Summer Office Outfits That’ll Make You Prepared For The Workweek

What are you wearing to work when it’s hot outside? After the spring weather has subsided, it’s hard to switch gears into warm weather clothing for work. We’ve got cute summer office outfits for you to easily accomplish with your capsule wardrobe essentials. From professional looks to casual Friday, we have your workwear outfits covered!

Because of the hot weather outside and cool air-conditioned inside the office, you still need to layer your clothing to create versatile look. When it comes to summer office outfits, follow this guide to help you find the stylish looks you are excited to wear. 

Organize your capsule wardrobe collection before jumping into deciding what to wear to work today. You’ll be amazed how many professional workwear outfit ideas you can create by mix and matching the right classic wardrobe pieces.


What do you wear to an office in the summer?

When it comes to planning what to wear to in the office during summer, it’s easy to get distracted. Inevitably, you end up buying new clothes all the time and not fully appreciating the fantastic items you own. However, the great news is that you already have the basic things every woman must have in her closet. 

Here are the summer work clothes essentials for you to start putting outfits together:

  • Sleeveless lace top
  • Floral blouse
  • Slip dress
  • Cardigan
  • Bralettes
  • Lightweight sleeveless sweater
  • Backpack purse
  • Travel shorts
  • Romper
  • Button-down white linen dress
  • Flat sandals

Know your personal style and preferences to make planning everyday much easier. Add or discard items from the list above in order to mix and match the looks that you desire to wear. 

For frequent commuters, remember it is highly recommended to check the weather in advance. In case you need, here are lightweight rain coats or waterproof boots that will keep you dry and ready for work. 


Summer Office Outfits

Summer Office Outfits source: @thestylevisitor

It’s highly recommended to dress up in weather-appropriate summer office outfits whether you work from home or drive to work every day. The purpose of planning your work outfits each day helps you to stay fashionable inside the office and also outdoors.

Look confident all the time by planning weekly workwear outfits with the right shoes, bags, and clothes from your summer capsule wardrobe essentials. Save these stylish summer office outfits in a Fashion Planner so that you can copy your favorites on any day of the week. 


What To Wear To Work In The Summer

What To Wear To Work In The Summer source: @notjessfashion

It’s frustrating to decide what to wear to work in the summer, especially when it’s hot outside and freezing inside the office. That is why it’s crucial to master layering skills to survive stylishly.

Wear a white tank top with high waisted pants that also go well with lightweight duster jacket. Pair with strappy block heel sandals to make you look taller. 


Summer Work Outfits

Summer Work Outfits source: @jessicarosesturdy

Having a hard time looking for fun ways to come up with work outfits to wear this summer?

Enjoy your head-to-toe white outfit with classic skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Add a vertical multi-striped boyfriend blazer to give a hint of excitement to this look.

Whether you carry a white crossbody bag, it will all work out!


Cute Casual Office Outfits

Cute Casual Office Outfits source: @shannonwillardson

No need to wear long pants today! Simply wear a shirt dress for the day with cute mule shoes for a casual office outfit.

From workwear to happy hour, we’ve got you covered. When going outside for lunchtime, don’t forget to grab sunglasses and carry a handbag with you. 


Summer Internship Outfits

Summer Internship Outfits source: @livvyland

Landing a dream internship for the summer is super exciting! That means its time to prepare cute office outfits to accelerate your skills and professionalism to the next level in your career.

Pull out your favorite white silk blouse and black pants to carry with a tote bag. Yes, they are all in your capsule wardrobe so don’t panic. 


Street Style Office Wear

Street Style Office Wear source: @themilleraffect

If you’re experiencing a blockage to figure out what to wear to work today, just look for street style inspiration for office wear.

This outfit with a cami and relaxed boyfriend blazer is perfect to pair with denim shorts for a casual Friday.

Too casual for you? Instead of ballet flats, wear with pointy toe pump heels to give you leg-lengthening effect. 


Casual Office Outfits

Casual Office Outfits source: @styledsnapshots

Is it Friday yet? Almost there, folks! Prepare your casual office outfits this summer with this trendy t-shirt dress that’ll keep you cool and comfortable for a short work day.

Match your dress with acrylic earrings because every Fashion Girl is wearing them this season, and we don’t want you to miss out. 


Chic Summer Office Outfits

Chic Summer Office Outfits source: @fashion_jackson

Chic summer office outfits are not hard to accomplish. From trench coat to button-down poplin top and skinny jeans, that’s all you need for today. 


Summer Outfits For Work

Summer Outfits For Work source: @rantiinreview

If you are tired of wearing straight leg pants for work, try cropped wide-leg pants for hot weather. Keep your look neutral color palette to survive the heat wave this season. 

Furthermore, white leather mule shoes are perfect for summer outfits. You can’t go wrong when you need be away from heels. 


Cute Summer Office Outfits

Cute Summer Office Outfits source: @myviewinheels

Looking cute in office outfits during summer is challenging. What you can do is go with a casual mini skirt and camisole top. You are ready for work, and happy hour too.


Best Summer Office Outfits

Best Summer Office Outfits source: @retroflame

Are you searching for the best summer office outfits to wear this week?

Pick this season’s trendy color and translate it into a matching blazer and pants suit set. You will look styling and professional no matter what.

Don’t forget to pair with oversized sunglasses to keep it cool. 


Stylish Summer Office Outfits

Stylish Summer Office Outfits source: @waityouneedthis

We would like to challenge you with stylish summer office outfits.

Pair a utility designed chic jumpsuit and espadrille wedges together and tell us what you think.

Don’t know what bag to carry? Straw tote bag is the answer. It goes well with the white jumpsuit and espadrille style footwear. Stay stylish and cool all summer long!


Wear To Work Outfits

Wear To Work Outfits source: @seeannajane

Putting together what to wear to work can be intimidating.

To make it fun, create an outfit with polka dot top and distressed boyfriend jeans for a casual look. They are not a difficult combination, and absolutely look great with any length trench coat. 


Summer Business Casual

Summer Business Casual source: @trashtotreasured

To complete this summer business casual, all you need is the right shoes. You can go dressy, or be simple with a knit tee and wrapped skirt. Either way, leopard loafer shoes or ballet flats are your best bet. 


Waking up every morning without knowing what to wear for work is a disaster. From shower to the morning routine, there are a lot of chores to be executed in a short time.

Keep these office outfit ideas for summer to make your life easier without a guessing game everyday. Wear your summer capsule wardrobe essentials to work, and you will look stylish all season long. 

What do you wear to work in the summer?

Share your cute summer office outfits with us!


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Summer Office Outfits That’ll Make You Prepared For The Workweek

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