Summer Travel Outfits You Must Pack For Your Next Trip

Planning on going away on a summer vacation? Don’t spend extra money on brand new clothes just for the vacation, here are best summer travel outfits for you to recreate from your closet. Stay on budget and still wear cute airport styles whether you travel domestically or internationally.

From hotels to plane flights, it can be pretty pricey to travel during the summertime peak season. In order to avoid extending the budget on travel clothing, we at Fashion Wanderer recommend using classic wardrobe pieces for any occasion from travel to work.

Depending on your destination and the mode of transportation you choose, every outfit will look slightly different due to style or weather conditions. But the great news is that the main core items remain the same. Easily mix and match your summer capsule wardrobe essentials with classic items and you’re all set to go. 


What to wear to the airport in the summer?

Whether you are flying from rainy summer places or dry and hot location, it’s not easy to decide what to wear to the airport in the summer. The key to dress successfully by layering your must have essentials in the right way. 

Here are the basics you need to wear to the airport in the summer season:

  • Tops: The best top for summer weather is the white tank top. They are easy to layer and can be taken off when it’s too hot to keep you cool. In addition, it is a versatile piece that you can be creative with different styles of light jackets.
  • Bottoms: Leggings and sweatpants are not the only options for the airport style. Wear travel shorts that are stylish, functional, and more comfortable than any of the shorts you have. 
  • Outerwear: Of course, the cardigan is the best outerwear for travel. However, keep your style chic and edgy by wearing a boyfriend blazer. They are perfect for business casual and also won’t wrinkle when you wear it all day long. 
  • Footwear: If you are looking for comfortable heels to wear to the airport, we suggest espadrille wedges. They totally give you a leg-lengthening effect and also distribute the weight overall so that they won’t hurt your feet at the end of the day. Don’t forget to pack flip-flops, of course. 
  • Bag: Carrying the right bag for the airport is crucial. Choose a bag that is spacious enough and allows you to be hands-free, such as backpack purse. As a result, you can easily roll your luggage along side of you. 

Make sure to add this super cute swimsuit and beach cover-ups resort style vacation. Enjoy your trip by having the right packing list anywhere you go. 


Summer Travel Outfits

Summer Travel Outfits source: @cupcakes_and_life

From tropical island resorts to historical European vacations, the great way to start your summer travel is by preparing daily outfits ahead of time. Pack your Fashion Planner so that you can easily assemble fashion forward looks everyday.

We understand that travel requires lots of planning. From airport style to travel outfits, we have you covered for what to wear today.

Mix and match summer capsule wardrobe essentials to create the styles you desire to wear on a daily basis. As a result, you can easily wake up in the morning and dress up effortlessly.


Summer Airplane Travel Outfits

Summer Airplane Travel Outfits source: @rubyholley_

Whether you are traveling to sizzling hot or fall-like weather destination, it can be tricky to decide what to wear on an airplane. The best way to make summer travel outfit comfortable is to wear a pair of sweatpants with a white t-shirt. 

Don’t forget to bring a cozy and chic cardigan to keep you warm. If you are carrying hand bags, go hands-free by wearing the best selling belt bag around your waist. You will quickly become Instagram worthy today. 


Chic Summer Travel Outfits

Chic Summer Travel Outfits source: @naomiboyer

Travel outfits doesn’t always has to be leggings and a t-shirt.

Pair wide leg pants, especially with vertical stripe prints, with a crop top. Look taller and leaner even without the help from heels. Yes, no heels are required for this look. 


Summer Vacation Outfits

Summer Vacation Outfits source: @pardonmuahinsta

Summer vacation is much more exciting when you have well-planned outfits from your personalized capsule wardrobe.

Make your off-the-shoulder poplin blouse and denim shorts look super cute even though they are the basics. From straw hats to flat sandals, those additional pieces add the final touch. 


Stylish Travel Clothes For Summer

Stylish Travel Clothes For Summer source: @fashionsensored

Do you want to travel stylish?

Pack these clothes for the summer season to stay cool and fashion-forward all the time. Take a break from your favorite shorts and tops outfits.

A white linen dress is a must-have essential to pack for any short or long trip in the summer. They don’t wrinkle as easily, and simply pairing with any sneakers or flip flops works fine for the day. 


Cute Summer Travel Outfits

Cute Summer Travel Outfits source: @alissanyounger

Looking cute while traveling can be challenging for most of us. However, it is all about what to wear to make all your memorable pictures look different.

Go with a bralette and casual maxi summer skirt to look elegant from day to night. Not only will you look cute, but also feel so comfortable that you won’t want to take it off. 


Best Summer Travel Outfits

Best Summer Travel Outfits source: @aloprofile

Do you know what to pack to create the best summer travel outfits? It’s all about basic and classic pieces such as the striped t-shirt. They are a relaxed and easy piece to wear.

In addition, you will look great with a utility jacket to keep you warm during the flight. Pack your outerwear into a work and travel-friendly tote bag. Include any other travel essentials that you need to survive the long-haul flight. 


Europe Summer Travel Outfits

Europe Summer Travel Outfits source: @newtexacali

Paris, London, and Rome, Europe has some of the top destinations for summer travel. This means you got to plan your outfits according to the weather and local style trends.

Make a look inspired by French Girls by wearing a midi length slip dress and sneaker shoes. They are so comfortable that you can walk around all day long for sightseeing without causing blisters. 


Comfy Summer Travel Outfits

Comfy Summer Travel Outfits source: @hello_jackieo

The great news is that you do already have comfy summer travel clothing in your capsule wardrobe, the chic jumpsuit and denim jacket. They go hand to hand without looking too dressy or matchy.

For this airplane style, grab a ponytail cap and you will look like a celebrity. 


Casual Summer Travel Outfits

Casual Summer Travel Outfits source: @ahintofglameveryday

It’s important to bring along casual travel outfit ideas that you can wear during the day on your vacation this summer.

Pack a couple of vintage graphic tees to wear with any style denim skirts. Don’t forget classic aviator sunglasses with you because anywhere you travel to it will be bright and sunny.


Mix And Match Outfits For Summer Travel

Mix And Match Outfits For Summer Travel source: @louiseroe 

It’s so rewarding to figure out new ways to mix and match a couple of pieces to create unique outfits to wear for upcoming travel.

Pair white skinny jeans with polka dot camisole top for a classy look. On top of that, white mule shoes and tiny leopard printed crossbody bag effortlessly completes this look. 


Summer is the traveling season that everyone is excited about. From booking itinerary to planning things to do, there are lots to consider in order to make your vacation memorable.

Take time to build the right travel packing list and outfit ideas to wear for each destination. As a result, you’ll look stylish and keep your cool by wearing summer capsule wardrobe essentials everyday.

What do you wear when traveling during the summer season?

Share the best summer travel outfits with us!


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Summer Travel Outfits You Must Pack For Your Next Trip

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