How To Shop At Nordstrom Rack Like A Frugal Fashionista And Not Look Outdated

It’s no secret, but one of my all-time favorite discount stores is to shop at Nordstrom Rack. They offer expensive brand name shopping for my essential wardrobe pieces; therefore, many of their stores most likely carry your favorite brands too! Weekly great deals on the brands we love are all in one place, including items that are 70% to 90% off.


Fact: Around 20% of Nordstrom Rack’s merchandise comes from Nordstrom and the rest are made or purchased directly for the Nordstrom Rack.

That means if you shop at Nordstrom Rack, you can really save money on quality long lasting tops, jeans and dresses you would be hard to find at any other discounted store!


Here are my pro tips how to shop at Nordstrom Rack like a frugal fashionistas to save money and still be stylish:


1. Mark Your Calendar

First of all, the date to shop at Nordstrom Rack is crucial to get the best deal. You’ll want to go during the end of season which is when the “Clear the Rack” sales happens, about 12 times a year. During this sale seasons, you’ll get an extra 25% off discount off already reduced items!


Here are sales dates for 2018:













Make sure to subscribe to Nordstrom Rack’s newsletter to get notifications on your phone!


2. Look for Red Tags on Clothing and Shoes

Red tags or red stickers on the original tag means clearance price regardless of where the merchandise came from. These deals usually range from 30-85% off the first Nordstrom Rack price.


3. Altered or Refinished Items

Shop at Nordstrom Rack clearance sale blue jeans

The price tag with “Altered or Refinished” means it’s a designer item that is altered or refurbished from Nordstrom. You can get great items if the piece is in good condition.

4. ”$0.01” Is The Real Price

shop at nordstrom rack 1 cent sale

There are some items that are exactly one penny! The price tag is marked “$0.01.” Yes, that is the real price! If you happen to find one, the clothes are yours! Good luck!


5. Sign Up For Nordstrom Rewards Note

Using Nordstrom Debit Card unlike high interest rate credit card, you will earn 1 point per dollar you spend on Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. This card is much like the Target REDcard. These points can add up quicker during sale events, which can be 6 or more points per dollar spent.


6. Look For Online Deals At Nordstrom Rack

When you can’t go to shop at Nordstrom Rack store nearby, you want to shop online at 8 a.m. PT! That is when Nordstrom Rack restocks fresh new items and updates the online website; it’s the perfect time to find save more money.


7. Buy And Save With Raise Gift Card

shop at nordstrom rack for raise gift card

Heading to shop at Nordstrom Rack local store? You can buy Nordstrom Rack gift cards and  can save up to 4% with these discounted gift cards on Raise. You’ll get to save money, fulfill your essential wardrobe and shop on a budget with no worry to go broke.

Bonus: Step-By-Step Tips On Finding One Cents Deal At Nordstrom Rack


First, look for less populated free standing store locations to shop at Nordstrom Rack than popular and crowded mall locations. When the traffic is slow, the prices go low. Also, less busy Nordstrom Rack stores are often understaffed, and you will have a higher chance of penny giveaways from the register.

Second, look for neighborhood locations to shop at Nordstrom Rack, you want to go to where any upscale clothing doesn’t sell well. Shop at Nordstrom Rack often, merchandise moves quickly! so if they don’t sell an item, they stick a new price tag over and over in order to convert a sale.

Third, Search for off-season items when going through sale racks. Those not season items have high chance of more time in the rack allowing for price down tags.

Shop at Nordstrom Rack clearance discounted high-end designer items

Shopping is a fun and therapeutic way to refresh our wardrobe. But without any pro tips on how to save money with points and clearance discounted high-end designer items shopping can be nightmare. Let’s shop smart and look fabulous together, shall we?


Do you shop at Nordstrom Rack?

What is the best deal items you have found?


fashion wandererHow To Shop At Nordstrom Rack Like A Frugal Fashionista And Not Look Outdated

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