Style Guide: Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

Are you having a hard time to build a spring capsule wardrobe? Spring season is much different from any other season. As a result, spring requires different preparation and planning to assemble capsule wardrobe essentials to wear properly throughout the season.

From lace to sheer fabrications and windproof to waterproof, there are a wide range of materials used in a spring capsule wardrobe. These garments are opposite from the end of summer transitional fall weather and also the harsh cold winter temperatures.

However, there is great news. With the proper style guide, you can easily shop smart and build a spring capsule wardrobe full of basic essentials.

As a result, mix and match the classic items to assemble the best spring outfits everyday. Using classic wardrobe pieces and basic essentials, dressing up becomes less stressful on a daily basis.

Have you tried to create a personalized wardrobe before and completely failed? It is not easy to build a spring capsule wardrobe from scratch that works perfectly for every occasion. We will help you find the basic essentials that every woman must have in her closet so that you can also dress like a fashion girl everyday.


Pros And Cons Of Having A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Just like for any other season, there are both pros and cons of having a spring capsule wardrobe. The goal and priority is to successfully dress up everyday in classic spring styles that look amazing for any occasion.

Therefore, you will increase the pros and decrease the cons. Build a one-of-a-kind spring capsule wardrobe that reflects your personal style and taste.

Remember that body type, shape silhouette and color combinations are all important factors for determining what looks good on you. After understanding these facts, then gather together basic essential items that every fashion girl must have in her closet.


Pros of spring wardrobe:

  • Easy to store and keep tidy.
  • Have full control over managing item details.
  • Save time to get ready everyday.
  • Pack for travel lightly.
  • Environmental-friendly.

Cons of spring wardrobe:

  • Creates outfit boredom.
  • Do laundry more frequently.
  • Wear out clothes faster.
  • High-cost upfront.

Of course every capsule wardrobe has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to invest in high-quality garments so that they last a long time and won’t wear out too fast. In addition, diversify your garments with different textures to avoid outfit boredom.


How To Build A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring is considered a transitional season from cold to warm. Of course after a long harsh winter, you want to freshen up with lighter clothing and brighter color palette combinations.

Depends on where you live or travel to, but warm and cold spring weather is not the same. As a result, this is the reason why it is crucial to occasionally mix spring pieces with a few winter capsule wardrobe essentials.

Before jumping in to building a spring capsule wardrobe, it’s important to first establish your personal style. Therefore, it will become much easier to use the best clothes shopping tips and choose the right items that match your lifestyle.

Here are 4 steps for how to build a spring capsule wardrobe:


Clean out and organize your closet

Find the perfect time during the weekend to pull out every article of clothing in your closet. While all of the items are out of your closet, you should be able to determine which pieces you are and aren’t going to wear forever.

Pro tip: Make sure to separate the clothes into two piles. All of the pieces that you won’t be wearing anymore should be sent to ThredUP.

ThredUp is an online thrift store that allows you to sell clothing for cash or even receive credit. As a result, use this credit to purchase quality items to add to or build a spring capsule wardrobe.


Choose the color palette

Spring season is all about finding the right color palette. In order to find the right color for your wardrobe, its important to understand what colors you look best in.

From there, choose 1-2 base colors and 2-3 accent colors.

The base or neutral colors, are the ones that you gravitate towards like navy, gray, brown and black. These choices make it easy to pair with accent colors that will give every outfit you create a unique personal touch.


Select high-quality pieces and well-made brands

To prevent quickly wearing out garments, its crucial to choose high-quality pieces and well-made brands. Thick materials, timeless construction, and also classic styles, designs and silhouettes should be the main focus of an everlasting capsule wardrobe.

In addition, it is important to understand the proper ways to wash individual pieces according to the specific fabrications. From how to hand wash clothes, to proper ways to use the washing machine and clothes dryer, its important to care for and maintain your high quality clothing the right way.

As a result, this will help ensure that the basic essentials you incorporate into your capsule wardrobe will last a long time.


Plan your outfits and evaluate

Pair each outfit with shoes and accessories that go well with all of your favorite essentials. Always evaluate each item based on how it looks on you, and also how well it works with the rest of your favorite pieces.

As a result, upgrade and rearrange garments as needed.

Simply follow this step-by-step style guide for how to build a spring capsule wardrobe to save money and time putting together fun and unique outfits everyday. Fill your closet with practical items and quality essentials that will make you look fashionable and comfortable all spring season.


Spring Wardrobe Color Combinations

Spring Wardrobe Color Combinations

Spring season is all about colors. Hence, its important to have fun with spring capsule wardrobe color combinations and utilize them within your outfit ideas.

Find colors that make you look flattering so that you feel comfortable and confident everyday, Build a wardrobe filled with items using a color palette that you enjoy the most.


Do you know why pastel colors attract most people in spring?

Pastel colors are less saturated than primary colors. As a result, you will feel less intimidating and aggressive. This is because pastel colors are the perfect color tone to illustrate soft, positive and calm moods.

In addition, spring season is about growth and development of all living things. Hence, the reason it is known as a time for new beginnings.


What colors to wear in spring?

Other than pastel tones, here are the best spring color combinations you must have in your spring capsule wardrobe:

  • Pink / Red / Turquoise
  • Apricot / Tan / Gold
  • Silver / Yellow / White
  • Hot Pink / Olive / Beige
  • Cobalt / Tangerine / Blush
  • Millennial Pink / Lavender / Taupe

Consider wearing these color combinations with the base colors you previously selected. Use your spring capsule wardrobe checklist so that you will avoid wearing pastel color outfits everyday.

Grab Your Free Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Checklist + Travel Packing List!


How Many Pieces In A Spring Capsule Wardrobe?

There is a wide range of suggestions when it comes to how many pieces in a spring capsule wardrobe. On average, the agreed upon number of items varies between 12 to 50 pieces.

The ideal goal is to calculate a comfortable amount of pieces based on your lifestyle and location. Its best to start with a core of 13 items, and then slowly add unique and personalized garments until you reach 20.

Minimize your core group of basic essentials into about 37 pieces. This will really help to diversify your style and also enable you to create more than 1000 different outfits for every season.

Here is a spring capsule wardrobe essentials checklist for you to consider:


Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

source: @ritamaslova_

An everlasting capsule wardrobe for the spring season is slightly different from other seasonal essentials. Spring capsule wardrobe requires more delicate garments with basic pieces in a pastel or neutral color palette.

In addition, you must be prepared with the best base layers for the occasional cold weather spells and unexpected spring weather. Therefore, it is important to incorporate this spring capsule wardrobe checklist so that you stay cool during the daytime and keep warm in the evenings.


White T-Shirt

White T-shirts

A plain white t-shirt is the most basic essential for all four season. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a selection of quality and perfectly fitted tees that fit your body type to enhance your casual look.

Be sure to know the best white t-shirt brands in order to make better shopping choices.


Striped T-Shirt

Simple Striped T-shirts

From casual to the office outfits, simple striped t-shirts are versatile pieces and a classic print pattern that goes with everything in your closet.

If you are new to the print mixing world, this pattern is the easiest piece to mix and match with other print patterns. First and foremost, choose the right width of stripe print that looks good on you.


Graphic Tee

Vintage Graphic Tees

Plain t-shirts require more accessorizing and styling tips to make a fun outfit.

Instead, try adding your favorite rock band graphic tee into a spring capsule wardrobe. Make sure that the band is your favorite!

In addition, the placement of the design on the tee is the key detail to look for.


Silk Blouse

Silk Blouse That Are Your New Wardrobe Staple

Because silk blouses are at a higher price point, pay close attention when finding the right one that works within your budget.

Not all silk blouses are made with the same fabric, so make sure to understand what thickness and weight your are purchasing. Know the difference between crepe, charmeuse, georgette and chiffon fabrication.

Therefore, you will be able to add the appropriate style you are missing from the closet.


Denim Shirt

Best Denim Shirt

Denim shirts count as a top, and not a jacket. A denim shirts are made with a much thinner chambray fabric, which make the perfect casual piece to create a denim on denim look for the spring and summer.

It’s also a great item to layer with a crewneck sweater or cardigan when it gets a bit colder outside.


Lace Top

Beautiful Lace Tops

From delicate to stretch lace fabrics, its important to select the right beautiful lace tops for your spring capsule wardrobe.

Whether you choose white, black or fun accent color lace blouses, make sure to layer with a skin-tone bra or camisole underneath to properly complete the look.


Poplin Top

Classic Poplin Top

A lightweight classic poplin top is a great alternative button-down shirt to add to a capsule wardrobe.

It is a durable and strong fabrication that is also wrinkle-resistant and more breathable compared to a silk blouse.


Eyelet Top

Lovely Eyelet Top

Compared to delicate lace, a lovely eyelet top has much more coverage and simplified designs that will make your outfits look modern and polished.

Whether you choose a plain t-shirt or peplum silhouette, realize that there are 3 different types of eyelet tops that look better depending on your face shape.


Polka Dot Top

Polka Dot Tops For Capsule Wardrobe

From ditzy to large scaled dots, looking good in polka dot tops is all about selecting the right size dots based on your body type.

Polka dots are a classic pattern that never go out of style, and is also wearable during all four seasons.

It’s recommended to add a variety of classic prints to your spring capsule wardrobe. Therefore, its easy to create a unique personal touch for every occasion.


Floral Top

Pretty Floral Tops

Floral printed tops are perfect for work and any date night occasion. However, it is best to learn how to find a floral print that you won’t only wear once.

If you plan to add floral blouses to your spring capsule wardrobe, then be sure to know the brands that carry the best classic, pretty and everlasting designs.


Gingham Top

Gingham Top That Matches Every Capsule Wardrobe Style

Just like a plaid shirt, gingham tops are a subtle and classic print pattern to add to any capsule wardrobe collections.

Even though it is known as a casual piece, easily dress up your look with a blazer and pump heel to wear to work. Make sure to choose the proper neckline and body silhouette so that you can wear with every item in your closet.


Slip Dress

Slip Dress For Day And Night

From day to night, slip dresses are a great layering dress with a t-shirt or turtleneck for a cold day. Furthermore, consider wearing as is for a dressier look and a special evening occasion.

The great news is that slip dresses come in luxurious silk or affordable polyester fabrics, which give you more options to choose from. However, the key to selecting the most popular slip dress is finding the right length for you.


Chambray Dress

Seasonless Chambray Dress You’ll Never Get Tired Of

Chambray dresses are not always a button-down style, and are definitely not stiff like denim. It is a seasonless dress that never goes out of style, and is worn with sandals or leggings for any type of weather.

Make sure to choose a classic knee length chambray dress to wear on every occasion.


T-Shirt Dress

Trendy T-Shirt Dress

Look for a flattering neckline, length and silhouette when it comes to finding the right trendy t-shirt dress for everyday.

This item is also perfect for traveling during the spring season. Its comfortable, stylish and will totally replace your favorite pajamas.


Shirt Dress

Chic Shirt Dress

When putting together spring capsule wardrobe essentials, building a cute dress collection is not easy. You want to add pieces that last long and also can be worn over 30 times without getting bored.

If you end up skipping a chambray dress, it’s a smart idea to at least add one white shirt dress to wear for work, on a casual weekend or even a vacation getaway.


Floral Dress

Best Floral Dresses For Every Season

From mini to maxi length, floral dresses make every woman look pretty. A wrap style floral dress especially works well for every body type from petite to hourglass shape.

Understand floral pattern scale, background color, the density of print and also color combination before making a decision.


Skinny Jeans

Best Skinny Jeans Under $100

Who doesn’t love wearing classic skinny jeans everyday?

The important factor to consider when adding jeans to spring capsule wardrobe is finding ones that don’t lose their shape after every wear and wash.

Make sure they are not skin tight, and also watch where the hemline falls for proper fitting skinny jeans.


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Not all jeans have to be baggy. Boyfriend jeans are the new must-have essential for a capsule wardrobe.

If you are new to wearing boyfriend jeans, then pick a pair that is fitted and slim structured. As a result, they will look more flattering than skinny jeans.


Cropped Jeans

Cropped Jeans

Are you worried about looking short when wearing cropped jeans?

The great news is that not all cropped jeans fit or look the same. Go through these styling tips to find the right cropped length based on your calf shape.


Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are one of the classic denim styles that never sway off trend.

When looking to add them to a spring capsule wardrobe, find the right inseam length with a slightly high-waisted style. Therefore, you can easily tuck in the top to style it.


Denim Skirt

Pretty Denim Skirts Your Capsule Wardrobe Needs

If you are planning to add a denim bottom other than jeans, add a pretty denim skirt.

Not only is it casual, but also comfortable to wear for work and date nights.

Make sure to know how jean skirts are supposed to fit on your body. As a result, you won’t constantly have to pull it down and it won’t keep riding up.


Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets

For a bit cooler temperatures, add a denim jacket to your spring capsule wardrobe that fits your shoulders, height, body and sleeves. It’s a perfect piece to wear with a t-shirt dress or even to create a denim on denim look in the spring season.

Organize your denim jeans collection and evaluate the color tone of all the denim pieces you have. Choose either a light wash or warm-wash denim jacket that looks good with your collection.


Utility Jacket

Utility Jackets

Utility jackets are an functional outerwear option for a trendy spring capsule wardrobe. They are made with durable cotton denim or waxed canvas fabric that is water-resistant for rainy day spring weather.

Most utility jackets have a boxy silhouette with more than 2 pockets. Select the right one based on the fabrication and body type.


Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend Blazers

From work to weekend, there is one jacket that every fashion girl loves to wear. It is a chic boyfriend blazer that has an oversized silhouette with rolled up sleeves.

Even though they are relaxed looking, that doesn’t mean you need to look baggy. Instead, go over the checklist provided to make sure your new boyfriend blazer fits you like a glove.



Staple Loafers For Your Wardrobe

If you have been wearing ankle boots or flats all the time, upgrade your spring capsule wardrobe list by adding staple loafer shoes.

Whether you choose high-heeled or penny loafers, they will become the most comfortable shoes that you have in your closet.


Mule Shoes

Mule Shoes To Wear With Your Favorite Outfits

Maybe it’s too early to wear open-toe sandals. So instead, add these adorable mule shoes to your capsule wardrobe essentials.

They provide full coverage around the front of the foot for spring weather. As a result, they are even better to wear than slippers.



Stylish Sneakers That Are Insanely Affordable

If you are looking for casual footwear for your spring capsule wardrobe, stylish sneakers are a great option.

They are not only comfortable, but also classic enough to wear for work and travel. Make sure to set a clear shopping budget because sneakers range from $50 to over $200, so you don’t go over your price point.



Comfortable Flats Shoes

From ballet flats to casual flats for work, there are so many different styles to choose from.

However, the key to successfully building a spring capsule wardrobe is adding footwear like comfortable flats shoes that will totally replace heels for many occasions.


Crossbody Bag

Best Crossbody Bags

If you already have a tote bag for both work and travel, it’s time to add the best crossbody bag.

Not only finding one that looks good on you and with your outfit. But also understand where a crossbody bag should hit on your body in order for it to look great everyday.


Backpack Purse

Practical Backpack Purses That’ll Become Your New Go-To Bag

Backpack purses are a versatile and practical bag for many reasons.

Avoid gravitating towards cool designs and brand name bags.

Instead, look for how straps are sewn and attached to the backpack purse. As a result, it will be more durable and won’t hurt your neck and lower back.

In addition, make a wise decision based on your purpose, lifestyle and how much storage capacity you need on a regular basis.


Belt Bag

Best Belt Bags

If you are new to building a spring capsule wardrobe, it is great idea to add a trendy belt bag that is practical, fashionable and also functional.

Compared to other bags, belt bags provide more versatility in usage. You can carry many essentials, such as phone, wallet, and keys, but also it accentuates your waistline even when wearing an oversized blazer.

Make sure to choose the right size bag and the correct width of the belt that looks good on your body type.


Utilize this spring capsule wardrobe essentials checklist to create over 1000 outfits to wear this spring. Assemble a collection of seasonal clothing so that you never get tired of wearing the same exact outfit.

Once you have completed the checklist, evaluate the items in your closet and find your personalize true spring color in order to build a spring capsule wardrobe. Look stylish everyday, from work to travel, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Do you have a spring capsule wardrobe checklist?

Share the best tips for how to build a spring capsule wardrobe!


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