Polka Dot Top Everyone Has In Their Capsule Wardrobe

Have you added a polka dot top to your capsule wardrobe? Polka dot tops are a classic print piece that you can wear all year long on many different occasions.

Other than floral tops and stripe t-shirts, polka dots are another timeless print pattern that every woman must have in her closet. From ditzy to large polka dot prints, there are various silhouettes, styles and pattern sizes to choose from.

The key to successfully add polka dot tops in your wardrobe is finding ones that look good with your classic wardrobe pieces. As a result, you are able to mix and match capsule wardrobe essentials to create cute looks with your new polka dot top.


Are polka dots seasonal?

In general, some print patterns come and go, while few designs last forever. The polka dots print most certainly falls under the latter category. You’ll find polka dots during all four seasons from street style to runways.

From dresses to swimsuits, polka dot fashion is a dominating trend, just like floral print patterns.

Because of the neutral design, polka dots are perfect to wear during all seasons. If you have a simple sheer blouse, wear it as is during the spring or even layer with a cashmere sweater during the winter season.

Not only is it a versatile piece to have in a capsule wardrobe, but it also upgrades your outfits to an entirely new level.


How to choose the right polka dot print for capsule wardrobe?

Pair a polka dot print with capsule wardrobe essentials and any accessories to create a cute outfit for the day. As a result, it is important to know how to properly choose the right polka dot print based on your body type.

  • For pear shape: Use larger dot prints on top to create a focal point that is flattering because they help to visually balance out a pear shape. On the other hand, if you go with tiny ditzy dot top, you’ll end up making the lower body appear larger, which is something you want to avoid. If you want to go with a small dots top, then choose a style that has ruffles around the bust or neckline. As a result, this adds dimension and fullness to the upper body.
  • For apple shape: The most important element is to find polka dot tops that have a V-neckline. Not only is it more flattering, but also helps to visually narrow in the entire upper body for an apple shape.
  • For rectangular shape: Cold shoulder polka dot tops look particularly flattering. It helps to draw attention away from the wide shoulders because they are sloped downward, which makes them visually look narrow.
  • For hourglass: It’s crucial to go with polka dot tops with a V-neck, round neck or boat neck. As a result, you’ll look great in wrap tops and peplum blouses. Make sure to play around with dot sizes and colors of your choice.

Finding the right polka dot top is a total life changer. It is fun to wear your capsule wardrobe essentials with this timeless pattern. Make sure to understand your body type and also use the best clothing shopping tips to help choose the right tops that you can wear more than once.


Polka Dot Tops For Capsule Wardrobe

Polka Dot Tops For Capsule Wardrobe

source: @charlottebridgeman

Polka dots are a classic and versatile print pattern that has been appearing in all four seasons. No wonder everyone is adding polka dot tops to their capsule wardrobe. If you haven’t already done so, then go with a classic blouse style featuring the neckline and sleeve length of your choice.


Black And White Polka Dot Shirt

Black And White Polka Dot Shirt

Made with 100% polyester, this black and white polka dot shirt is everyone’s favorite.

The exposed front button closure and front patch pocket are classic shirt features that always look good with denim jeans or skirts.

For an hourglass body type, simply unbutton to create a natural V-neckline that will complete this flattering outfit. Buy it here!


Red Polka Dot Top

Red Polka Dot Top

Tiny polka dots make you dance. This flattering short sleeve red polka dot top has pin-tucked detail in the front to create more volume and dimension around the bust area.

If you have a small bust, this is a top that will look great on you. Buy it here!


Navy Polka Dot Top

Navy Polka Dot Top

This medium-sized navy polka dot top is adorable. The ruffled shoulders and tie detail blouson sleeves are everything you are looking for.

It’s a lovely blouse that you’ll end up wearing everywhere. Buy it here!


White Polka Dot Top

White Polka Dot Top

Do you need an after hours top?

This peplum silhouette white polka dot top is the answer. If you have an hourglass body type, this is a perfect flattering top for you.

From V-neckline to smooth waist cinched detail, this gathered short sleeve with a feminine touch makes you look like a queen. Buy it here!


Pink Polka Dot Top

Pink Polka Dot Top

This easy breezy pink polka dot top style works for any day of the workweek.

The 3/4 sleeves and blouse length hit at the hip, which provides good coverage for an office look. The split neckline with tie strings adds the perfect touch for outfits ranging from business casual work to weekend look. Buy it here!


Blue Polka Dot Top

Blue Polka Dot Top

Sheer and ruffled blue polka dot tops are the perfect summer getaway clothes you must have in your closet.

You will find that the ruffles around the neckline and armhole give a floaty fit. There will be no static cling that you need to worry about when layering with a cardigan.

This top is definitely girls night out approved. Buy it here!


Sheer Polka Dot Top

Sheer Polka Dot Top

Are you looking for a feminine blouse to wear for a night out?

This sheer polka dot top is exactly what you have been looking for because it gives you a wide range of options. Wear a black bra for a date night or black camisole underneath for casual Friday.

No matter what you choose to wear under a sheer top, you will look gorgeous with this selection. Buy it here!


Mesh Polka Dot Top

Mesh Polka Dot Top

Mesh polka dot tops are not the easiest thing to wear. It can be intimidating to decide what to wear with it.

The easiest way is to wear a simple black camisole underneath or layer with a black slip dress over it. The subtle multi-colored dots are both dazzling and unique. Buy it here!


Peplum Polka Dot Top

Peplum Polka Dot Top

The tie details on the sleeves are irresistible and the front button-down peplum polka dots go well with denim jeans.

Simply grab a straw tote bag to be ready for a picnic this weekend. Buy it here!


Cropped Polka Dot Top

Cropped Polka Dot Top

Cropped polka dot tops may be intimidating to wear for most body types. It may be uncomfortable, and also create a short torso.

But this top has long sleeves with a cinched hemline, which creates volume around the bust and also looks flattering on every body type.

Crop length plus off the shoulder equals must-have wardrobe piece. Buy it here!


Oversized Polka Dot Top

Oversized Polka Dot Top

Avoid oversized and tunic length long polka dot tops. Instead, go with this roomy and sheer chiffon top that has oversized long sleeves.

If you have narrow shoulders, then this is the perfect piece to layer with a tank top or cami. This top silhouette definitely balances out your shoulders. Buy it here!


Wrap Polka Dot Top

Wrap Polka Dot Top

Wrap polka dot tops make every body type look flattering.

The surplice neckline and 3/4 dolman sleeves add an elegant touch. Adjust your waist size by simply using the tie straps. Buy it here!


Long Sleeve Polka Dot Top

Long Sleeve Polka Dot Top

Simple wide neck top can make you look boring. But this long sleeve polka dot top has a cute front tie.

This top is made with soft 100% viscose fabric that you won’t want to take off. Buy it here!


Short Sleeve Polka Dot Top

Short Sleeve Polka Dot Top

Slight high neck with gathering detail, this short sleeve polka dot top is the new updated blouse you must have.

Simply make an up-do bun hairstyle to create a chic and modern look. Tuck in this flowy blouse into a high waisted skirt for the day. Buy it here!


Cold Shoulder Polka Dot Top

Cold Shoulder Polka Dot Top

If you have a rectangular body type, this cold shoulder polka dot top is the best choice to make you look more flattering than ever.

The ruffle detailed sleeves and thin spaghetti straps are great additions to compliment your feminine mood. Buy it here!


Off The Shoulder Polka Dot Top

Off The Shoulder Polka Dot Top

Do you already have a button-down dot shirt?

Then grab this off the shoulder polka dot top to add to it. This off the shoulder silhouette is a style that nobody can resist.

Comfortably wear with high-waisted boyfriend jeans for a casual weekend. Buy it here!


Sleeveless Polka Dot Top

Sleeveless Polka Dot Top

Are you looking for the perfect printed blouse to wear for work during the summer?

This flowy sleeveless polka dot top is the perfect piece to layer with a blazer to create an office look.

The V-neckline is not too deep, but it runs slightly large, therefore make sure to order one size down. If you are petite, don’t worry they are true to size. Buy it here!


Wearing cute polka dot tops makes everyone feel happy. This versatile, seasonless and timeless pattern is perfect to add in any capsule wardrobe collection.

From work week to road trip, your outfits will be more flattering and unique when wearing a dot print blouse. Choose a classic piece, and also one unique style that goes well with your body type and basic essentials. You’ll be surprised how many outfits you can create with these fun items.

What are your favorite color polka dot tops?

Share your cute dot printed tops with us!


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Polka Dot Top Everyone Has In Their Capsule Wardrobe

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