Top 20 His & Her Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get On Ebay

Christmas is round around the corner! The ugly Christmas sweaters have become  trendy during the holiday season.


To be ethical and sustainable fashionista, I’m a big vintage lover and to be honest with you there are amazing great vintage pieces that are in good condition to wear.

Top 20 His & Her Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get On Ebay

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1. Christmas

I’m big hoodie person and this is perfect cute and special sweater with hoodie that you can wear with as couple!

christmas ugly sweater

His: Hooded Reindeer Sweater ($40)

Her: Hooded Elf Ear Sweater ($35)

2. Star Wars Lover

Anyone big fan of Star Wars? This is for cute Star Wars fan Christmas Ugly Sweater pair, you can wear for holiday party!

star wars ugly sweater

His: Star Wars Christmas Sweater ($30)

Her: Star Wars Darth Vader Sweater ($25)

3. Shine in the dark

Going to dance holiday dance party? Why not add little fun LED light up touch to dance floor!

fun ugly sweater

His: One Night only LED Light Up Sweater ($35)

Her: Tic-Tac-Toe LED Light Up Sweater ($20)

4. Disney

Happiest places in the world! Super cute Mickey and Minnie Sweater this holiday!

disney ugly sweater

His: Mickey Mouse Sweater ($18)

Her: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sweater ($13)

5. Christmas Tree

Christmas without Christmas tree is blah. If you and your loved one want to dress up classic and traditional sweater this one is go to.

christmas tree ugly sweater

His: Bells & Trees Sweater ($40)

Her: Christmas Tree Sweater ($44)

6. Too Shy for a Sweater, check out the vest

If you are into layered fashion, I would recommend sweater vest instead. I love on the little unique touch of leopard faux fur collar on the vest!ugly sweater vest

His: Santa Vest ($38)

Her: Leopard Fur Collar Sweater Vest ($13)

7. Dr. Seuss

Watching Dr. Seuss movie every Christmas has been one of our tradition and it’s best way to start holiday! It’s unique special ugly sweater for everyone.

dr. seuss ugly sweater

His: The Grinch Sweater ($32)

Her: Grinch Santa Next To Tree Sweater ($51)

8. Sexy

Looking for sexy inappropriate sweater idea? This one is sexy couple idea!

sexy ugly sweater

His: X Rated Naughty Santa Sweater ($38)

Her: Sexy Santa Helper ($18)

9. Despicable Me

Who doesn’t love Minions? Super cute Minions Ugly Sweater will brighten your holiday party 😉

despicable me ugl sweater

His: Despicable Me Minions Sweater ($15)

Her: Minion Happy Holiday Sweater ($30)

10. Funny

Funny his & her sweater idea to make your friends laugh. Tattoos sweater and funny message sweater is good start to look for.


funny ugly sweater

His: Tattoos Ugly Sweater ($29)

Her: Gnome Beer Sweater ($19)

11. Baby Onesie

Is your little one invited to holiday party? This cute baby ugly sweater onesie is soft and warm for holiday.


baby onesie ugly sweater

His: My First Ugly Sweater ($18)

Her: Big Llama Sweater ($17)

12. Dog

My dog goes everywhere I go. He will love the warm and cozy ugly sweater this winter!

dog ugly sweater

His: Elf Dog Sweater ($9)

Her: Gingerbread Man Dog Sweater ($12)

Bonus for NFL Fan!


13. Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

Bengals Sweater ($24)

Steelers Sweater ($39)

NFL ugly sweater

14. New England vs. New York

Patriots Sweater ($65)

Jets Sweater ($16)

NFL ugly sweater

15. Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore

Steelers Sweater ($39)

Ravens Sweater ($50)

NFL ugly sweater

16. New York vs. Philadelphia

Giants Sweater ($25)

Eagles Sweater ($20)

NFL ugly sweater

17. Denver vs. New England

Broncos Sweater ($35)

Patriots Sweater ($65)

18. Dallas vs. Washington

Cowboys Sweater ($39)

Redskins Sweater ($30)

NFL ugly sweater

19. Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Packers Sweater ($39)

Vikings Sweater ($24)

NFL ugly sweater

20. Seattle vs. Los Angeles

Seahawks Sweater ($59)

Rams Sweater ($29)

NFL ugly sweater


What are your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters that you wore before? Share with us your favorite one of a kind vintage sweaters!



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17 thoughts on “Top 20 His & Her Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get On Ebay

  1. Haha I was always thought that I would never wear an ugly Christmas Jumper but this year I definitely need to get myself a novelty jumper. And you have some great options too!

  2. Hahaha, these are SO cute!! The guy’s sweater with the illusion of his head being the reindeer head… That one’s a favorite for sure. Thanks for compiling this list – I’m excited to get ahead and grab one of these.

  3. Hahah I love this post!!! We go to our friends Christmas party every year and the idea is to wear the worst Christmas jumper possible! These would totally be in the running!

  4. Haha these are so much fun! I never know what to wear on ugly sweater parties. Now I don’t know which one of these I like best.

  5. Pleaaase!! Don’t call these sweaters ugly. These are beautiful sweaters I would love to flaunt these sweaters this Christmas and my favorite Eagles sweaters. 🙂

  6. I love “ugly” Christmas sweaters so much! I wish I could my husband to wear one… but since he won’t I’ll just have to get one for my doggo 🙂

  7. These are SO cute!! The guy’s sweater with the illusion of his head being the reindeer head is awesome!

  8. Lol these are all so funny. I need a new ugly christmas sweater. I had one years ago but I think I threw it out last time I moved.

  9. Every year my husband and I host an ugly sweater party. I kid you not, it’s the event we look forward to every year. Mostly because it’s fun to go on dates to the consignment shops and figure out what we’re going to wear. I’ve never thought about looking around on Ebay, but ’tis the season and I may just have to click around a bit! x

  10. I am Jewish, so I have never been gifted with an ugly Xmas sweater. But I agree some are hilarious or just too ugly-cute to ignore. I have a friend who is a huge Star Wars fan, she would probably love an ugly Xmas sweater with a Star Wars theme. Even better if it has Chewbacca’s face on it!

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