veronicaferraro

It’s so cute and comfy to wear denim shorts and white loafers to create fun summer loafer outfits. Wear a tank top or crop top, either way always make sure to throw on a matching denim jacket to look extra cute for the day.


Fall Loafer Outfits

Fall Loafer Outfits

source: @maryorton

Fall is all about sweater weather. Instead of crewneck sweater, upgrade your casual look by layering a chic cardigan with cropped jeans.


Winter Loafer Outfits

Winter Loafer Outfits

source: @rikkekrefting

If you plan to wear loafer shoes without socks in winter, make sure to wear casual faux fur outfit and a turtleneck top underneath to stay warm while looking cool all winter long.


Understanding these expert styling tips and perfect loafer outfit formulas, it’s easy to pair capsule wardrobe essentials with your favorite loafer shoes. Invest in the perfect pair of loafers and wear them all year long.

What do you wear with classic loafer shoes?

Share your perfect loafer outfit with us!


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Perfect Loafer Outfit Formulas For Your Capsule Wardrobe

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