Striped T-Shirt Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

Are striped t-shirt outfit ideas your everyday go-to? It’s easy to wear a striped tee with jeans to complete your casual look. But you don’t want to repeat the same old style day after day.

Even though stripes are the most classic print pattern, over the past year it has become part of fashion girls daily uniform. Build a capsule wardrobe filled with essentials that you don’t want to live without. Include classic white t-shirts, simple striped t-shirts and also vintage graphic tees because those are basic items every woman must have in her closet.

From bold, to pinstripe and also multi-colored, there are many options to choose from. Use these creative styling tips to assemble a variety of striped t-shirt looks and styles for every occasion.


What type of stripes are flattering?

Depending on how you want to focus the outfit for the day will determine the type of stripe pattern you choose. Stripes will be flattering and make you look stylish, or the opposite by making you look dull, heavy and short.

According to an experiment to determine what type of stripes are flattering, vertical stripes make you look wider than when wearing horizontal stripes. As a result, horizontal stripes are proven to be the best stripes for every body type to make a more flattering look.


What to wear with a striped t-shirt?

Having a perfect fitted striped t-shirt doesn’t solve all problems. If you have been spending hours dressing up every morning, here are a few ideas for what to wear with a striped t-shirt.

  • For a classic office look: Throw on a classic wardrobe piece such as trench coat over your favorite boat neck striped t-shirt. Pair with black skinny jeans and ballet flats for a stylish look. It’s a classic and effortless outfit that every fashion girl loves to wear.
  • For a cute date night look: Grab your favorite skater or mini skirt with boots. If it’s a spring or summer evening, pair with low shaft ankle boots. And for a fall or winter evening, wear with over the knee boots.
  • For a casual weekend look: Have fun with different jeans styles and avoid wearing the same old skinny jeans. From boyfriend to bootcut silhouette, there are many ways to look good with your quilted vest.

Spending endless time to create a personalized and unique capsule wardrobe is super exciting. With these styling tips, you will end up repeating essential items, but create a different look for every occasion. As a result, you will never look boring or be tired of wearing your favorite pieces.


Striped T-shirt Outfit Ideas

Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @rubyslippersstyling

Knowing what type of stripes are flattering is important. Grab a few simple striped t-shirts when you are building a capsule wardrobe. As a result, you are able to create a variety of striped t-shirt outfit ides in order to look stylish and chic at the same time.


Date Night Striped T-shirt Outfit

Date Night Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @livvylandblog

Create a date night striped t-shirt outfit with a chic faux leather mini skirt and strappy heels. Wear a classic black and white stripe, or a vintage wine and cream stripe that goes well with your skin tone.

Add a cute newsboy hat to avoid having a bad hair day. As a result, you will look chic and edgy for tonights date!


Edgy Striped T-shirt Outfit

Edgy Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @emmahill

How to look edgy with denim shorts? Long sleeve simple striped t-shirt and a wide-brimmed hat is the way to go.

Easily complete this edgy striped t-shirt outfit. Whether you are going for a beach walk or to the farmer’s market on the weekend, this look is simple to duplicate.


Boho Striped T-shirt Outfit

Boho Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @joandkemp

Deep plunging v-neck stripe t-shirt with skinny boyfriend jeans is a perfect daytime look. Add comfortable sneakers and a cute headband to wear with this casual and boho stye striped t-shirt.


Casual Striped T-shirt Outfit

Casual Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @laurenkaysims

Wide white and black striped t-shirt tends to look both bold and dull. Lighten up your look with ripped dark-colored skinny jeans and suede ankle boots for this casual striped t-shirt outfit. If you are running errands, don’t forget to grab every fashion girl’s favorite tote bag.


Vintage Striped T-shirt Outfit

Vintage Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @nxrawr

There is something about a mustard yellow boatneck striped t-shirt with cropped flared jeans that makes a 90s vintage style look. In order to nail a vintage look with a striped t-shirt, grab your leopard print pump heels so that you are ready to rock.


Classy Striped T-shirt Outfit

Classy Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @paleomg

What color goes well with a white and black striped t-shirt? Stay bold by wearing red and black with a classy striped t-shirt.

It makes the overall look clean and crisp. In addition, it flawlessly brightens your facial tone. Adding a touch of gold chain to the shoulder strap on a crossbody bag is not a bad idea.


Simple Striped T-shirt Outfit

Simple Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @straightastyle

Simple striped t-shirt outfit easily looks boring without a fun utility jacket and bootcut jeans. Furthermore, diversify your capsule wardrobe with a striped t-shirt collection featuring different lengths and cute little knot details.


Sporty Striped T-shirt Outfit

Sporty Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @maluvanni

Create a classic sporty striped t-shirt look by mixing and matching seasonal capsule wardrobe items. For instance, pair denim shorts with a fun faux leather moto jacket.

For spring and summer season, grab a yellow or light pink colored jacket that goes well with a black and white striped t-shirt.


Workwear Striped T-shirt Outfit

Workwear Striped T-shirt Outfit

source: @girlmeetsgold

Can you wear a striped t-shirt to work? Wear your favorite striped t-shirt with loafers, black skinny jeans, and also throw on a classic moto jacket to complete your workwear striped t-shirt look. Its perfect for casual Friday and also to enjoy happy hour afterward.


It’s not easy to wear striped t-shirt outfit for many different occasions. Most of us only grab jeans to create a simple and casual look everyday. The more you wear jeans and a striped t-shirt, the faster you will get bored with your capsule wardrobe essentials.

Be creative and mix and match seasonal wardrobe items to create stylish looks that you enjoy wearing everyday. As a result, you will end up saving time getting ready each and every morning.

What’s your favorite striped t-shirt outfit?

Share your styling ideas with us!


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Striped T-Shirt Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

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