Turtleneck Tops For Staying Warm While Looking Cool: Winter Basic Essentials


How do simple black turtleneck tops keep you staying warm, while making you look so cool? If you have never tried any stylish turtleneck tops with your winter capsule wardrobe yet, you are in the right place.

Winter is not only sweater weather. From thermal tights to quilted vests, there are other winter basic essentials that will make your outfit more stylish than any other season.

Layering up is essential during the cold and wet winter months. Follow these proven tips and tricks to stay warm all winter long with the best base layers for cold weather.


What is the Difference Between Mock Neck and Turtleneck Tops?

Hard to believe, but there is a slight difference between a turtleneck and a mock turtleneck style.

A traditional turtleneck means that the collar extends from the collarbone up to the lower jaw line. But a mock neck top is much shorter, and only goes up to just below the Adam’s Apple.

So when you don’t like the turtleneck height, you can easily substitute this winter basic essential with a shorter mock neck top.


How To Wear A Turtleneck

With this simple basic winter essential, you can easily wear a variety of creative and stylish outfits for every occasions. Here are a few tricks for how to wear a turtleneck with your winter capsule wardrobe.

  • Workwear: Layer a turtleneck under a shirt.
  • Date night outfit: Wear a turtleneck under a mini dress.
  • Business trip: Wear a turtleneck with a chic suit.
  • Brunch date on a weekend: Wear an oversized turtleneck over a silky slip
  • Casual daytime look: Tuck your turtleneck into your boyfriend jeans and add a statement winter coat.
  • Back to school outfit: Wear a turtleneck under a statement sweater or an oversized sweatshirt.
  • Airport outfit: Wear a turtleneck under a classic overcoat.


With these styling tips, decide what kind of turtleneck you should have for your capsule wardrobe. This will help you save time dressing up everyday and also makes a travel packing list so much easier to put together.


Best Winter Turtleneck Tops for Women

Every occasion is different when it comes to finding the best winter turtleneck tops for women. With this simple turtleneck tops checklist, you can have all the must have styles for you to wear with every outfit.

  • Color: White, black, mono or colorful stripes, heather gray, orange, yellow, beige, brown, light blue.
  • Fabrication: Ribbed, knitted, cotton, pima cotton, cotton spandex, spandex.
  • Style: Short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, cropped.


Turtleneck Tops For Staying Warm While Looking Cool

Turtleneck Tops For Staying Warm While Looking Cool: Winter Basic Essentials

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Having black, white, and heather grey color turtleneck tops as part of your winter basic essentials is key. They are guaranteed to keep you warm while looking  cool. With a few simple winter styling tips, you can mix and match your winter clothes for workwear, casual daytime look and even a fashionable date night outfit.

Turtleneck tops come in a variety of different styles and fabric materials. From sweater to rayon jersey, they are perfect for a variety of occasions.

The best clothes shopping tips will save you time and money next time you need. When you are browsing for new turtleneck tops in retail stores or even online, you might notice that there are turtleneck style tops with a mock neck description.


Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater Top

Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater Top

Made with viscose and nylon materials, this long sleeve turtleneck sweater top is so soft and comfortable. Wear with a plaid midi skirt or jeans for a casual look.

Insider tip: Comes in so many different colors for you to choose from. The best part is the neck stays up and doesn’t look baggy at all.


Slim Fit Cotton Turtleneck Tops

Slim Fit Cotton Turtleneck Top

Perfect layering piece for spring, fall and winter. It’s so easy to layer with flannel shirts, corduroy jackets and oversized sweaters.

Insider tip: Because it is made with spandex, it has a nice stretchy material and is very comfortable around the neck. The best part of all is that the slim fit cotton turtleneck tops are longer than regular tops.


Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Top

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Top

This ribbed turtleneck sweater top is designed with lightweight knit and has a silky smooth surface that snugs perfectly against your body.

Insider tip: If you are looking for a pink color turtleneck sweater top, this is your choice!


Cotton Blend Turtleneck Tops

Cotton Blend Turtleneck Top

The unique slim fit style helps you to wear layered clothing and still look slim without appearing bulky. Lightweight cotton blend turtleneck tops are comfortable and breathable because of the basic tee pullover silhouette.

Insider tip: Lightweight and perfect basic essential item that will make you buy more colors.


Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater Top

Ribbed Mock Turtleneck Sweater Top

Are you uncomfortable wearing turtleneck tops? This ribbed mock neck sweater top is for you. The neck height is half the length of the original turtleneck, so it gives slight coverage around the neck and you will feel so much more comfortable.

Insider tip: If you are a Californian, this is the only sweater top you need. Prepare your fall and winter capsule wardrobe with a rich brown and burgundy color. You won’t want to forget about adding a classic black color too.


Rayon Spandex Turtleneck Tops

Rayon Spandex Turtleneck Top

From casual to workwear, this top is perfect for any occasion. Rayon and spandex are great four season friendly clothing materials. Rayon spandex turtleneck tops are a classic old school style that are tight around the neck and don’t slouch.

Insider tip: Lightweight rayon spandex turtleneck tops are soft and thin enough for layering. Be aware that the top is somewhat sheer, so if that is what you are looking for, go for it!


Ribbed Turtleneck Tunic Top

Ribbed Turtleneck Tunic Top

If you love to wear jeans, sweaters, and quilted vests, the ribbed turtleneck tunic top is perfect for you. The tunic length is easy to match with leggings and tights.


Lightweight Long Sleeve Turtleneck Tops

Lightweight Long Sleeve Turtleneck Top

Not too thin and not too thick, great as a layering piece for your winter capsule wardrobe. Lightweight long sleeve turtleneck tops are a little bit see through, especially when underneath lights.

Insider tips: The white or light pink color turtleneck tops are always slightly more sheer. As a result, this might show your bra line or color, so be aware!


Cashmere Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

Cashmere Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

Made with 100% Mongolian cashmere, this soft ribbed material is so warm and cozy. The cashmere ribbed turtleneck sweater is densely knitted and will never pill.

Insider tip: The longer length of this top is so satisfying and will keep you warm or cool depending on temperature.


Thermal Fleece Lined Mock Turtleneck Tops

Thermal Fleece Lined Mock Turtleneck Top

Are you living in an area with brutal winter weather or traveling to icy wonderland this holiday season? Thermal fleece lined mock turtleneck tops are very soft and work well as an extra layer to keep you really warm.

Insider tip: Finally, you can wear a soft layer underneath an itchy sweater and you won’t feel anything!


Chilly weather is all about layering classic and edgy winter basic essentials. Turtlenecks are definitely a timeless essential item that you can comfortably wear with your winter capsule wardrobe.

From work to casual daytime outfits, turtleneck tops are a winter basic item that every woman must have in her closet. Keep warm while looking cool with these turtleneck tops that are guaranteed to save you time when dressing up in the morning.

Do you love mock neck or turtleneck tops?

Share your favorite winter styles with us!


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Turtleneck Tops For Staying Warm While Looking Cool: Winter Basic Essentials

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