Plain White T-shirts To Look Chic and Stylish

Are you having a hard time to find the best white t-shirts? The perfect silhouette white t-shirts that match well with your capsule wardrobe essentials instantly makes you look chic and stylish. It doesn’t matter if you are having a bad hair day, crisp white t-shirts are a statement look that pops with every outfit you put together.

A white tee is a basic essential item that every woman must have in her closet. White is one of the most popular color choices for tops, but also consider striped t-shirts and vintage graphic tees.

It’s no wonder, but over two billion white t-shirts are sold worldwide each year. As a result, the question is are you able to wear white t-shirts everyday?

The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s discuss a variety of white t-shirts outfit ideas that you are able to easily assemble using capsule wardrobe pieces that every woman should own.


How should a white t-shirt fit you?

One of the most important steps, is to find a shirt that fits you perfectly. There are a few specific guidelines for how a tt shirt should fit. Based on your body type and shape, follow these styling tips for properly fitting a white t-shirt.

  • Narrow shoulders: Crew-neck tee makes your upper body look more balanced and proportioned.
  • Broad shoulders: Scoop neck helps to create a feminine silhouette because this neckline drapes nicely on the shoulders.
  • A large bust: V-neckline highlights your collarbone beautifully.
  • A small bust: Go with a tee with a pocket or text across the bust because it actually creates the illusion of curve.
  • Apple-shaped body: A-line tee helps you look leaner and covers the midsection smoothly.
  • Hourglass body: A fitted tee is a perfect style to show off a curvy silhouette.
  • Petite: In order to style for petite body type, avoid any tunic length that will make you appear even shorter. Instead, go with a tying knot or slim-cut tee to define your waistline.

Simple white t-shirts look great for a variety of specific body shapes. Follow these unique styling tips for outfit ideas in each season. Even though you are lazy for the day or even off to work, these white t-shirts create many outfit idea options!


How to wear a white t-shirt?

There are numerous occasions to wear simple white t-shirts. Here are a few white t-shirts outfit ideas for you to try. There are definitely options other than simply wearing jeans for a super casual look.

  • For work dress up in a white t-shirt with a sleek blazer and pants. Instead of wearing a button-down shirt, this look is perfect for any type of office environment.
  • For casual style, pair a plain white t-shirt with a faux leather moto jacket and cute ankle boots.
  • For date night outfit, grab a simple sexy body-con skirt and classic pump heels for a sexy look to show off your curves.

White t-shirts are a versatile statement piece. In addition, they are the best piece to mix and match with seasonal capsule wardrobe pieces to create a variety of chic and stylish looks.

  • Spring capsule wardrobe outfit idea, tuck a white t-shirt into a girly lace mini skirt for a date night look.
  • Summer capsule wardrobe outfit idea, wear all white with white skinny jeans.
  • Fall capsule wardrobe outfit idea, cover up with a cozy cardigan and tuck a t-shirt into classic boyfriend jeans.
  • Winter capsule wardrobe outfit idea, layer up with an oversized wool coat to keep you warm.

Wearing basic white t-shirts to look chic and stylish is a no-brainer, especially if you have built a capsule wardrobe filled with quality pieces. Make it easier to dress up everyday by maintaining a closet filled with things that every woman must have.


Plain White T-shirts To Wear Everyday

White T-shirts

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From different necklines to the body silhouette, there are many styles of white t-shirts to match with your classic wardrobe pieces. As a result, not all white t-shirts look the same for each individual body shape. Lets find the best t-shirts for you to wear everyday.


Best White T-shirts Brands

From $5-$200, there are obviously a variety of white t-shirts for everyone’s specific budget. As a result, it’s not easy to find high-quality tee at affordable prices, but use the best clothing shopping tips to really help save money. Here are the best white t-shirts brands to make your shopping choices quicker and easier.


Everlane T-shirt

Everlane T-shirt

Made with 100% lightweight Supima cotton, this Everlane T-shirt has a perfect slim fit that goes well with a blazer for work or boyfriend jeans on a casual day. If you want a baggy style, order one size up.

This Everlane T-shirt is super comfortable and is a staple tee that more than 1,000 people have already ordered. Buy it here! 

Insider tip: It fits a bit more snug than regular size t-shirts. In addition, it is slightly see-through so go with a nude or white color bra underneath.


Rag And Bone Base Tee

Rag And Bone Base Tee

This Rag and Bone Base Tee has a contemporary fit. The shirt length is approximately 26” long with a v-neckline, which is perfect for anyone with any body type.

The back has seams that make this tee look edgier, and not plain.  The fabric is not see through, so you don’t need to worry about wearing a matching bra for this one. Buy it here! 


Halogen V-Neck Tee

Halogen V-Neck Tee

From regular to petite body type, this Halogen v-neck tee is for everyone. The wide v-neckline is flattering with any casual look

In addition, the lightweight and stretch-modal jersey fabric makes this t-shirt more comfortable. It has a semi-sheer look, which is perfect for summertime. Buy it here! 

Insider tip: This Halogen V-Neck Tee runs a bit large, so make sure to order one size down.


J. Crew 365 Stretch T-shirt

J Crew 365 Stretch T-shirt

The J. Crew 365 Stretch T-shirt is made with modal rayon and elastane. This t-shirt is a perfect style to dress up or down everyday.

Its a slim fit and approximately 23.5” long, which is right above the hip area. Furthermore, its perfect for layering underneath a cardigan or jacket in cooler weather. Buy it here! 


COS White T-shirt

COS White T-shirt

COS White T-shirts are a wardrobe staple every woman must have in her closet. They are made from 100% soft mercerized cotton jersey, which feels really comfortable when wearing.

The thin round neckline and stitching detail helps this regular fit tee to make your outfits look chic and stylish. Buy it here!


Uniqlo Crewneck T-shirt

Uniqlo Crewneck T-shirt

This basic Uniqlo crewneck t-shirt is made with durable cotton material that is a double-sided knit fabrication. The thicker cotton material is not suitable for summer, but is perfect for cooler evenings. In addition, it works well when layered with a flannel or jacket.

You won’t regret a $10 investment for this t-shirt. You will end up getting multiple colors for your capsule wardrobe. Buy it here! 


White T-shirt Not See Through

White T-shirt Not See Through

It’s not easy to find a white t-shirt that is not see through. As a result, it must be thick and yet breathable in order to wear throughout the summer without sweating.

This Northside Vintage tee from Madewell is a classic cotton crewneck with a slim fit. You won’t need to worry about being see through all day long. Buy it here!


White Long Sleeved T-shirts

new look organic long sleeve tee in white white

It tends to be a bit chilly in the evening time during the spring or fall seasons. Switch to this white long sleeved t-shirt to layer with a quilted vest or cardigan to look stylish and cozy.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this white long sleeved t-shirt is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Buy it here!


White Scoop Neck T-shirt

White Scoop Neck T-shirt

The neckline and shoulder drapes smoothly because of the 50% cotton and 50% modal fabric. This relaxed white scoop neck t-shirt has a slightly longer back and round hemline for more coverage. Buy it here!

Insider tip: Habitual is known for great variety style of basic tops to help you build a capsule wardrobe filled with strong basic essentials.


White V-Neck T-shirt

White V-Neck T-shirt

Compared to any other neckline, there is something special about a white v-neck t-shirt. It’s a versatile item to wear everyday from work to date night.

The flattering neckline makes your outfit more elegant and feminine by wearing this simple basic tee. If you are worried about a deep plunging neckline or fabric being see-through, then this Amazon essential is for you. Comes with 2 tees in 1 pack, so feel free to mix and match the colors of your choice. Buy it here!


White Oversized T-shirt

White Oversized T-shirt

Made with a soft jersey viscose blend, this t-shirt is perfect for a simple layer over after workout clothes. With a low-cut back neckline and longer back hemline, this shirt is chic and also gives great coverage.

The slight cap sleeves detail and roomy silhouette goes well with denim shorts or biker shorts. Buy it here!


White Fitted T-shirts

White Fitted T-shirts

This white fitted t-shirt is perfect for a petite or hourglass body type in order to show off your waistline. It is made with a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon.

The soft and stretchy ribbed knit gives a slim fit to contour the body line better than other regular cotton t-shirts. The approximate length of this t-shirt is 22.5” for small size, which is slightly shorter than a regular length. Buy it here!


White Cropped T-shirt

White Cropped T-shirt

Soft and sentimental, this white cropped t-shirt is not too short of a length, and also works perfectly with a high-waisted bottom. Made with 100% cotton, this white cropped t-shirt drapes nicely.

In addition, the manufacture uses ethical and eco-friendly factories to construct this shirt. As a result, you will look gorgeous and be green at the same time. Buy it here!

Insider tip: If you have a long torso or broad shoulders, make sure to order one size up.


From necklines to body silhouettes, finding the best basic white t-shirts is a game changer when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe. With classic white t-shirts outfits, you cover all four seasons, and also look chic and stylish for any occasion.

Invest in a variety of white t-shirts to mix and match different looks. Have fun putting together unique and cute outfits during every season.

What are your favorite styles of white t-shirts to wear?

Share your plain white tee looks with us!


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Crisp White T-shirts To Look Chic and Stylish

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