Unforgettable Winter Wonderland Wedding DIY Ideas On A Budget

Can’t believe it’s almost December 2017! Which means our 1st winter wonderland wedding anniversary this year! The best part of all is that finally I get to share my own DIY winter wonderland wedding with all of you.


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Winter wonderland wedding sounds a little bit chilly, but it’s one of the most popular themes for weddings. The icy white and blue patterns, frosted trees, and sparkling crystals will help you put together creativity to work and enjoy for your big day.

Unforgettable Winter Wonderland Wedding DIY Ideas On A Budget

Whether you need decorations, favors, or lighting, these are tips and tricks are my top winter wedding ideas for a truly magical event on a budget on your big day!


Unforgettable Winter Wonderland Wedding DIY Ideas On A Budget

1.Wedding Dress & Hair Accessory


The average cost of a wedding dress is around $1,564 in 2016 across the US and has been going up each year.


When I was first doing research about my wedding dress silhouette, my child dream was to design and sew my own wedding dress. I finally get to make the dream come true!


Instead of spending money on purchasing wedding dress, I spend $150~$200 to make the dress. The Lace for the top, the fabric it self cost less than $30 per yard. And the dress and inner fabric I spent less than $25 per yards.


The hair accessory piece I got idea from BHDLN and found the tutorial here.


Unforgettable Winter Wonderland Wedding DIY Ideas On A Budget

2.Photo Booth & Guest Book


To rental photo booth costs around $550~$725 for 3 hours, instead we made our own photo booth table set up with fun prop items, a Fujifilm instant camera and fun glitter pens for guests to show off their creativity on guestbook!

diy wedding album

3.Wedding Album


I am so blessed to I have a family member who is a professional photographer that helped me to capture the most memorable moments. After the wedding, I did research to make my own wedding album through Artifact Uprising. You can not only make wedding albums, but also you can make any kind of photo album. Best part is that you can title and design your own cover, pick the color of the book and place cropped photos wherever you want! Instead of spending in range between $250 to $450 of expensive traditional wedding albums, I spent $69!


diy name tag

4.Name Tag


We had around 90 guests that we celebrated our wedding with! Our family sat down together one evening and together handmade name tags for each guest with cute gold glitter and gemstones.


diy wedding flower centerpiece

5.Flower Centerpiece


Each table came with a white hydrangea floral bouquet on the wood slice board; decorated with gold and natural pinecones! My mother-in-law handpicked all the flowers fresh from the Los Angeles Flower Market for us!


diy wedding guest gifts

6.Guest Gift


My husband and I love nature and outdoor and trees! (Yes, we did 2000 miles hiking together before we tied the knot!) When we were brainstorming for our guest gift idea, we came across to give each of them little pine tree to bring home to. We ordered all these little baby trees here and hand packaged and labeled each individually before our wedding day!

heirloom wedding ring

7.Heirloom Wedding Rings


This is my all time favorite part to share! When he proposed to me and explained the story of the wedding ring, I was so honored to wear it. The heirloom wedding rings are from my husband’s great grand mother and they have been married for 50 years and this ring is over 75 years old! Every jewelry has it’s own story, right? 😉


Flower Bouquet and boutonnière

8.Flower Bouquet and boutonnière


For our flower bouquet and boutonniere, I wanted to match our wedding location and winter wedding theme; picked red roses, pinecones and pine leaves to matched the rustic look. We wanted to go through a local florist which was near Culver City. Bonus, our bouquet and boutonnieres are still alive! We dried them right after our wedding and it survived through our first year of marriage, too!


diy Wedding Officiant

9.Wedding Officiant


Instead of paying from $500 to $800 for a wedding officiant, one of the most memorable event on our wedding was my father was our wedding officiant; that made it much more special than ever!


diy wedding Honeymoon on a budget



Couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon. For our forever honeymoon (that’s what we called), we took our mobile home and had 2 full months of road tripping in California; it was our tasting and testing RV full-time lifestyle. We covered from Big Sur on highway 1 to Las Vegas and Death Valley to Joshua Tree; we boondocked ocean front and survived living in our tiny space!



Our wedding definitely wasn’t super fancy with a gigantic crowd; rather it was the most cozy simple winter wonderland wedding that I could have ever dreamt of!

What are your wedding DIY on a budget tips?


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11 thoughts on “Unforgettable Winter Wonderland Wedding DIY Ideas On A Budget

  1. Lovely post – my partner and I are thinking of eloping, but I love the idea of having a hand on my own dress. and your honeymoon sounds like a dream!

  2. Stunning wedding! My husband and i had a winter wedding and it ended up snowing. I love your ideas especially the flower centre piece and your dress is gorgeous.

  3. I have always imagined making my wedding a DIY wedding but unfortunately, I was based outside of the country so I had no choice but opt in for a package-wedding. I love everything about your wedding! Congratulations!

  4. I should have read this before my marriage (LOL) It’s simple yet beautiful. I have seen naked cakes in wedding nowadays (cheaper than fondants but taste good as well)

  5. What a great post . First one I have ever read about a wedding and your own at that and on a budget too! My blog is all about upcycling and thrifting where possible and I’m very impressed by all the ideas you came up with and also using nature and bringing it indoors to decorate your tables. Well done!

  6. This is so lovely. I always dream to be a wedding planner – I wanted to be surrounded by lovers, good friends and wishes and yes, the flowers and its arrangement – food! wedding souvenirs. I just really like those items. It all brings back because of your post. Great share!

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