ThredUP Reviews: Secret Shopping Tips For Capsule Wardrobe

From quality clothing to designer handbags and shoes, when it comes to building a strong core capsule wardrobe, thredUp reviews will help you to shop for discounted high quality essentials that last a long time.

Because you are looking for the best basics and outerwear pieces, investing in luxurious fabrication is the number of things you need to look for followed by great fit and personalized color palette.

On average, each garment, shoes, and bags for capsule wardrobe can range from $80-$250. And if you start with 15-20 pieces in capsule wardrobe, you will end up spending $1200-$5000 to complete your capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to factory manufacturing, most clothing brands inflate prices even double or triple by the time they arrive to the customers. With knowing this reality, it feels dumb to pay full price for clothing.

If you have been shopping and chasing after coupon codes at H&M or sales at Nordstrom Rack to get the best deal and save more money. In the end, you will find that these thredUp reviews will provide far superior discounts and savings.


What is thredUP?

ThredUP is the online consignment and thrift store where you can buy favorite brands at up to 90% off retail prices. In addition, you area able to sell high-quality secondhand clothes to the retailer for cash.

It is the best shopping platform when you are cleaning up old clothes in your closet. Swap for seasonal capsule wardrobe essentials and upgrade your outfit selection today.


ThredUP Reviews

ThredUp Reviews

source: @thekatieedition

According to the statistics, every year around 10.5 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills, which equals about 21 billion pounds. No wonder buying secondhand is not only saving you a ton but is also good for the environment. In addition, it results in a decrease in demand for new clothing.

Before jumping on buying secondhand movement for your capsule wardrobe, make sure to have a shopping list. Use the best clothes shopping tips so you won’t get lost in the thredUP reviews and also avoid overspending.


How Does ThredUP Work

More and more people shop resale every month. An estimated 80% of people in the world buy, use, and wear secondhand goods.

With busy work weeks, people are often shopping online retailers like Amazon. Online makes it convenient to shop, return and also try on with your clothing at home in a comfortable setting.

There are two ways to use ThredUp, either as a buyer or seller.


ThredUP for buyer

First, create an account or easily log in via social media, then browse clothing by brand or by size until you find the items you need for your capsule wardrobe.

There will be shipping costs on every purchase that start at $5.99, but they offer frequent discounts codes for new and existing customers. Keep an eye out in your email box to receive up to 30% off. As a result, make sure you create the account to receive these extra deals.


ThredUP for seller

Simply order “Clean Out Kit” from the website where you can fill a bag with your old clothes from the closet.

Once you filled the bag, drop the bag off at the post office or schedule a free residential pickup.

You’ll receive an email with details on the payout you can expect and which items are accepted.

For the first 14 days, you will be able to use your payout to purchase items from the thredUP website.

After that period of time, you can cash out your earnings through PayPal or a thredUP prepaid Visa card.


ThredUP Return Policy

The thredup return policy is quite different from any other department stores. Before shopping with thredUP reviews, always have a legit capsule wardrobe shopping list.

To get a refund, all items must have new tags with original tags still attached. Unfortunately, all items have $1.99 restocking fee, and also the original shipping charge is not refunded when returning items.

If you purchased with thredUP store credit, you will always be refunded back with store credit.


Buying Clothes On ThredUP

Buying Clothes On ThredUp

source: @erinelizabethh

Shopping for clothes online is not easy. Especially since you have to look for the right color, evaluate the proper fit and also consider wether or not it belongs in your capsule wardrobe.

ThredUP reviews a variety of brand, which makes it so much more fun and easy to shop the wide range of options. But always make sure to know your brands and measurements of each brand.

To successfully buying clothes on thredUP, set a goal and look up online frequently so you won’t miss the deal by using the filters.


ThredUP Brands

For over 35,000 brands, these thredUP reviews will help to find your favorite brands so that you are able to shop at much more affordable prices.

ThredUp carries the most popular clothing brands that are perfect for your capsule wardrobe:

From clothes, handbags, shoes, and fashion jewelry, with thredUP, save more than 90% off when building your seasonal everlasting outfits every day.


ThredUP Buying Reviews

Majority of Amazon shoppers gave thredUp 4.5 star reviews while buying clothes through the app. Whether you are petite or plus size, you won’t be disappointed.

Every purchase made through the app came in great condition in 3 to 4 days. If you don’t have the time but love to shop, the thredUP app tracks items you like so you can always go back later. Put them in your cart easily and save them for another time.


ThredUP Happy Hour Code

ThredUp Happy Hour Code

source: @breakfastattiffanymaries

Happy hour is not only at your favorite local bars. Enjoy this thredUP happy hour code and receive 25% off your purchase. Used more than 1,000 times everyday, this is verified by fashionistas.

Treat yourself to cute outfits using this code to celebrate the happy hour!


ThredUP Promo Code

It’s really hard to beat thredUP clothing prices. From daily promo codes to clearance sale events, the deals start at just 99 cents!

Sign up for the thredUp email listing to receive official coupons, promo codes and all ongoing sales opportunities.


ThredUP Promo Code Existing Customers

If you have been an existing customers for a while, the best way to get the latest thredUP promo code is by keeping an eye on the thredUP Facebook page.

FYI, also check out your inbox for time to time because they often send 10% coupon codes for existing customers.


ThredUP Coupon Code

Use this coupon code on the deal of the day to get 20%-40% off your order. The thredUP coupon codes mostly have an expiration date. Make sure to sign up first so you don’t miss the deals.


ThredUP Coupons For Returning Customers

Have you spent a long time to search for verified thredUP coupons for returning customers?

As you have noticed, most of the coupons online-only work for new customers.

The great news is that these staff picked coupon codes work for happy returning customers to receive free shipping on order and returns with 30% off discounts.


ThredUP Wednesday Mobile Code

Do you know the best day of the week to shop on thredUP?

Shoppers save an average $17 off with this thredUP Wednesday mobile code. Simply download the thredUP app and receive the mobile code today.


ThredUP Gift Card

ThredUp Gift Card

source: @fiftytowthursdays

Unfortunately, gift cards and gift certificates are not available at thredUP. But there are two ways to receive a unique gift from thredUP.

Refer stylish friends and family to the platform and you get $10 to spend on your capsule wardrobe and your friend also gets $10 to spend. The more people you refer, the more free clothing you get.

There is another way that is great news for Reformation fans. If you clean out your closet with this thredUP reviews, you will get an extra 15% shopping credit at Reformation. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with these pretty dresses.


ThredUP Goody Box

It’s not easy to build a capsule wardrobe from scratch. Especially without knowing what looks good on you or working with a professional stylist, it seems impossible to look great.

The thredUP Good box will help you dress for less and also save over $500.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and then you will receive 10 personalized items starting at $20 per piece. In the end, you only pay for what you keep.

Whether it is 9 to 5 style, refashioned items or special occasion outfits, they are all in this handpicked goody box.


ThredUP Goody Box Reviews

If you have been using StitchFix for a while and it has gotten to be out of your budget, thredUp goody box is great alternate options for frugal fashion shoppers.

The best part is that your first box will receive 15 items, compared to the 5 items that other subscription boxes ship. The goody box is personally shopped for you, but the more you receive the more options to choose from for your capsule wardrobe.

The majority of items you receive in this Goody Box are all brand names that hit the sweet spot price of $20.


ThredUP Luxe

ThredUp Luxe

source: @anniemescall

eBay is not the only place to grab the best deals on luxury brands. ThredUP Luxe is the upgraded version of thredUP. Buy luxury brand names like Christina Dior handbags or Burberry trench coats at 90% off the retail price.

Especially for a capsule wardrobe, it is best to have a statement piece that is a luxury brand. They are made with genuine quality fabric and professional construction that lasts for decades.


ThredUP Luxe Brands

The most popular thredUP Luxe brands that work best for capsule wardrobe are:

  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • Valentino
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Hermes
  • Celine

These luxury brand finds are not over 10 years old and are a great condition. You won’t even know they have been used.


ThredUp Luxe Reviews

If you are worried about getting counterfeit luxury items, thredUP Luxe is the perfect place to shop. The thredUP Luxe staff are highly trained authenticators to evaluate the items. They only accept excellent condition without holes, piling, stains, or missing labels.


ThredUp Sell

ThredUp Sell

source: @alexasunshine83

ThredUP is not the only place to buy wardrobe essentials. If you are looking to make a major makeover to your wardrobe or even spring cleaning, then ordering a cleaning kit bag is a great place to start.

To get the most bucks for your items, it is recommended to clean and wash the items to present the best condition possible. Make sure to remove any stains and use proper washing method on clothes so they all smell good.


Can you sell your clothes to ThredUp?

If you are looking for extra cash by selling your clothes, go through the thredUP reviews to increase your valuable opportunity.

Benefit the most by selling clothes through thredUP that are on-trend, in-season and gently worn clothes from higher priced brands. Most sellers have not been successful with low priced items. ThredUP has a strict brand and quality standard. They normally accept less than 40% of CleanOut bag.

Pro tip: Instead of filling the bag with mixed clothing, clean out on a regular basis. You will have a higher chance of being on trend and in season. In addition, always keep track of what you want to buy and need for your capsule wardrobe because it makes selling online much easier.


What percentage does ThredUp take?

ThredUP pays from 5 to 80 percent of the selling price. So, the more valuable the item, the higher percentage it makes.


How long does it take ThredUp to process?

According to the thredUP website, the whole selling process takes 1-3 weeks from CleanOut bag to listed online. Be aware it might take more than 3 weeks due to the volume on the thredUP end. Majority of users have experienced an average of 3-4 weeks.

For sellers, there are 3 different bags to choose from: a free standard bag, a $16 expedited bag, and a free donation bag.

  • A Free Standard Bag: This free standard bag is great for one who doesn’t need to make a quick penny. It might take a long time to process, but there is no fee to be deducted from your earnings.
  • A $16 Expedited Bag: If you are looking to make money faster than the free option. This will only take a week or so to proceed. As soon as you get paid for your accepted items, there is a fee of $16 so you don’t need to pay upfront.
  • A Free Donation Bag: This free donation bag is perfect to do a good deed this year. You will receive a tax receipt through your email.


What Brands Does Thredup Accept

Make sure to study thredUP reviews in detail before sending in your clothes. First, know what brands thredUP accepts and prepare your bag accordingly.

Even though they accept over 35,000 brands and labels, not all have equal value.

The most valuable brands that are accepted by thredUP are:

  • Patagonia
  • Free People
  • Zara
  • Lululemon Athletica
  • Madewell
  • Kate Spade
  • Anthropologie

Always check with the payout estimator calculator of every brand you send. As a result, you will know the estimated payout of other items in that brand.


ThredUp Payout Structure

Not all on trend and in-season items are going to score big. There are two thredUP payout structures: upfront payout and consignment.

Upfront items are on-trend, in season, and also in great condition. It is the quickest way to receive the payment as soon as the items are processed even though it hasn’t sold yet. You will receive around 5% to 80% of the selling price and the earnings are available immediately in your thredUP account. After 14 days, you have the option to cash out via PayPal or thredUP visa prepaid card.

Compared to consignment items, these can be off-season and in great condition, but take longer than 84 days to sell. It will be the same earning structure, between 5% to 80% of the selling price, but you will be paid after the items are sold.


threadup payout sturcture

With this thredUP payout structure, you will have a clear idea of how much you will receive according to the thredUP listing price.


Selling On ThredUp Reviews

Selling on thredUP can be an easy process, but to get the most bucks out of it is not easy. Always check what the thredUP evaluators are looking for.

Here’s the list of thredUP seller checklist:

  • Items must be in excellent condition. No stains, holes, pilling, or sign of wear will be accepted.
  • Clothing, shoes and all items must be on trend.
  • Sleepwear or special dresses are not accepted.


Reading endless thredUP reviews for shopping and selling tips aren’t going to solve the problem of building a capsule wardrobe full of high quality essentials. Make sure to go over these secret tips to get the most benefits when using thredUP reviews. As a result, you will save more than 90% off retail prices and also make more than $7 with your CleanOut bag.

Have you ever read thredUP reviews before?

Share your thredUP shopping tips with us!


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ThredUP Reviews: Secret Shopping Tips For Capsule wardrobe

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  1. Ooh, I’ve never heard of thredUP but it sounds fab! I wonder if there’s something like it in the UK…

    1. ThredUp currently only ships throughout the US and also Canada. They are growing quickly and most likely there are plans to expand their online platform overseas. I’m sure there are similar online thrift store concepts in the UK.

  2. I have been wanting to try thredUP! I love wearing pieces that no one else has but I find digging through vintage stores too daunting . . . this seems like a good solution.

    1. ThredUP is an excellent way to find hidden vintage treasures. ThredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store. They have everything from secondhand clothing, to jewelry, accessories, purses and shoes. You are guaranteed to find the one of a kind vintage pieces that you are looking for!

  3. I’ve heard of ThredUp before, mostly on a few of my No Waste groups since it’s secondhand, but never knew how it worked. This is a great thredUP review and explanation of how it works, now I’ll have to see what I can get!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! ThredUP is definitely worth checking out because they offer extraordinary discounts! In addition, they are no waste because they only sell secondhand clothing. ThredUP is the largest online thrift store and consignment shopping destination. Hope you find clothes that you fall in love with! 🙂

  4. I have heard of thredUP, but I have not gotten to try it yet! I love online shopping because I find it hard to find time to shop for myself.

  5. I’ve heard of thredUP, but I’ve never really looked into it, so the thredUP reviews were super informative. I might have to sign up next time I’m on the hunt for clothes.

  6. I used to use ThredUp ALLL the time! I need to get back into it because I got the cutest clothes from them!

  7. What a great review! Thanks for all the tips. I am long overdue for cleaning my closet, and had heard of ThredUp, but needed to do more research – you have just helped with this detailed thredUP review!

  8. I’ve heard about thredUP, but never took the time to read up. ThredUP sounds interesting and a good way to get outfits at a discount.

  9. To be honest, I’ve never bought or sold something on ThredUP. However, after reading this review, I really want to now 🙂

    1. ThredUP is a great place to find high quality goods for up to 90% off retail prices. ThredUP is worth checking out before spending full price elsewhere. Please let us know how it works out for you!

  10. This was such a perfect review with so many great tips. It looks like I will need to start using ThredUP.

  11. Buying pre-owned clothing is definitely economical and eco friendly. I have several friends who used to work in fashion who never buy new clothes because of the environmental impact.

    1. This in very true. The impact of making clothes is much larger than must people are aware of. ThredUP is a great resource to find quality goods at up to 90% off retail price. They have trained professionals that examine each item to ensure the quality meets their standards.

  12. You just never know what you might have got in your closet, and just how much it’s worth. Always worth revamping your closet, too.

    1. ThredUp is worth checking out. You may find items in your closet that have not been used in ages. As a result, trade them in for clothing, bags or jewelry that you do want and will use regularly. 🙂

  13. ThredUP sounds perfect for me to find some clothes for Disney Bounding! I know I could find some cool outfits from ThredUP!

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