Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Winter Wedding!

My favorite season of the year, its winter time again! It has been already one year and our winter wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. Also time flies when you’re having fun being in love!



Can you believe the average weddings typically costs over $30,000, but if you choose to get married in the peak wedding season, the cost will rise rocket! Somehow we self-managed a 100 person DIY winter wedding at an incredibly gorgeous venue in Malibu, Ca for around $8000.

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My husband and I had the most amazing magical winter wedding in California. Always enjoy sharing about our experience with our DIY wedding with everyone. If you are planning to get married next year, I would highly recommend to have a winter wedding and here is why:

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Winter Wedding!


1. It’s Romantic and more Magical!


December is the most wonderful time of the year. You get the most romantic evening with candles, tea lights, open fires and lanterns. The ambience around a winter wedding is close to the first winter snow, it’s magical and very romantic. Don’t forget to maximize the winter elements like faux snow or Christmas lights for a perfect winter scene.


2. Better Deal on Finding Venue


A winter wedding is out of season, so if you tie the knot between December and the beginning of March, there will be fewer couples to compete with! Hence it will be super easy to book a reception hall and even find good deals with vendors.


3. Find the Perfect Dress on Huge Sale!


Towards the end of the year, there are tons and tons of sales including wedding and bridal dresses! You can shop around for deals and perfect dresses that fits you like a glove!


Not only do you get deals on dresses, but also you can keep warm in something super stylish like a beautiful fur wrap, a fluffy bolero or a romantic silk velvet cloak will give you more unique and special.


4. Get the Best Photoshoot


To tell you the truth, the winter sky is absolutely amazing for photographs. You know that gray sky only happens in the winter, right before cut, late in the afternoon which happens only in December, January and February. The perfect light for gorgeous wedding photos.


Wedding photos last a lifetime, so hold hands and take a walk in the cold. Maybe a couple of snowflakes will add a bit of magical sparkle.


5. Easy Festive Winter Wedding Decor


My experience with a winter wedding allowed me to experiment with themed decor. The easiest decision, what I did was to incorporate natural components, such as frosted pinecones, pine leaves, snowflakes and holiday lights to brightened my winter wedding wonderland.


6. Happy Guests, Happy Wedding!


Winter weddings can also be better for guests who can’t afford to take extra time from work. Because summer is a popular time for vacations, the folks who would like to attend your wedding might not be able to do so if they’ve run out of vacation days in June or July.


We really enjoyed having all our families and friends involved in our winter wedding. Because of their full attendance in our ceremony, it was more intimate and special to us.


7. Comfort Food and Seasonal Dishes


Without delicious food, a party is blah. A winter wedding provides the perfect opportunity to have wintry comfort foods for everyone. Try hearty dishes or casseroles and warm soups. Also, get creative with the dessert course and set up a hot chocolate or s’mores bar and serve creamy eggnog and spicy mulled wines.


8. Less Stress


Because of flexible availability on vendor dates, dress sales and easy holiday themed decor all made our winter wedding really smooth and stress free!


9. Focus on more details.


Because I saved so much money on vendors, I could invest in the details that made the wedding feel more personal. I personally handmade all invitations, wedding gift each and decorations and my mother-in-law arranged the all the table decor! Try and accessorize your wedding event with handmade gifts with little name tag or winter themed gift such as gloves that your guests can use throughout the season.


10. Forever Honeymoon!


We had 2 months of a honeymoon road trip and we tested our mobile mansion lifestyle. On our honeymoon we experienced our first boon docking sleep over next to PCH highway 1 and had to manage our water and power without hookup. It was a trip full of fun memories! Because it was in December, we could extend our vacations and were able to take more time off for ourselves than just typical 1 week of honeymoon.



What’s your favorite month to have wedding?


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