Casual Silk Blouse Outfit Ideas You Have Never Thought Of

Do your silk blouse outfit ideas look too dressy all the time? No matter what to wear with a silk shirt, it feels impossible to create a comfortable and casual silk blouse outfits.

Because silk fabric feels luxurious and extremely soft, it naturally makes any silk blouse outfit look dressy.

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite silk top with classic denim jeans. In order to dress casually, you need to find the perfect silk blouse that goes well with your body type and also matches with your capsule wardrobe essentials.

From sleeveless to fun print patterns, there are hundreds of silk shirts for you to choose from. It’s fun to shop, but it can lead to impulse decisions and also end up with the wrong items for your wardrobe collection.

First, make sure to organize your closet and go over the basic essentials you already have. As a result, you can easily make a list that includes what you are missing in order to create a diverse range of outfits to wear.

It’s exciting to wear a brand new silk blouse outfit tucked in to high waisted bottoms. This creates a lean and feminine look, but you will notice that your silk shirt does get wrinkly very easily.


How to prevent silk from wrinkling while wearing?

Any silk shirt or dresses require special care when it comes to washing a silk blouse at home and also removing any wrinkles. That is the reason why a silk care label always says dry clean only.

No matter how well you carefully clean and gently press your silk shirt, wrinkles are bound to persist. Here are a few tips for the best way to prevent silk from wrinkling while wearing.

  • Dealing with wrinkled silk tops while sitting all day long at the desk is a headache. In order to avoid this issue, make sure to pull your shirt flat and smooth against your body. Reduce the wrinkles by slightly stretching so that you are sitting flat on the fabric.
  • Avoid crossing your legs. Crossing legs are already bad for your hips and knees anyway. But it also helps to reduce the fabrics rubbing against each other to create folds and creases.
  • Leave your silk shirt untucked and let is hang loosely on your body. In addition, avoid pressing it against your bag or arms. By giving less pressure, you will prevent any deep wrinkles while wearing silk shirts all day long.

If you have been spraying anti-wrinkle spray all the time while wearing your favorite silk shirt, it’s time to change up the routine. Learn how to iron clothes without iron with these wrinkle free tips, and therefore wear silk blouses all day long and be wrinkle-free.


How to wear a silk blouse?

Silk blouses are a timeless and versatile garment that is one of the 10 classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style. As a result, deciding how to wear a silk shirt is easy to do.

Simply layer with a crewneck sweater for a casual look or throw a boyfriend cardigan over the silk shirt to make a relaxed weekend outfit. From spring to winter, you can create a variety of styles that go well together with the right weight silk blouse.


Silk Blouse Outfit Ideas

Silk Blouse Outfit

source: @anna_brstyle

If you are tired of cotton shirts, then a silk blouse outfit is definitely worth adding to your capsule wardrobe. Don’t worry if you are new to wearing silk, even with the most basic denim jeans, a silk top can be used as a platform for your own personal aesthetic.


How To Wear A Silk Blouse With Jeans

How To Wear A Silk Blouse With Jeans

source: @emmahill

Still, don’t know how to wear a silk blouse with jeans?

It is all about finding the right denim jeans. High-rise cropped jeans are so totally chic when you tuck in your leopard print silk shirt.

Furthermore, you will also look taller with black pump heels that won’t hurt your feet all day long.


How To Wear A Silk Blouse With Skirt

How To Wear A Silk Blouse With Skirt

source: @alexis.belbel

Ditch the boring solid color silk blouse. In order to find how to wear a silk blouse with a skirt, go with a vertical striped shirt and wear a black skirt.

It’s a totally versatile look for the office or a date night. This answers your question and solves the problem for what to wear with a black skirt!


How To Wear A Satin Blouse

How To Wear A Satin Blouse

source: @sara_waiste

Shiny and flimsy satin blouse is not easy to wear in order to look stylish.

Go with a flirty midi skirt and cute ankle boots. This will totally tone down your shiny top.


How To Style A Loose Silk Blouse

How To Style A Loose Silk Blouse

source: @hauteaires

If you have an oversized and loose silk blouse, then simply style it with high waisted pants.

Whether you go with jeans or cotton pants, it’s up to you. Just be sure to add a cute mini backpack purse to compliment this look.


Silk Top Outfit

Silk Top Outfit

source: @carolapojer

Something about big polka dot is so feminine and chic. Pair it with your white boyfriend jeans to create this French girl look.

It will become your go-to classy polka dot outfits on repeat.


Cute Silk Blouse Outfit

Cute Silk Blouse Outfit

source: @nicoleballardini

Floral and ditzy is how you look cute with this silk blouse outfit.

You don’t need to wear with pump heels or ballet flats. Instead, go with these stylish sneakers that are just insanely adorable and also affordable.


Casual Silk Blouse Outfit

Casual Silk Blouse Outfit

source: @imgoodlikemeghan

Classic white denim outfits are everywhere right now.

A pretty mini polka dot silk blouse and cropped jeans are perfect essentials that go well with adorable open-toe mule shoes. This will become your favorite outfit for the day.


Date Night Silk Blouse Outfit

Date Night Silk Blouse Outfit

source: @itsallchictome

The perfect time to wear a silk blouse outfit in on a date night.

Choose cute fun color pants and heels with a matching crossbody bag that every fashion girl loves to carry when going out.


Spring Outfits With Blouse

Spring Outfits With Blouse

source: @streetstylesquad

Floral, ruffles and puff sleeves are all you need for the spring season.

It’s not time to wear sandals just yet, so go with suede ankle boots for wide feet that go well with your 3/4 sleeve feminine blouse.


Summer Outfits With Blouse

Summer Outfits With Blouse

source: @monicsutter

Summer is the perfect time to wear a silk blouse outfit. Silk tops are made to be lightweight and airy.

Layer with a lace bralette and wear denim shorts to easily create casual summer outfits with a blouse.


Fall Outfits With Blouse

Fall Outfits With Blouse

source: @cristincooper

It’s really about color and print patterns when it comes to creating fall outfits with a blouse.

Avoid pastels or light color tops. Instead, go with deep emeralds and forest greens.

Ditzy floral bouquet print patterns go well with your winter skinny jeans. They compliment the texture and weight when assembling silk blouse outfit ideas.


Winter Outfits With Blouse

Winter Outfits With Blouse


If you are tired of sweaters or turtleneck tops, a silk blouse is a great alternative essential to wear with a wool coat.

Go with a classic double-breasted coat or casual wrap style of your choice. These winter wool coats literally go with every outfit for all occasions.


Having one or two silk shirts in your capsule wardrobe will instantly upgrade your entire outfit. Whether you wear denim jeans or skirts, easily put together a casual silk blouse outfit that you never thought of before. Grab your versatile silk blouse so that you can mix and match essentials for an everyday look.

What do you wear with silk tops?

Share your casual silk blouse outfit ideas with us!


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Casual Silk Blouse Outfit Ideas You Have Never Thought Of

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