T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas That Will Become Your New Go-To Style

How do you wear a t-shirt dress outfit? If you have only been wearing t-shirt dresses with sneakers during the summer or as pajamas at nighttime, then you are wearing it completely wrong.

From graphic to relaxed maxi, there are many different silhouette and style of t-shirt dress to add to your capsule wardrobe. They are comfortable and versatile to wear with other basic essentials in order to look stylish for many occasions.


What to wear under t-shirt dress?

If you are planning to wear a white body-con silhouette or sheer lightweight fabric, you need to wear something under t-shirt dress. This isn’t necessary for every type of t-shirt dress, but here are stylish tips to help you out when needed.

I’m not talking about wearing a matching skin tone bra to solve the problem. There are styles that definitely need more coverage than only a bra.

Here are the best garments to wear under a t-shirt dress:

  • Long tank top: Choose a tunic length or long tank top in a similar color as the dress.
  • Shaping shorts: Grab a lightweight white, black or skin tone seamless slip shorts that hug your hips.
  • Fitted Slip: Pick a nude color nylon-spandex material fitted slip for any above the knee style dress. It helps you smooth the waist, tummy, thighs and back.

If you are wearing a swing silhouette or dark color bodycon dress, then you don’t need to wear much underneath. But a thin fabric or light color t-shirt dress is a bit more challenging to wear. Make sure to have a couple of undergarments in your wardrobe so that you are ready to grab and go anytime.


How to wear a t-shirt dress to work?

Comfortable and soft t-shirt dresses are not only meant to wear when going to bed. With the proper styling tips and the right classic wardrobe pieces, wear a t-shirt dress to work during all four seasons, just like a silk slip dress. As a result, your looks will never go out of style.

  • Spring: Wear a poplin button-down shirt over your black t-shirt dress, and then tie a knot to create a casual Friday office look. Pair it with black leather loafers to look extra professional.
  • Summer: Summer office outfits are all about the accessories and shoes you pair it with. Try a classic t-shirt dress with pump heels. If it gets too chilly at the office, make sure to grab a chic boyfriend blazer to look stylish and stay warm.
  • Fall: Choose comfy and chic ankle boots that go well with your t-shirt dress and boyfriend cashmere cardigan.
  • Winter: You can either wear a seriously soft and warm sweater or wool coat with the t-shirt dress for winter office outfits to wear to work today.

It’s fun to utilize capsule wardrobe essentials with your t-shirt dress to assemble office outfits that don’t look sloppy. Make sure to choose the right silhouette tee dress that goes with your body type and personality to create a variety of fun looks everyday.


T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

source: @fashion_jackson

Wearing a t-shirt dress only on the weekend or while laying in bed on a lazy day is not the only option. Especially if you have a strong-built and well-organized capsule wardrobe, there are more styles to play around with.

In order to successfully dress t-shirt dress outfit ideas every morning, know your purpose and style that you want to achieve. It is so much easier and will save you a ton of time to dress up everyday.


How To Wear A T-Shirt Dress

How To Wear A T-Shirt Dress

source: @allthetroubleblog

Are you completely lost for how to wear a t-shirt dress?

That’s ok. If the weather is slightly chilly during spring and summer, wear this classic quilted vest that’ll make you a layering pro during every season.


How To Style T-Shirt Dress

How To Style T-Shirt Dress

source: @briebemis

Styling a t-shirt dress doesn’t require much. All you need is a simple denim jacket that every cool girl is wearing for an everyday style.


How To Dress Up A T-Shirt Dress

How To Dress Up A T-Shirt Dress

source: @dressupbuttercup

In order to style a t-shirt dress, find a dressier knit fabric and accessorize your look with wedge sandals and a cute crossbody bag for the day.


What To Wear With A T-Shirt Dress

What To Wear With A T-Shirt Dress

source: @paranoshblogs

Don’t know what to wear with a t-shirt dress?

Whether you are wearing a slogan tee dress or plain, make sure to wear a long sleeve denim shirt over it and grab a cool vintage tote bag.

This outfit looks so cute together, and you’ll end up wearing it from Monday to Friday.


What Shoes To Wear With T-Shirt Dress

What Shoes To Wear With T-Shirt Dress

source: @iindiefoxx

Other than sneakers and sandals, it feels like there are no shoes to wear with a t-shirt dress.

Even though it is summer or spring, pair it with these over the knee boots that go with every t-shirt dress outfit this year.


Black T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Black T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @geo.kerr

Black t-shirt dress outfits are so cute for a casual date night.

Instead of wearing backpack purse, carry this belt bag with your chic t-shirt dress. It’s a complete game changer.


White T-Shirt Dress Outfit

White T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @marilynjoan

In order to to look stylish, wear a white t-shirt dress outfit with boots by adding casual outerwear piece.

Try this camo print utility jacket and own this look forever.


Gray T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Gray T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @mrscasual

Ruffle or no ruffle, it’s up to you to determine what to wear with a gray t-shirt dress.

Make sure to pair it with cute ankle boots that are a beige neutral color in order to make your legs look longer.


Red T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Red T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @courteink

Striped red t-shirt dress is fun to wear with plain white sneakers for casual day.

Even though they are classic sneakers, make sure to choose this stylish and insanely affordable pair.


Striped T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Striped T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @lindseytrevenen

It’s so adorable to wear sleeveless striped t-shirt dress in the summertime. Tie the best denim shirt around your waist to accentuate your waistline and wear it when it gets cold in the evening.


Oversized T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Oversized T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @jilcanhelen

Because there is no body contour on these oversized t-shirt dress outfit, it’s best to choose the right footwear to look flattering.

Go with classic pump heels that won’t hurt your feet all day long.


Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @jenniferdle

Whether you are going to work or traveling this weekend, grab this convertible and practical backpack purse.

Change it up from a crossbody bag to tote bag. It’s so versatile that’ll become your new go-to bag.


Spring T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Spring T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @rhythm_sitlani

Spring t-shirt dress outfits don’t require much. All you need is a cute clutch bag and watch as accessories, then you’re all ready to go.


Summer T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Summer T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @dianachantel

Choose a thin and lightweight ribbed t-shirt dress to wear during the summer season.

If you are wearing a dark grey dress, then brighten up your look with fun lipstick red crossbody bag to go well with your minimal outfit.


Fall T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Fall T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @minkalikes

Fall is all about layering your essentials, and that’s no exception for a t-shirt dress outfit. Wear sheer tights and also a lightweight puffer jacket to keep you warm and cozy.


Winter T-Shirt Dress Outfit

Winter T-Shirt Dress Outfit

source: @thecharmingolive

Upgrade your comfortable and relaxed t-shirt dress outfit with a winter wool coat. Wear a crisp white coat that goes with every t-shirt dress outfit for all occasions.


Other than wearing as pajamas or on a lazy day, t-shirt dresses have much more potential when it comes to dressing up for different occasions. Using the proper styling tips and guidelines, mix and match capsule wardrobe essentials to create these t-shirt dress outfits. As a result, they will become your new go-to look on repeat.

How do you style your favorite t-shirt dress?

Share your cute t-shirt dress outfit ideas with us!


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T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas That Will Become Your New Go-To Style

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