Most Wanted Winter Work Outfits Every Girl Boss Loves

Every morning, I always struggle so hard to pick what to winter work outfits (yes, while I was living in corporate world), especially when it is super cold. Without coffee on my hand, it’s so much harder than to come up with outfit idea.

Most Wanted Winter Work Outfits Every Girl Boss Loves

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Ideas for arranging your winter work outfits

Whenever winter in around the corner, it’s time for the dark mornings and colder nights.  Sometimes the winter work outfits tend to get boring with black and gray monotone color to make your work day more miserable. Instead, if you have no idea of what your winter work wardrobe should be then below are some simple tips on updating your winter work wardrobe to brighten up this season.


I flip through and get so much inspiration by street fashion style for work attire. Here are my top 10 favorite winter work outfits that every girl boss need to try:


Business winter work outfits


blue black winter work outfits


Turquoise pop color coat dress with statement belt look so chic! Wear any cozy warm tights underneath can warm you up and still be stylish. Roll up your sleeve little to give more relaxed look.


red vintage sweater winter work outfit


Own a red vintage sweater that you can’t live without? Red goes well with light grey, especially long coat.This outfit is more casual work outfit that can also be worn on weekends too!


Formal winter work outfits


grey suit heels winter work outfit


Simple grey suit with Balenciaga pointed kitten heels makes you shine and chic at the business meeting. For the confident booster, this outfit is the go-to.


black mini leather suit winter work outfit


Are you mini leather skirt girl like me? Can’t spend the winter without this. With leather sleeved coat, this outfit is perfect for day to date night with your loved ones after work!

Classy winter work outfits


white shearling fur jacket winter work outfit


Getting way too cold? Shearling Fur jacket with flared pants gives 80s look and still be stylish. Don’t get too fun! Obviously this outfit is more artsy and fun work environment 😉


jacket winter work outfit


Can’t miss tweed jacket for winter and fall. Especially frayed hem tweed jacket with unique pearl button is very Chanelisque!

Sassy winter work outfits


red winter work outfit


Super chic head to toe red jumpsuit with blush color pointed heels. Love this look! Perfect outfit for day to date night this holiday!


blue leather moto jacket winter work outfit


Working in a art department or casual friday? Colored leather moto jacket has been super hot this year and it keeps continuing! If you already have leather jacket, it is time to pull back out again and wear with your favorite graphic t-shirt!


Casual winter work outfits



white black winter work outfit


White and black is classic way to dress to work. Adding elongated suit vest will elevate the look more stylish.




sweater knit dress winter work outfit


Midi Dress has been really popular last season and it’s keep continuing. Any sweater knit midi dress with long coat will give you classic and feminine look (trust me, it’s super comfortable!)


In addition, when I worked in corporate job, I didn’t had enough time to go to mall and try on to figure out my work wardrobe. That was also especially painful, living in the city makes the whole going to mall trip more harsh then ever.


I also started using Stitch Fix monthly subscription box and it was pain FREE for me. I get to try at home and match with my existing clothes and shoes that I have and they also have very great styling that helped me a lot.

stitch fix the gift of style

If you never tried the Stitch Fix is must try subscription box that wardrobe delivers on to your door. I also have special surprise gift for everyone, the styling fee is FREE if you sign up through here.


Hope above top 10 winter work outfits inspire you this season to shake your sleepy closet! What’s your favorite outfit?


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12 thoughts on “Most Wanted Winter Work Outfits Every Girl Boss Loves

  1. boots never go out of style. I love it, especially in winter times. I also love the coat dress and midi dress. Your winter work outfits look fantastic! I wanted them all for myself (LOL)

  2. Oh I wish my work outfits were like that. If it’s a special occasion I’ll go with my trusted leather jacket, black jeans, and a flowy lace top. But that’s usually it.

  3. These are some really great work wear ideas for winter. I loved the red sweater and grey coat and the tweed jacket most of all. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. The stylist website is a great idea! I love the sweater dress. It could almost make me miss the corporate world! Actually, I do miss getting dressed up every morning!

  5. What a great collection! Unfortunately I wear a uniform to work every day. But if I didn’t, I would certainly sport some of these picks!

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