Fat Busting Secret Taco Bell Menu That Every Keto Diet Experts Should Know

Learn the secret ways to order from the low carb Taco Bell menu that every keto diet eater need to know. Everyone is on the search for the best keto diet secrets to lose weight faster and easier, aren’t we all?

Taco Bell keto diet options include menu items like the power menu bowl and the fiesta taco salad. They even serve the sake egg taco bundle at Taco Bell locations near me.

In addition, it is super easy to customize your own Taco Bell keto diet menu options. Whether you modify the current menu, or simple order a customized mix of sides and toppings, you can easily create a delicious Taco Bell keto diet meal


Eat Low Carb Taco Bell Today!

At least once, Taco bell was voted favorite Mexican restaurant! I don’t know about it being the best, but there is a large majority of people stuck in a love-hate relationship with the fast food giant. Thats why we need low carb Taco Bell menu options.

You can get so much food for such a little price, but sometimes you get that nauseous upset stomach feeling after you scarf down a Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch or a Mexican Pizza.

Furthermore, pizza sounds good sometimes. But when sticking to a strict ketogenic diet, its hard to make it work. Take a look at these Pizza Hut keto friendly options and order out keto style!

You can still enjoy your fast food favorites with low carb menu items! Try out these low carb Taco Bell hacks today!


Taco Bell Locations Near Me

If Taco Bell is your go-to for survival food, then find a way to cut the carbs so that it doesn’t take away from your keto diet goals. Enjoy this low carb Taco Bell menu that every keto diet fanatic should know about.

The key is customization, but it may be difficult at first to believe that a place serving everything stuffed inside a taco shell or a burrito can make keto friendly options.

As far as genuine keto diet menu options are concerned, the pickings are slim. You basically have a half dozen real menu items to choose from.

Think outside the box, and the doors open a bit wider.

My best advice, don’t be afraid to get creative and ask for extras. Extra chicken, extra steak, extra sour cream and extra guacamole, get whatever you need to fill you up until the next meal.

Fair warning, not all Taco Bell locations near me serve breakfast. Call ahead or check it out online before you show up with your mind set on breakfast.

If you’re new to ketosis and want to learn more, then check out these keto diet tips to lose over 15 pounds in a month

Let’s explore the low carb Taco Bell menu that every keto diet needs and see how they deliver a good low carb eating experience.


Taco Bell Keto Diet Menu

Good new is the low carb Taco Bell menu that every keto diet expert should know about consists of a handful of items.

So, no need to give up on taco Tuesdays with your favorite keto cocktails just yet! Make a few custom alterations and the original menu items will work out.

Others find it useful to just order sides and assemble their own entrée. This also works well and is a useful strategy for sticking to your keto diet.


Power Menu Bowl

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I’m sure you’ve seen an overload of pictures of the Taco Bell Power Menu Bowl on Instagram. Pass on the seasoned rice, and ask for extra romaine instead. Customize with either chicken, steak or veggies.

You’re going to want to also avoid the black beans, so substitute for more fat by adding double meat or extra guacamole.

Chicken and avocado sure sounds delicious, right?


Fiesta Taco Salad

At first glance, this salad doesn’t seem like it fits in a keto diet. Instead of the giant crispy tostada, ask for the salad to be served in a bowl.

Choose your favorite meat of the day: either chicken, steak, or ground beef.

Avoid the rice, bean and crispy tortilla strips and substitute for extra sour cream, pico de gallo, cheese and veggies.

Go ahead and add some meat and guacamole while your at it!


Beefy 5-Layer Burrito

Skip the tortilla and it becomes a 5-layer dip instead, and is full with 19g of keto-friendly protein.

If meat and nacho cheese sounds delicious to you, then dive in and enjoy!

Spice it up by adding some lettuce, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes and you got yourself a beefy salad bowl.

Take it to-go and serve it at home inside your favorite low-carb keto tortilla in honor of Taco Tuesday!


Naked Egg Taco Bundle


Need a quick breakfast on the go? This is the ultimate keto diet option!

Instead of a tortilla, the vessel is an egg.

Skip the potatoes and add some protein protein like chicken or steak. Enhance the meal with guacamole and pico de gallo and you’re on the way.

You can even add scrambled eggs into the bundle if you are looking for more eggs in the morning.

Make sure you go in between 7am-11am to grab the Naked Egg Taco Bundle!


Grande Scrambler

You can either get sausage, steak, or bacon to customize your keto diet needs. All three menu choices range from 640-650 cal, 31-34g total fat, and 19-24g protein.

The key to making a Grande Scrambler ketosis friendly is to ask for the scramble to be served in a bowl instead and eliminate the burrito wrap and potatoes.

It already comes with scrambled eggs, meat protein, shredded cheese, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

What else can you ask for in a keto breakfast?


Mini Skillet Bowl

Originally this bowl has 11g total fat, less than 1g sugar and 5g protein.

It is a mini item from the $1 menu. Don’t anticipate it to be a full sized item.

Make sure to remove the potatoes and you are left with eggs, nacho cheese and pico de gallo.

I recommend adding meat, sour cream and guacamole to make it more filling.


Taco Bell Keto Diet Options

There are over 20 Taco Bell keto diet options available on the menu. Check out the food list below for inspiration for Taco Bell keto diet options. Mix and match items for the kit friendly food list so that you can create your own favorite combination. Let this Taco Bell keto food list be the groundwork for your menu items.

  • Fire Grilled Chicken
  • Steak
  • Seasoned Ground Beef
  • Shredded Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Guacamole
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Shredded Three Cheese Blend
  • Sour Cream
  • Jalapenos
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce
  • Avocado Ranch Sauce
  • Creamy Chipotle Sauce
  • Creamy Jalapeno Sauce
  • Habanero Sauce
  • Spicy Ranch Sauce
  • Border Sauce
  • Fire 
Border Sauce
  • Hot
 Border Sauce
  • Mild
 Diablo Sauce


Low Carb Taco Bell Nutrition Information

Count the low carb Taco Bell menu items for yourself!

Check out the nutrition information guide before making your decisions. There are many straight forward keto diet friendly options to choose from.

Staying on your keto diet by customizing at any fast food location, especially with my low carb Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Think outside of the box and be crafty. Discover plenty on the low carb Taco Bell menu that every keto diet eater must know about.

Stick to the plan and keep burning fat while staying in ketosis.

Our overall take away is that there is a Taco Bell menu that every keto diet eater needs does exist.


What’s on your Taco Bell menu that every keto diet eater needs to know about?

Share your ketosis diet tips with us!


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