Trendy Flip Flops To Enjoy Endless Beach Days This Summer

Are you tired of cheap flip flop sandals that break very easily? When you invest in capsule wardrobe essentials, you want basic items that last long. Here are the best trendy flip flops to add to your collection. Comfortably enjoy endless beach days all summer long with these stylish flip flop sandals. 

If you have been questioning the versatility of your flip flops, then a pair of high-quality sandals can make all the difference. These trendy styles will totally transform your casual outfit into an expensive look without trying very hard.

With the right flip flops, you can easily mix and match classic wardrobe pieces to accomplish a comfortable weekend vibe or a beach vacation getaway style. Take time and find the best sandals by searching for a pair with a perfect fit.


How should a flip flop fit your foot?

You have probably experienced that some flip flop styles cause blister and foot pain after wearing them for a while. That is why it’s important to learn how a flip flop should fit your foot. 

Here are sizing tips so that you know the best way to find a flip flop that fits your feet:

  • Choose a flip flop with soles that actually bend at the ball of the foot. Test yourself to bend the sole completely in half or wring it like a towel. If not, it won’t provide proper support for the foot.
  • The thong part of a flip flop needs to fit properly. Stay away from straps that are loose or too tight. This will result in blisters. 
  • The heel should not hang off the back, and the toes should not dangle off the front. 
  • Go with high-quality soft leather, especially if you tend to get blisters easily. This will reduce the chance to blisters and other painful skin irritations. 

It’s important to find flip flops with the perfect fit for your capsule wardrobe. As a result, you will minimize the foot pain over the course of the long run.

Always throw away worn flip flops even though love them very much. The reason is that old shoes really lose the ability to properly protect and support your feet.


Flip flop size vs. shoe size

Before jumping into finding the perfect flip flops for you, there is one more fact that you need to be aware. This will really help you out when shopping for sandals online. 

A flip flop size and shoe size are completely different, even though every brand has slightly different sizing specifications. However, sizing differences are noticeable for both types of footwear. 

Flip flops actually run smaller in size compared to your normal shoe size. In addition, regular shoes are generally closed toe in the front with no extra space for the toe box. Therefore, a bigger size is required for a good fit.

Be aware when shopping for a brand new flip flops. Use the best clothing shopping tips, and also consider sizes instead of just cool designs and colors.


Trendy Flip Flops

Trendy Flip Flops source: @almost_readyblog

Trendy and comfortable flip flops are every Fashion Girls favorite footwear. It helps you cheat on a lazy day when you do not know what shoes to wear today.

When shopping for brand new footwear, always remember to review your capsule wardrobe color palette beforehand. As a result, you are better able to make a decision about what works well with the collection you have already established in the closet.


Leather Flip Flops

Leather Flip Flops

Compared to plastic material, leather flip flops are highly recommended. They last much longer and also have a casual and modern look that you can easily dress up or down depending on the occasion.

The top knot detail gives personality. Furthermore, the padded croc-embossed footbed keeps your feet happy and comfortable when wearing all day long. Simply take this cute pair of leather sandals on a trip with you. Buy it here!


Rainbow Flip Flops

Rainbow Flip Flops

Based on our personal experience, Rainbow flip flops are voted number one sandals by the editors at Fashion Wanderer.

The braided strap design doesn’t appear too boring and standard. The footbed may look uncomfortable and too flat, but it has a single layer arch support that you won’t regret having. Buy it here!


Reef Flip Flops

Reef Flip Flops

Reef flip flops are generally made with synthetic straps and a rubber sole that is super comfortable. These sandals are affordable, and also come in many print patterns and colors for you to choose from.

They’re PVC free, so don’t feel bad about investing 30 bucks for a pair. Buy it here!


Havaianas Flip Flops

Havaianas Flip Flops

Let us take you on a tropical getaway with these Havaianas flip flops. The classic slim fit with thong style straps is all you need to survive the vacation.

The signature textured footbed adds comfort for walking around all day long. Buy it here!


Wedge Flip Flops

Wedge Flip FlopsIf you feel flats make you look shorter, then try wedge flip flops instead. This pair has a 3/4” platform with 1 1/2” heel that is a perfect heel height for everyone looking for a leg-lengthening effect.

This warm weather staple is totally a must-have piece you need in your closet. This footwear will look glamorous and flattering with dresses and also denim shorts. Buy it here!


High Heeled Flip Flops

High Heeled Flip Flops

Did you know that high heeled flip flops are the new thing?

Every Fashion Girl is wearing this style. The cute kitten heel detail elevates your outfit to the next level without a doubt. Furthermore, the 2 3/4” heel height is perfect and won’t hurt your feet by the end of the day. Buy it here!


Dressy Flip Flops

Dressy Flip Flops

Are you ready for a beach vacation?

These dressy flip flops feature an elegant metal pin that makes you dream about coconut water, a white sandy beach, and clear blue ocean water. Dress up in your favorite swimsuits and coverups and we won’t disturb your beach vacation getaway. Buy it here!


Black Flip Flops

Black Flip Flops

Feel like flip flops are not your thing?

These black flip flops will change your mind. The delicate sheepskin with crystal detailing instantly elevates your outfit. Match your toenail design are you’re all set to go. Buy it here!


White Flip Flops

White Flip Flops

Have you tried white flip flops before?

The soft rubber strap with lightweight footbed is more comfort and keep your feet cool during any hot weather. They are molded with an EVA outsole that fits perfect on your feet no matter what size you wear.

This pair is so comfortable and stylish, no wonder it has 4.5 stars rating! Buy it here!


Jelly Flip Flops

Jelly Flip FlopsJelly flip flops are very fun to wear. Wear this sleek pair to the pool or even a party to look stylish with your outfit. From black, gold metallic, to soft pink, we’ve got all your favorite colors to choose from.

Don’t get every color, go over the color palette of your capsule wardrobe essentials and then pick the right color for you. Buy it here!


Flip Flops With Arch Support

Flip Flops With Arch SupportWhen looking for flip flops with arch support, they don’t need to be old-school with a plain design. This pair has rows of sparkling crystals along the straps that will keep you glowing anywhere you go.

Quickly pair with a flowy maxi dress or chic jumpsuit when going to the beach. Buy it here!


Embellished Flip Flops

Embellished Flip Flops

Looking for pretty embellished flip flops to wear with a cute sundress or denim shorts and lace blouse?

Try the high-quality looking Swarovski detailed signature T-strap flip flop sandals. Made with PVC material, they will definitely keep you comfortable all day long. Buy it here!


Replace your old plastic sandals with these sophisticated and trendy flip flops. You’ll be amazed by how much more you’ll enjoy endless beach days this summer. Grab your favorite bikini top and playful romper from the summer capsule wardrobe essentials and feel comfortable exploring the outdoors. 

What are your favorite flip flops brand?

Share your trendy flip flop styles with us!


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Trendy Flip Flops To Enjoy Endless Beach Days This Summer

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