Street Style Puffer Jacket Outfits For This Winter

From New York to Stockholm, street style puffer jacket outfits are everywhere this winter. Puffer jacket outfits are the most stylish and also the warmest essential piece from your winter capsule wardrobe. Because winter is all about layering up to stay comfortable, puffer jacket outfits are definitely the final touch for completing your look for the day.

Simple hoodie and jeans is not the only solution to look street style in puffer jacket outfits. In order to create a unique personalized street style puffer jacket outfits for any occasion, you need to do is to master your layering skills. Use timeless basic essentials from your winter capsule wardrobe to accomplish a variety of looks.


What does puffer jacket mean?

Puffer jackets are also known as down or quilted jackets because of their signature topstitching design. The name originates from the visual appearance of “the puffy layer” between the stitching.

These types of jackets are filled with down insulation or synthetic fibers that provides a high level of warmth in winter weather.

Most of us don’t like to wear puffer jackets during the winter season because it looks super bulky and heavy. In addition, they do not feature a slim-looking waistline or princess-seams to make you taller.

Invest in a quality puffer jacket outfits because having the perfect outerwear in winter weather makes you look more confident. It’s a bit time consuming and also pricey to find the right outerwear pieces. But in the end, it is worthwhile to be comfortable and you won’t regret feeling warm.


Street Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

Puffer Jacket Outfits

source: @herzueberkopf

Rainy and snowy weather is not a pleasant day to dress up stylish. But with simple styling tips using winter capsule wardrobe essentials, enjoy your street style puffer jacket outfits this winter.

When looking for the perfect fitting lightweight puffer jacket, use these tricks to find an affordable outerwear piece that will last a long time.

  • Is it filled with synthetic or down?
  • What is the fill power temperature rating?
  • Are you looking for heavy or lightweight?
  • What is the down jacket outer shell made out of?
  • What features are you looking for?

There so many colors, styles, and silhouettes for puffer jacket outfits. From retail stores to online merchants, it is overwhelming to find the right fit for your needs.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable airport outfit or getting prepared for outdoor adventures, puffer jacket outfits work well for a variety of purposes. Always remember these shopping tips when purchasing brand new outerwear to complete your winter capsule wardrobe.


Puffer Jacket Street Style

Puffer Jacket Street Style

source: @fennabrinkmann

Enjoy puffer jacket street style with a soft color puffer jacket and a sporty beanie hat. With limited capsule wardrobe pieces, the entire look may be too dull for many fashionistas.

But focusing on cool accessories, like warm winter hats, instantly brightens up your street style. Wear a simple graphic t-shirt and layer with a classic plaid shirt. Every Fashion Girl in Amsterdam won’t stop staring at you.


White Puffer Jacket Outfit

White Puffer Jacket Outfit

source: @gracesurguy

White is a color that you must add to your winter capsule wardrobe essentials. It’s a classic winter color combination to pair white with a camel brown color.

For the top, wear a dark coffee colored crewneck sweater because it makes a white puffer jacket outfit look so crisp!


Red Puffer Jacket

Red Puffer Jacket

source: @vikyvarga

What goes well with red?

Whether it is a leather or velvet red puffer jacket outfit, ribbed long sleeve black turtleneck tops with winter skinny jeans is totally dominating street style this winter.

It’s the perfect outfit to copy for a casual date night or even a brunch date on the weekend.


Orange Puffer Jacket

Orange Puffer Jacket

source: @karolinajez

Colored puffer jacket outfits are challenging to wear and difficult to put together. An orange puffer jacket is a young and hip color. Simply tone it down with black suede ankle boots.


Yellow Puffer Jacket Outfit

Yellow Puffer Jacket Outfit

source: @mikaylakuehn

Yellow puffer jacket outfits look too sporty if you do not intend to go to the gym. Pair with opposite colors such as a light grey plaid blazer and grey leggings to make it look luxury Athleisure.


Oversized Puffer Jacket

Oversized Puffer Jacket

source: @carolineblomst

Oversized puffer jackets make you look bulky and heavy, which is why they are not the most popular silhouette. Pair an oversized jacket style with skin-tight thermal leggings and matching color boots to look leaner and taller.


Black Puffer Jacket

Black Puffer Jacket

source: @torinasir

It is so easy to wear all black from head-to-toe throughout the winter. But an all black puffer jacket outfit looks boring and dull if not done right.

Have fun mixing diverse fabric textures including velvet, nylon, or suede winter boots to create a mystical and edgy winter style.


Cropped Puffer Jacket

Cropped Puffer Jacket

source: @nettiweber

How to wear cropped outerwear in winter?

The successful way to wear cropped puffer jackets is to wear layers. A crewneck black sweater and a long skirt or maxi sweater dress with thermal or fleece-lined leggings works well.

Shift your focus from the puffer jacket outfit to the travel friendly tote bag that every fashion girls must own this winter.


Long Puffer Jacket

Long Puffer Jacket

source: @oliviakijo

Long puffer jacket and white tall boots make you look extra tall. Naturally add a few more inches to your height by wearing your favorite winter boots.

Long length outerwear and extra tall boots are the perfect combination when wearing a dress or skirt in winter.


Rainbow Puffer Jacket

Rainbow Puffer Jacket

source: @bibons

The casual weekend is all about feeling comfortable and looking chic. Rainbow puffer jacket style is a perfect 80s statement piece that goes well with your boyfriend jeans.

Easily wear a plain t-shirt or a basic long sleeve shirt underneath the jacket. High neck feature really helps you to stay warm when it’s freezing outside. But if not, then throw your favorite cozy oversized blanket scarf around your neck because that goes well with a rainbow puffer jacket outfit.


From classic wool coat to quilted vest outfits, there are many ways to explore street style inspiration from all around the world. The one trend that you need to try this winter is puffer jacket outfits.

Whether you are traveling to Europe or vacationing to the winter wonderland in New York, you won’t regret having puffer jacket outfits in your winter capsule wardrobe.

How do you wear a puffer jacket?

Share your favorite puffer jacket outfits with us!


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Street style puffer jackets outfits for this winter

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