Pretty Floral Tops To Wear From Spring To Winter

Do you have fun floral tops that you can wear year round from spring to winter? Floral prints are a timeless and seasonless pattern that must be included in your capsule wardrobe collection.

From floral tops to floral dresses, flower prints are one of the easiest pattern clothes to wear throughout the year. The key to dressing up in pretty floral tops is finding the right pattern that works well with your personality and lifestyle.


Where to buy the best floral tops?

From $30 to $200, there is a wide range of prices when it comes to buying the best floral tops. When shopping for floral tops, you have a lot more pattern options than any other type of print.

It is best to clean up your closet and make an exact list of what you need. Afterwards, its important to set a budget in order to build a capsule wardrobe.

Stick to your budget accordingly, and shop smart by using the best clothes shopping tips. As a result, you will end up with the perfect items that every woman must have in her closet.

Here are the top brands that carry the best floral tops for you to choose from:

These brands are known for floral prints with a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for casual, vacation, or even an office look, make sure to check out these brands first. They are surely worth adding to your capsule wardrobe shopping list.


What to look for when buying floral tops?

When buying floral tops for your wardrobe collection, its important to consider a few different brand names and styles.

In addition, make sure to read the care label to determine what type of fabric the blouse is made out of. This will prevent you from paying over $100 for a cheap quality polyester blouse.

In order to make a smart decision when buying floral tops, it’s crucial to know exactly what kind of fabrications and materials the tops are made of.

Here are the best types of fabric that look the most flattering when worn:

  • Chiffon: A light and translucent fabric that comes in silk or polyester. Both materials drape well, but overall silk chiffon tends to drape more fluidly than polyester. The downside for both materials is that they snag easily. Therefore, make sure to avoid any sharp edges.
  • Crepe de chine: A slightly thicker material, crepe is made with a plain weave that results in a crisp surface. There are a variety of fibers made into crepe de chine, such as cotton, wool, viscose rayon, and polyester. They each have a slightly different touch and feel, so make sure to choose based on your budget and styling preferences.
  • Satin: Whether it is polyester or silk, satin has a glossy right side and dull opposite side. It has a slippery touch and also drapes well. You will see satin being used on blouses that have less structure.

These are the best materials used for floral tops that you will find when shopping for a new selection. Go over your wardrobe first and evaluate exactly what you need. As a result, you will have a variety of floral tops with different weights, thickness and features in your closet.


Pretty Floral Tops

Pretty Floral Tops

source: @meagansmoda

It’s not about finding the most expensive floral tops for your capsule wardrobe. However, it is about having the right pretty floral tops that you can wear all year long without getting tired of them.

Wearing prints more than once or twice tends to result in boredom. But with these shopping tips, find the perfect tops that you will easily end up wearing over and over again.


Off The Shoulder Floral Top

Off The Shoulder Floral Top

Off the shoulder floral top with a subtle hand-drawn design.

Made with 100% viscose material and 3/4 flare sleeves, this top creates a natural flowy drape that’ll make you look more feminine than ever. Buy it here!


Cold Shoulder Floral Top

Cold Shoulder Floral Top

The thin spaghetti shoulder straps with blouson sleeves creates a relaxing silhouette for a casual everyday look.

The retro flower designs resemble a typical Anthropologie style. Simply wear it with light washed denim and slide-on sandals for the day. Buy it here!


Floral Top Long Sleeve

Floral Top Long Sleeve

A pastel colored floral top with a gathered neckline and classic long sleeve design.

This romantic crepe blouse is classy, beautiful and fairylike. It’ll become an everyday wardrobe staple. Buy it here!


Sleeveless Floral Top

Sleeveless Floral Top

The swingy and tiered bodice sleeveless floral top is fun to wear during the summer with cute denim shorts underneath.

It has a comfortable loose fit for warm spring and also hot summer weather. Buy it here!


Short Sleeve Floral Top

Short Sleeve Floral Top

Inspired by a vintage boho style, this short sleeve floral top is made with airy polyester chiffon.

The flare sleeves and scoop neckline with slit detail makes this top perfect for every body type. Buy it here!


Long Sleeve Floral Top

Long Sleeve Floral Top

The long sleeve floral top with smocked sleeves and a keyhole tie will become your new go-to peasant blouse.

It’s stylish and comfy, which is perfect with jeans on a lazy day. Buy it here!


Floral Print Blouses

Floral Print Blouses

This delicate pin-tucked floral print blouse is perfect for an office look.

If you travel for work very often, then you need to pack this one because its wrinkle-proof. As a result, you’ll end up getting solid colors as well. Buy it here!


Floral Tank Top

Floral Tank Top

The shoulder ruffled detail floral tank top is an easy piece for layering. The subtle print pattern pairs with many bottoms to create diverse outfits.

The fabric is not sheer at all, and also has a slight vintage feel to it. Buy it here!


Floral Chiffon Blouse

Floral Chiffon Blouse

Something about floral chiffon blouses that make you look feminine and elegant at the same time.

Simply wear a matching background color camisole underneath. Style it as buttoned at the wrists or neatly folded up to tab at the elbow on a warm weather day. Buy it here!


Floral Crop Top

Floral Crop Top

This floral crop top is perfect to pair with a high waisted bottom. The V-neckline is flattering to all body types and the keyhole detail adds a flirty finishing touch.

Pair this top with high waisted denim shorts and you will be festival ready. Buy it here!


Printed Floral Top

Printed Floral Top

Sweetness flows all around this printed floral top.

This babydolll slash peplum silhouette is perfect for an hourglass body type. The wide smocked waist design helps to make your waist look thinner than ever. Buy it here!


Black Floral Print Blouse

Black Floral Print Blouse

Swiss dots and flowers equals beautiful black floral print blouse.

The long bell sleeves and flowy body silhouette is irresistible. There is a removable camisole lining so that you don’t need to worry about what to wear under this blouse. Buy it here!


Black Floral Top

Black Floral Top

Ditzy flowers are all over this black floral top.

The pretty deep plunging V-neckline in the front and back is so elegant. It’ll make you want to wear this top every single day. Buy it here!


White Floral Top

White Floral Top

Try on this subtle stencil floral white top.

The ruffle neckline and hemline brings this feminine touch to the next level. Buy it here!


Red Floral Top

Red Floral Top

Something about a red floral top that makes every woman look so exotic.

The white color flower designs are neither too dominant nor too tropical. It is a top that you can literally wear every season. Buy it here!


Silk Floral Top

Silk Floral Top

Anything made with silk fabric is so pretty.

This silk chiffon floral top is semi-sheer, therefore you will need to wear a skin-tone bra to look polished.

The ruffled neckline is perfect for anyone with a smaller bust or even hourglass figure in order to create flattering volume. Buy it here!


Chiffon Floral Top

Chiffon Floral Top

Get lost in this illustrative wildflower field.

The ruffles around the cold shoulder sleeves and neckline add a dreamy design that will replace your old peasant blouse.

This sheer top is lined with a bodice, therefore it doesn’t require matching a nude bra or camisole. Buy it here!


Pretty Floral Top

Pretty Floral Top

An embroidered design blouse is always pretty, and this floral top is no exception.

Dainty flower bouquet embroidery designs are all over the cotton double weaved gauze. It is an easy top to wear with jeans for any daytime outfit. Buy it here!


Casual Floral Top

Casual Floral Top

Are you looking for a casual top?

We all know flower prints make every piece of clothing look dressy. But this playful cropped cotton sweatshirt with a faded vintage vibe is a perfect piece that goes great with high waisted leggings. Buy it here!


Cute Floral Top

Cute Floral Top

This French-girl cute floral top has an gentle floaty silhouette.

The ditzy floral is a great casual pattern that will never get boring or go out of style. Buy it here!


Spring Floral Top

Spring Floral Top

Ditzy flower, check. Wrap style, check.

These two features are all you need for the perfect spring floral top. In addition, pastel pink is the right choice for this style. Buy it here!


Summer Floral Top

Summer Floral Top

Summer is all about bare skin.

Don’t choose tropical floral prints because they mostly consist of bright colors and are also very season distinctive. As a result, it doesn’t work well during the other three seasons.

Instead, go with a subtle classic floral print in a camisole silhouette. It’s an everyday essential that you can wear as is, or even layered with a cardigan.

It’s definitely a style that fits every body type. Buy it here!


Fall Floral Top

Fall Floral Top

Burnout velvet with a chic flower print is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

But the problem with wearing velvet is that it tends to look bulky and heavy. So instead of long sleeves, try a simple t-shirt style short sleeve that you can also wear during the spring season as well. Buy it here!


Winter Floral Top

Winter Floral Top

Winter floral tops don’t always have to be stiff and rigid fabrics. Loosen up your outfit with this tonal floral jacquard to add a sleek vintage touch to your daily look.

It’s a beautiful and flowy top that will make everyone speechless. Buy it here!


From polka dots to stripes and florals, finding timeless prints that never go out of style is the key to building a successful capsule wardrobe. Floral tops are a basic essential that must be included in a stylish collection. Make sure to add classic floral print patterns to your closet so that you can create fun and personalized outfits to wear everyday.

What are your favorite brands of floral top?

Share the best pretty floral tops with us!


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Pretty Floral Tops To Wear From Spring To Winter

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