Gorgeous Slip Dress Outfit To Wear Everyday Of Your Life

Don’t know how to wear a slip dress outfit for the day? It’s fun to shop for the most popular slip dress to wear for day and night. But it takes expert styling tips in order to put together an outfit that looks cool and also layers appropriately according to the weather.

From mini to maxi and v-neck to drape, there are many styles and silhouettes to choose from. As a result, you are able to make cute slip dress outfit ideas for every occasion.

Other than a shift or fit-n-flare dress, slips are a timeless and versatile classic piece that instantly make you look chic and modern. If you have built a strong and well-organized capsule wardrobe, it makes life so much easier to quickly create outfits from casual to office wear.


What to wear with a slip dress?

Depending on the season and weather conditions, you can wear slip dress as is or even layer with the best base layers for cold weather.

  • Inside layer: Go with a classic piece such as a plain white t-shirt or simple stripe t-shirt during spring and summer seasons. A long sleeve mock neck top is a great addition for fall and winter weather. Wearing thermal tights or leggings are also a smart choice when it’s freezing cold outside.
  • Outerwear: You have more options when it comes to wearing a piece over the top of a slip dress. A cocoon coat or classic trench coat from the 10 classic wardrobe pieces are great jackets to look professional for the office because they never goes out of style. To create a casual style, go with a puffer jacket or chic cardigan that are similar length as the dress.
  • Footwear: Depending on the weather and occasion, you have the option to go with ankle boots or classic pump heels for an office outfit or sneakers and flats for a casual daytime to date night look.

Choose wisely when deciding what capsule wardrobe essentials go well with a slip dress. It may look easy to create an outfit with slips, but a couple of styling tips will go a long way to look modern and polished.


How to wear a slip dress?

Even though you have high-quality essentials, they have no use if you don’t know how to put them together properly.

To wear a slip dress the fashion girl way, you need to remember these 5 expert styling formulas:

  • Be creative and layer a shirt effectively.
  • Go with minimal accessories for hot summer, choose nude shoes or sandals.
  • Tie a shirt or belt around the waist.
  • Wear cardigan or moto jacket open, rather than zipped up and closed.
  • Add fun and unique footwear, rather than only sticking with heels to look extra tall.

A slip dress is not only for your bedroom, but it is also a versatile and comfy garment to wear for work, going out and of course on a lazy weekend with a cozy sweater.


Slip Dress Outfit

Slip Dress Outfit

source: @hungryhipsters

Be creative to dress up your slip dress outfit in casual, modern, sporty and feminine ways for every season. With a perfectly fitted slip dress and these styling formulas, you’ll end up wearing fashion girls approved looks all year round.

Don’t worry! You won’t look the same everyday when properly using your capsule wardrobe essentials.


How To Wear Cami Dress

How To Wear Cami Dress

source: @ohdarlingblog_

Silk or lace cami dress is a fun piece to wear. Make sure to grab this cool girl denim jacket to wear with your favorite slip dress.

It’s totally the coolest denim jacket for everyday style.


How To Wear A Slip Dress To Work

How To Wear A Slip Dress To Work

source: @insta_tita_

The best way to stylishly know how to wear a slip dress to work is by paring with a matching color boyfriend blazer. Either wear a champagne or cream color cowl neck maxi, the choice is yours.

As a result, you won’t look like you are just getting out of bed.


Midi Slip Dress Outfit

Midi Slip Dress Outfit

source: @gittabanko

How to wear a midi slip dress outfit and look taller?

Bootcut jeans are the answer. Ditch your leggings or skinny jeans for this slip dress outfit idea.


How To Style A Slip

How To Style A Slip

source: @dominique.baker

Do you have a pretty pink midi slip?

Grab a belt and chic long cardigan to style a slip and also accentuate your waistline. Furthermore, pump heels add height and length that you don’t want to ignore.


How To Layer A Slip Dress

How To Layer A Slip Dress

source: @iamcharlotteolivia

Layering is a required skill even during the summer or fall seasons. Utilize your vintage graphic tees and opaque tights to rock this look all season long.


How To Style A Velvet Slip Dress

How To Style A Velvet Slip Dress

source: @aloprofile

Other than silk or charmeuse, velvet slip dresses are also not easy to style and often times look too dressy.

Wear it with the best faux leather moto jacket to effortlessly tone down the look when going out.


Slip Dress With Ankle Boots

Slip Dress With Ankle Boots

source: @lea_theres

If you don’t know what to wear with slips other than flats or heels, try on these cute ankle boots that match with your sweater and fedora.

It’s a chic and comfortable look that you want to wear all the time when its cold outside.


Black Slip Dress Outfit

Black Slip Dress Outfit

source: @twenty6style

How to wear a black slip dress outfit and not look outdated or boring?

Pick slips that have lace trim detail and also wear over the knee-high boots to give you full coverage for fall and winter season. It definitely makes you look tall and skinny with your new midi dress.


Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

source: @officialktr

What do you wear with your short dress?

All you need is right accessories for short slip dress outfit ideas. Pair it with sexy pump heels and the crossbody bag that every fashion girl loves.


How To Wear Slip Dress When Traveling

How To Wear Slip Dress When Traveling

source: @hautehustla

How do you wear a slip dress when traveling?

If you have been wearing sweats and sweatshirts, upgrade your comfortable airport outfit with this slip dress.

Simply wear an A-line silhouette with a belt and comfy moto jacket over the top. Make sure to grab a large tote bag to carry toiletries, travel gadgets and other basic essentials for the long flight.


Silk Slip Dress Outfit

Silk Slip Dress Outfit

source: @mystyleandgrace

Best way to wear a silk slip dress outfit is to layer with a white turtleneck top and sneakers to look cool. It’s totally a 90s style that you need to repeat when you are bored.


Spring Slip Dress Outfit

Spring Slip Dress Outfit

source: @alisonecollins

It’s too cold to wear a slip dress all by itself.

Easiest way to wear a spring slip dress outfit is with a cute white poplin top that has balloon sleeves with a black square neckline mini slip dress. Its an adorable look to wear all spring season.


Summer Slip Dress Outfit

Summer Slip Dress Outfit

source: @racheljames_

Finally, it’s the season you can wear your slip dress as it is without layering or requiring a jacket. Pair it with these stylish sneakers that are insanely comfortable and affordable.

Trust me, they’ll make you want to ditch your flip-flops and sandals.


Fall Slip Dress Outfit

Fall Slip Dress Outfit

source: @getstyled._

Other than a sweater to wear over a slip dress, what else do you need to complete this fall slip dress outfit?

With these staple loafer shoes you’ll totally revamp your wardrobe style.


Winter Slip Dress Outfit

Winter Slip Dress Outfit

source: @valerieanne16

Snuggle your winter slip dress outfit with this oversized plaid wool coat that literally goes with every look for the day. In addition, layer with a turtleneck sweater top and ankle boots to stay cozy.


After spending hours and investing in a new dress, it is actually not easy to come up with slip dress outfit ideas using your capsule wardrobe essentials. With the right slip silhouette and style, you will end up creating outfits that you want to wear with your slip dress everyday of your life.

How do you wear a slip dress?

Share your gorgeous slip dress outfit with us!


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Gorgeous Slip Dress Outfit To Wear Everyday Of Your Life

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