Vintage Graphic Tees To Rock All Year Round


Do you own vintage graphic tees that have become a favorite go-to item? Wearing a plain white tee or striped t-shirt is always a great choice to look stylish on a lazy day. But there is something special about vintage graphic tees that effortlessly make you look like a cool fashion girl all year round.

Have you been shopping at vintage boutiques or thrift store? It’s not easy to find high-quality and affordable one-of-a-kind t-shirts that go well with your capsule wardrobe essentials.


Best Vintage Graphic Tees

Vintage Graphic Tees

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Vintage graphic tees make your outfit instantly look fashionable and stylish, no matter how comfy your boyfriend jeans and converse feel. Take a look at these cute vintage t-shirts and pick out the best ones for your personal style!

Vintage graphic tees are a basic item every fashion girl must own. The best vintage t-shirts are fashionable and trendy, so take a look and find the great tees to fit your personal style.


How to find the best vintage t-shirts?

Thrift stores and vintage boutiques are a great place to find the best vintage graphic t-shirts. In addition, there are many brands carry really awesome vintage graphic tees ranging between $35~$200.

From bold to minimal style designs, finding the best vintage t-shirts is tricky. Here are money saving clothes shopping tips to help you find the best vintage tees when shopping for your capsule wardrobe.

Go with concert or rock band tees. Who doesn’t love talented bands and great music? Always stick with bands you actually listen to, and not just attractive vintage t-shirt designs.

If music is not your thing, then choose vintage retro, space, graphic or superhero t-shirts. In addition, consider vintage college tees.

College logo tees or sweatshirts are cheaper and more affordable than rock band tees. Go with smarty-pants colleges such as Harvard and MIT to look intelligently stylish.


How to look good with a graphic t-shirt?

Because there are so many different graphic designs and silhouettes to choose from, it’s not always easy to wear graphic t-shirts like a girl boss. Most of these graphic t-shirts feature clean and straight lines along the shoulders. In addition, these vintage shirts fall straight down over the body and make any body type look flattering.

Depending on your body type, selecting properly and styling the details really helps you to look good in any graphic tees.

  • For a curvy or large bust, simply pair a boyfriend blazer over the top of vintage graphic tees. This will help to create structure and vertical lines, which will make you look longer and distract the focus.
  • For petite, wear a midi length skirt or jeans that hit below the knee or even high-waisted jeans to elongate your body. This creates the illusion of longer legs.
  • For small bust, bigger graphic designs are better. As a result, this adds dimension to your chest and creates more volume. In addition, stay minimalist in the bottom and footwear if you choose loud vintage t-shirt designs.
  • For the athletic figure, either go with cropped length graphic tees or simply tie a knot. Pair with high waisted jeans for a peek-a-boo effect to emphasize your waistline.
  • For broad shoulder figure, always go with a scoop neckline tee. Adding a cute choker or statement necklace helps to transition the point of interest to the neckline instead of the shoulders.

If you are planning to go to music festivals, concerts or outdoor events this season, vintage graphic tees are a must have basic item. Include them into your capsule wardrobe to add a bit of classic flare to your personal style.


Vintage Band Tees

Can’t live without good music? Add vintage band tees featuring your classic favorites. Your wardrobe will instantly look cool and stylish, even though you are having a bad hair day or don’t feel like dressing up in the morning.


Queen Tee

Queen Tee

This subtle distressing and slouchy silhouette Queen tee is so cool. Made with 100% soft cotton, the length of this tee is perfect.

The classic vintage tee is long enough to tuck in with boyfriend jeans or untuck to comfortably wear with leggings. Buy it here!


Pink Floyd Tee

Pink Floyd Tee

Add a little sparkle into your wardrobe with this glitter detailed Pink Floyd tee. It has small holes and worn-out spots to feel like a real vintage shirt.

Made with cotton jersey, this tee is so soft you won’t want to take it off. Buy it here!


The Rolling Stone Tee

The Rolling Stone Tee

It’s the classic Rolling Stone tee made from a vintage wash knit fabric. The slim and relaxed cut goes well with every body type.

If you are looking for an oversized and boxy silhouette with print on both front and back, than this is perfect for you. Buy it here! 


Blondie Tee

Blondie Tee

Cropped style but not too short, this blondie tee is a perfect waist-length that goes well with both mid and high-rise jeans. Buy it here!


Led Zeppelin Tee

Led Zeppelin Tee

Looking for the Led Zepplin North American tour of 1975? This is it!

This vintage graphic shirt has a distressed look with a classic crew neckline. It brings a classy and edgy look to your outfit for the day. Buy it here!


Guns N’ Roses Tee

Guns N’ Roses Tee

Keep alive the memory of the 1991 Guns N’ Roses tour with this black color graphic tee. It’s a classic t-shirt style that is easy to wear, and also pairs well  with bootcut or cropped jeans. Buy it here!


Nirvana Tee

Nirvana Tee

One size fits all with this Nirvana tee. Wear it oversized and dress length to pair with  biker shorts or without, it’s up to you.

This versatile and vintage look will become your go-to t-shirt. Buy it here!


David Bowie Tee

David Bowie Tee

This whimsical David Bowie graphic tee is a cropped style that is perfect for any summer music festival. Easily pair it with a high waisted denim skirt and sneakers, or even skinny jeans to look cute. Buy it here!




If you have a small bust, this KISS tee is perfect to create volume and illusion.

In addition, its not a regular t-shirt length. It is in between cropped and regular length, which makes it comfortable to wear any low or high rise jeans. Buy it here!


Beach Boys Tee

Beach Boys Tee

This Beach boys tee has a pretty sunset retro graphic that goes well with distressed denim jeans. The sleeve hem has frayed detail to give an authentic vintage feel. Buy it here!


Beatles Tee

Beatles Tee

Inspired by The Beatles 1965 album, this Beatles tee is made from a soft cotton and features a dropped short sleeve style to look relaxed.

If you usually wear medium size, this will look slightly oversized. Depending on your silhouette preference, go with one size down to give a more fitted look, or stay true to size. Buy it here!


Retro Tee Shirts

Retro Tee Shirts

Daydream with adorable retro tee shirts. This tee is inspired by the vintage ringer style with a cute front vacation graphic.

Made with 50% modal and 50% cotton, the fabric material feels extremely soft. It’s a cute 70’s style graphic tee that brightens everyone’s day, and is a great conversation starter. Buy it here! 


Superheroes Vintage Graphic Tees

Superheroes Vintage Graphic Tees

Save the world with superheroes vintage graphic tees. Made with super soft cotton knit, this is a relaxed fit construction that you simply can’t resist. Buy it here!


Space Vintage Graphic Tees

Space Vintage Graphic Tees

Space vintage graphic tees are out of this world! The graphics are across the chest and the back. Therefore you are able to observe the sun and moon at anytime. Buy it here!


Black And White Vintage Graphic Tees

Black And White Vintage Graphic Tees

Stay edgy and chic with black and white vintage graphic tees. Explore the desert with cool illustrations on the back and graphic text in the front.

This vintage black and white t-shirt has a relaxed silhouette with a slightly longline length and a drop short sleeve. If it’s too long for your outfit, simply tie in a knot to crop or even wear it loose with leggings. Buy it here!


Outdoor Vintage Graphic Tees

Outdoor Vintage Graphic Tees

Enjoy nature and flowers with adorable outdoor vintage graphic tees. Be aware that this vintage t-shirt is slightly fitted, and also has a tinted yellow color if that’s what you are looking for. Buy it here!


Bold Letter Vintage Graphic Tees

Bold Letter Vintage Graphic Tees

Dark grey bold letter vintage graphic tees are going to rock all year long. If you have had an eye on this style for a long time, you won’t regret wearing it.

This vintage shirt doesn’t fade, and also fits comfortably without looking too baggy. Buy it here!


From cropped to worn-out styles, when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe there are so many vintage graphic tees to choose from. These vintage graphic tees are classic essentials. Easily dress up and down by mixing and matching basic seasonal pieces.

What are your favorite vintage graphic tees?

Share your go-to graphic t-shirts with us!


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Vintage Graphic Tees To Rock All Year Round

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