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Joshua Tree National Park is situated in the Southern California high desert region. Unlike the traditional flat and baron desert landscape, The park is filled with unique rock formations, countless large Joshua trees, and peaks to ascend.

Visit the local town of Joshua Tree California for places to eat. Otherwise, head into the park for plenty of fun things to do and Joshua Tree National Park camping reservations.

Joshua Tree California

Joshua Tree California is a bustling art community that is located just outside of Joshua Tree National Park. It is a quiet and peaceful town in the desert, with a growing neighboring community.

There are many locals, and many visitors pass through town on their way to visit the National Park. Stop by town if you are looking for the best places to eat in Joshua Tree California.

Things To Do in Joshua Tree National Park

When inside the park, you will find many attractions, exhibits and historic sites to visit. Most common things to do in Joshua Tree National Park are hiking trails, biking, driving off road trails, rock climbing, bouldering and sightseeing. Furthermore, there are also a number of camping campgrounds located within to enjoy stargazing at night.

Joshua Tree National Park Camping

If your looking for where to stay when visiting the park, you can find hotel and resort style accommodations in Joshua Tree California. In addition, you will find even more in the neighboring city of Palm Springs. But the most common place to stay is at the Joshua Tree National Park camping campgrounds inside the park.

There are 8 campgrounds to choose from with over 300 campsites available within the park. Find yourself the perfect camping reservation and enjoy an evening filled with stargazing.