Stylish Summer Hiking Outfit Ideas For Your Outdoor Capsule Wardrobe

What are you wearing when you go for a hike this summer? Hiking outfits for summertime tend to not look as stylish or trendy. Don’t give up, yet. Here are the stylish summer hiking outfit ideas for your outdoor capsule wardrobe so that you rock those mountain top photos.

If you don’t already know, the most popular outdoor activity is hiking. When headed on a national park outdoors getaway, you will need stylish summer hiking outfit ideas to add to your outdoor capsule wardrobe.

According to this survey, over 42 million people participate in hiking annually. More and more people are attracted to hiking and backpacking because it helps to maintain physical fitness, to bond with family and friends, to connect with nature and also to escape the daily life routine.

I’m sure many of you have read or watched the movie about Cheryl Strayed. The inspirational personal story details her solo adventure of hiking through the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Even though it is warm out, make sure to bring the essential hiking gear list to fulfill the needs of your outdoor experiences. In addition, here are a few basic hiking tips for beginners to always remember.

Exploring the backcountry is  pastime for many avid hikers. Check the weather forecast, bring the necessary gear and also pack delicious healthy snacks for a day hike.

Furthermore, whether you day hike or backpack during the summer season, it is not always easy to keep bugs away. Use these helpful tips with you stylish summer hiking outfits to keep you comfortable, well nourished and also bug-free.


What to wear for hiking in the summer?

Whether you are planning to hike around a national park like Joshua Tree National Park or a four seasons resort town like Big Bear Lake, take time to plan what to wear for hiking in summer. Therefore, it is much easier to get ready in the early morning in order to start the adventure before the crowds arrive.

Here are specific capsule wardrobe essentials to wear for hiking in the summer.

  • Cotton poplin shirt: If you are hiking is hot and dry conditions, a cotton shirt does help to evaporate the sweat moisture to make you feel cool. It’s not ideal for wet or cold days, however it absorbs lots of moisture and dries quickly in the right environment. 
  • Straw hat: A straw hat with a wide-brimmed design provides must have UV protection from the sun for your face and neck. 
  • Wide leg pants: Wear loose and breathable bottoms when hiking during the summer season.  This it helps the body to regulate the temperature, nylon and polyester are excellent choices.
  • Fashionable and waterproof boots: When it comes to footwear, it’s recommended to pick a pair of boots that are waterproof, sturdy, and fashionable. These comfortable boots look great with any hiking outfits. 

Avoid giving up on dressing stylish when you take a hiking trip. Instead, use your summer capsule wardrobe essentials to look chic and fashionable while on the trail. 


Stylish Summer Hiking Outfit Ideas

With these styling tips, you will also have stylish summer hiking outfit ideas for your outdoor capsule wardrobe. Leave the pretty summer rompers behind, because we’re headed into the wild! Off to check out the most beautiful hiking trail destinations in every state!


Summer Hiking Outfit

Summer Hiking Outfit source: @carodaur

Prepare stylish summer hiking outfit ideas the day before so that you rock the look even if you start extra early in the morning. Utilize your summer capsule wardrobe collection to create looks that are unique and cute with your favorite leggings and sports bra.

From bouldering to exploring what mother nature has to offer in the woods, you got to be ready for an Instagram worthy photo or two. Learn how to dress up in stylish workout outfit like these Fashion Girls. Save your favorite outfit inspirations into a Fashion Planner so that you don’t miss a beat!


Stylish Summer Hiking Outfit

Stylish Summer Hiking Outfit source: @maianhb

Pair your favorite body-slimming cropped legging with a white tank top. It’s the classic and stylish summer hiking outfit idea to wear with a ponytail hairstyle.

By the way, if you plan to start hiking early in the morning, layer with a long sleeve denim shirt to keep you warm. Simply take it off and tie it around your waist when you warm up. As a result, you are hands-free and also accentuate the waistline even more. 


Fashionable Hiking Outfit Summer

Fashionable Hiking Outfit Summer source: @estefaniaacuna

Do you have Lululemon leggings? Great way to put together a fashionable hiking outfit to wear this summer!

Wear head-to-toe black and top it off with cool-girl denim jacketAs a result, you won’t look like you’re wearing workout clothes. It goes well with any style of leggings. Don’t worry!


What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather

What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather source: @alondrrrrraa

It’s extremely challenging to decide what to wear hiking in hot weather, especially if you are fond of wearing leggings all the time.

Well, you have other bottom options such as denim shorts. They are sturdy and also have a stretchy spandex feature that won’t slow your pace down.

Keep it cool by wearing a matching color ponytail cap that won’t mess up your hairstyle. You are set to go! 


Cute Summer Hiking Outfit

Cute Summer Hiking Outfit source: @caileejohnson

Cute summer hiking outfit don’t require much. All you need is cropped tee and biker shorts to be like the Fashion Girls.

Don’t forget to carry a belt bag and rose gold tinted sunglasses to look extra fashion-forward today.


What To Wear Hiking Date

What To Wear Hiking Date source: @yeyewandeeo

Are you going on a date and don’t know what to wear to hiking?

Stay simple and chic with a white t-shirt and travel shorts. Even though you are sweating, it’s a worthy outfit to copy. 


Summer Hiking Outfit Ideas

Summer Hiking Outfit Ideas source: @the.blisslife

The summer hiking outfit ideas look much more reasonable with the right additional gear. From backpack purse to comfortable sneakers, these must have essentials keep you glowing on top of the mountain. 


What To Wear For Hiking In Summer

What To Wear For Hiking In Summer source: @theseayside

Give yourself enough stretch time before starting the trail. The matching bralette and leggings make it easy to decide what to wear for hiking in summer.

Throw on a lightweight rain jacket in case of June gloom and a slight mist in the air.


Best Summer Hiking Outfit

Best Summer Hiking Outfit source: @camilacoelho

Searching for the best summer hiking outfit?

A cropped sweatshirt is what every LA girls are wearing this season. With high waisted bottoms, it’s completely a locals favorite ways of styling hiking outfits. Enjoy the sunset and explore the fun and hip city view.


What Color To Wear Hiking

What Color To Wear Hiking source: @krisv8

Other than selecting cute outfits, it’s important to choose what color to wear for hiking in the summer season.

Always go bold and pop color instead of black. This will keep you cool and also won’t absorb as much sunlight.

Tired of wearing a hat when hiking? Grab a scarf and tie it around your head like a headband. This looks great with your hiking outfit. 


Summer Hiking Attire

Summer Hiking Attire source: @caitlinclairexo

Be creative when putting together summer hiking attire to wear to the desert. A white tank top and leopard printed leggings are must-have essentials to rock all season long.

In addition, bring along a denim jacket to recreate a stylish outfit that you want to execute. 


Fashionable Hiking Clothes

Fashionable Hiking Clothes source: @sophiaroe

Fashionable hiking clothes range from a sweatshirt to biker shorts.

Instead of carrying a heavy backpack, why not carry crossbody bag around your shoulders. It’s unexpected and somewhat cool. You need to try this look first before your friends do it.

As a result, you’ll realize that you don’t need to carry as much when you have a compact outdoor capsule wardrobe. Create your own stylish summer hiking outfits for this weekend on the trail. 


What To Wear On A Hike And Still Look Cute

What To Wear On A Hike And Still Look Cute source: @sosageblog

If you need help for what to wear on a hike and still want to look cute, then you are in the right place.

Start by wearing a cropped vintage graphic tee and high waisted bottom. Complete the look with a sporty jacket and the right shoes for your wide feet. Picking the right shoes for your feet will go a long way. 


Walking Clothing Guide

Walking Clothing Guide source: @louisecooney_

Do you know there is a clear guide for comfortable and stylish walking clothing?

Stay classic with an all black outfit and also carry a monochrome style tote bag.


Going The Extra Mile

Be sure to make your clothes smell good so that your co-workers don’t cringe. Many people enjoy a workout routine built into their everyday lifestyle. However, there is nothing worse than a foul odor emanating from your dirty clothes. 

From delicate lingerie to sweaty sports bras, apply the right clothing cleaning methods to your wardrobe essentials. Learn how to care for each type of material and your clothing will remain in better shape for much longer.

Sometimes all you need are a few little tips to complete stylish summer hiking outfit ideas for your outdoor capsule wardrobe. Take your hiking experience to the next level, and make your top of the mountain Instagram pictures even more worthwhile!


What are your favorite summer hiking outfit ideas?

What’s in your outdoor capsule wardrobe for this summer?

Share with us!


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Stylish Summer Hiking Outfit Ideas For Your Outdoor Capsule Wardrobe

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