Smart Shopping Hacks Every JOANN Fabrics and Crafts Shopper Needs To Know

From Halloween costumes to seasonal decorations, it’s really difficult to spend less money at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. Here is an essential guide to the best smart shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs to know.

According to statistics, average consumers spend more than $78  for holiday decorations. If you don’t have a shopping list or DIY decoration ideas already planned, it is easy to over spend every time you go to craft stores.

With over 849 stores and 75 years of service, no wonder JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts store has been popular for embroidery, knitting, sewing, hobbies and crafts.

When spending hours and hours making and sewing your own clothes, the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars at JoAnns.

The good news is there are so many ways to save money at JoAnns that not lot of people know about. Let’s cover the smart shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs to know.

But before we start to go over all the money saving tips for the retail and online shopper, there are two questions most people ask when shopping at JoAnns.


When Is Best Day To Shop For The Biggest Sales At JoAnns?

Even though there are so many sale signs and coupons at JoAnns, shop on Sunday mornings for the biggest sale selections.

Coupons are released every Sunday morning. So if you have an eye on something special, always shop at Joanns on Sundays mornings before it gets sold out.


Does JoAnn Fabric match online prices?

Amazon is not the only online retail store to match prices. JoAnns offers price match, for in-stock item only, for items that have been advertised within the past 7 days.

Unfortunately, seasonal items do not qualify for price adjustments.


Smart Shopping Hacks Every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts Shopper Needs To Know

Here are the most top secret money saving tips! Let’s save big bucks this holiday season by using these smart shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs to know.

It’s really easy to save money when shopping at JoAnns. Follow these savings strategies and let’s shop for fabrics and crafts.


Visit Local Grand Opening JoAnn Stores

Visit Local Grand Opening JoAnn Store to get scratch and win card to save big bucks! #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Jody S.

Be sure to visit local grand opening JoAnn stores near you!

Everyone who visits new stores on opening day will get special scratch & win cards. Take advantage of the extra savings!


Signup through JoAnn’s Mobile Site

Sign up through Jo-Ann’s Mobile Site to get extra 50% off coupons today. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Yasaman J.

If you have only signed up for JoAnn’s email, I would hurry to signup through Joann’s mobile site as well. As a result, you can use 50% off single item coupons on both the app and also use the website coupon codes when at the register.


Pro tip: When you download the app, you will get 60% off any regular priced item, 50% off home fabrics, $5 off $45 and also $15 off a $75 total purchase.

In addition, you will get 25% off your total purchase when you signup for texts. That’s a lot of savings!


Use Multiple Coupons At Stores

Use Multiple Coupons At Stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby to get extra 40% off. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @ Peach N.

If you see any Michaels or Hobby Lobby coupons, don’t throw it away! You can use all competitor coupons for regular priced items at JoAnns.

The trick is when shopping online, you can ONLY use one coupon at a time. But, you can combine and use multiple coupons at stores to save big bucks.


Save 40~50% On Every Purchase

Save 40~50% On Every Time Purchase on all coupons at JoAnn. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Jeff B.

The best part of shopping at JoAnns is the more coupons you have, the more you save!

But the trick is to save 40~50% off on every purchase. Use your coupons for items that are regular price and also 20~30% off coupons for your entire purchase.


Look For One-Day Only Sale Signs

Look For One-Day Only Sale Sign for great deal and use additional coupons. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @wmac101

It’s overwhelming to shop at JoAnns if you don’t have a shopping list. Take time and look for deals on every aisle and in every corner.

Especially look for one-day only sale signs. Make sure you take advantage and act fast on the one-day sales, or else the sale will be over and all sold out!


Don’t Buy Yarn In The Summer Or Winter

Don’t Buy Yarn In The Summer Or Winter it's much expensive in JoAnn. Instead buy in these seasons for cheaper price. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Peach N.

If you are planning to make any holiday DIY craft ideas like a sweater or even socks as gift this year, then be ahead and don’t buy yarn in the summer or winter season.

Pro Tip: Buy yarn in the fall and spring time when yarn goes on sale for 25~35% off.


How To Get 60% Off On Beads

How To Get 60% Off On Beads is not difficult at JoAnns. Don't pay full price for quality beads. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Snigdha D.

From bracelets to earrings and DIY bead bags, there are so many fun beginners projects you can make with the quality beads at JoAnns.

You want to wait for the fancy beads to reach at least 40% off. Then, use a 20% off coupon on you entire purchase.


Don’t Throw Away Used Coupons

Don’t Throw Away Used Coupons instead you can use twice in-store and online. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Edna G.

The life expectancy of coupons at JoAnns is much longer than any other retail store. If you have been throwing away used coupons, you are missing out on opportunities to save even more money. So, don’t throw away used coupons.

JoAnn’s allows each coupon to be used twice, once in the store and once online. Use these shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs to get major discounts.

First use the online code, and then use the paper coupon because the cashier might take it away after using it in the store. So, read the fine print before you shop in store.


How To Buy Fabric At JoAnns And Pay Pennies

Don't pay full price on fabrics at JoAnn. How To Buy Fabric At JoAnn And Pay Penny with this tip. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Walter H.

When buying fabrics at JoAnns, ask for the staff to cut the fabric as small as four inches. This is how to buy fabric at JoAnns and pay pennies.

In general, quilting fabric prices are about $1.99~$5.99 per yard at JoAnns, which means if you only need a small amount of fabric. As a result, you will save money instead of spending $2.50 per quarter yard of fabric.


Shop Fabric Remnants And Pay Less

Shop Fabric Remnants And Pay Less with this hack. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Shiloh F.

Remnants are generally less than a yard in length and are already marked 50% off the regular price. So shop fabric remnants and pay less money.

If the fabric is on sale that day, you get the sale price PLUS extra 50% off!

Find a fabric remnant that has a regular price of $5 a yard. If there is a sale that day of 50% off, that would make it $2.50 a yard. Then you get 50% off the remaining price and it is $1.25 a yard!


Look For Red Clearance Tag Stickers

Look For Red Clearance Tag Sticker to get the best deals. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Rick S.

Keep your eyes open when shopping at JoAnns and look for red clearance tag stickers. These stickers are spread throughout the store in all departments and aisles.

This is one of the best shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs to know to save even more money.


Wait For 90% Off Seasonal Items

Wait For 90% Off For Seasonal Items. It's much cheaper after the holidays. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Belle B.

It’s always best to shop early for the next years holidays. At JoAnns, 2~3 days after each holiday, all seasonal items are 70% off. You should wait for the 90% off seasonal items that happens 4~5 days after the holiday.

Go early in the morning to grab these deals and don’t forget to use 20% off coupons on your total purchase as well.


Use Gift Cards For Extra Discounts

Use Gift Card For Extra Discount you can get more than 10% off. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @fixturescloseup

If you want to be more frugal at JoAnns, have a budget planned in advance.

Only shop with discounted gift cards to save an extra 5% off on all items and use gift cards for extra discounts!


Get Extra 15% Off For Teachers And Girl Scouts

Get Extra 15% Off For Teacher And Girl Scout #frugalshopping #savingmoney

source: @Walter H.

If you are a teacher, military or Girl Scout, you will get an extra 15% off your purchases everyday. In addition, you can use the discount on top of sale and clearance items.


Shopping at JoAnns and picking items for your next craft projects is like being a little kid in a candy store. If you have these smart shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs to know, you will also save money on your DIY craft projects!

Do you have any other shopping hacks every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts shopper needs?

Share your money saving tips with us!


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Smart Shopping Hacks Every JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts Shopper Needs To Know. With free scratch & win card and shopping on Sunday to get extra discount. #frugalshopping #savingmoney

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  1. I wish I had come across this post two weeks ago before going to JoAnn’s! Oh well, I will save this post for later when we need to go back, there are some excellent shopping tips! Thanks for posting this!

    1. There is always more to shop for at JoAnns, especially during the holiday season. From DIY crafts to decorations and fabric, I feel like I visit Joanns regularly so these shopping tips are a must have for me!

  2. I could happily spend an entire day in Jo-Ann’s and now, with these helpful hints, I’d still leave with some cash in my wallet! I had no idea that Jo-Ann’s price matched but I will definitely spread the news to other crafty folks. Thanks for all of the helpful Joann shopping tips!

    1. I love shopping at JoAnn! Everything DIY from crafts to beads and fabrics, I can easily spend my entire day there too 😉 I hope that these JoAnn’s shopping tips will be helpful for all of the DIY crafters this holiday season!

  3. Wow, so many great tips! My boys like to browse JoAnn’s every few months for craft projects to work on together. I’ll have to keep these JoAnn shopping tips in mind.

  4. Super interesting how they will take competitors coupons. Seems like an odd thing to do. I’ve only been to a Joanns once but need to go back.

  5. Thank you for all the useful JoAnn shopping tips and info! I cannot wait to get my hands on a few supplies at JoAnns to get crafty this winter!!

  6. Wow, I had no ideas about all these shopping tips and tricks about how to save money at Joann’s. To be honest, I haven’t frequented a Joann’s since we moved from Charleston, SC and we have a Hobby Lobby now where we are. Thanks for sharing these shopping tips!

  7. I love JoAnns! It’s one of my favorite places to wander and get inspired. I buy planner supplies, crafts, fabrics, decorations. Sometimes I get out of control. Lol. A shopping list is a good idea.

  8. Thank you for sharing these great shopping tips! I love to browse JoAnn’s and other craft stores to see what they have on sale.

    1. Yes I love browsing the isles at JoAnn for DIY craft projects and creative inspiration. I find these JoAnn shopping tips to be very useful when visiting the store or even shopping online.

    1. I’m always working on a new sewing project. There are so many fabrics and materials to choose from at JoAnns. I use these money saving shopping hacks to help search for the best deals and discounts.

  9. I always love JoAnn’s deals. And they have so many different craft things you can do. And if you want to do things with your own clothes, it’s an excellent spot for that as well. I used to love to knit caps for my daughter from stuff there.

    1. I love searching through JoAnns for new hobbies and crafts! Hopefully these shopping hacks will be helpful next time you are searching for an arts and crafts supply deal at JoAnns.

  10. Joann’s sounds like a great place to find craft supplies at great prices 🙂 Excellent shopping tips!

    Louise x

    1. It is easily one of my favorite stores to visit for DIY crafts and fabrics. I have learned to create a shopping list because otherwise I end up staying for too long and leaving with too much 😉

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