Skull Rock In Joshua Tree National Park

Our first stop once we entered the West (Main) Entrance was Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park. We wanted to climb around the Skull Rock formation and take a few photos before it got too crowded.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Joshua Tree, so we kept this stop to a minimum. We climbed on the Skull Rock and took a few quick pictures before heading out.

Skull Rock is best things to do in Joshua Tree National Park. #joshuatree #explore

It was a warm week, so our intention was to be outside in the early parts of the day, and then hit the best off road trails in Joshua Tree as the sun began to heat up.


Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park #joshuatree #skullrock

You can easily see Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park right from the side of the road. There is also a path that leads you right up to the rock so that you can easily climb around and take photos.

We got to Skull Rock just before lunch, and the site was bustling with activity. Kids were running around and climbing on the rocks.

There were some people patiently waiting to take their photo at the Skull Rock so we got in line with them. The wait time was short and we were on our way fairly quickly.

We passed the exhibit point a few times during our trip, and every time we drove by, the Skull Rock trailhead parking area was busy.

Fair warning, there are lots of wild flowers clustered around the rock formation, and there is a large amount of wild bees. If your allergic use caution!


Skull Rock Trailhead Parking

Skull Rock Trailhead Parking at Joshua Tree National Park #joshuatree #bucketlist

There is plenty of trailhead parking along the side of the road. In addition, there is also a 1.5-mile nature trail that loops around the Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park and heads over to Jumbo Rocks Campground. Here is a downloadable map to help!

Other walking up to the Skull Rock and taking a few pictures, we didn’t really explore this area much. Maybe on the next adventure.

Do you think the formation looks like a Skull Rock?


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Things To Do at Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park. #joshuatree #skullrock

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