Warmest Winter Hats That Keep Your Hair Looking Great!


Do you ever wonder, why you should wear a hat in Winter? It’s not only to keep your hair looking great or even to be stylish with your outfit. The real reason for wearing the warmest winter hats is to prevent heat loss and keep your body warm.

You don’t need to wear beanies every morning with your winter capsule wardrobe outfits. There are plenty of other type of warmest winter hats that keep your hair looking great! Don’t catch a cold because you aren’t staying warm with the proper accessories like winter gloves and blanket scarves. Dress to impress and stay warm by wearing the warmest winter hats available.


How To Keep Your Hair Looking Great When Wearing With Winter Hats

If you are in a hurry, there are 25 heatless hairstyle that you can use to keep your hair looking great when wearing the warmest winter hats. Over 33,000 people have watched this video to avoid having a bad hair day in winter. Try out these hairstyling tips for yourself!

Now, you’ve got some hairstyle ideas that you can wear with your warmest winter hats. If you already mastered wearing a beanie, then here are a few different types of winter hats that you can try out. Use these heatless winter hairstyles that are guaranteed to go well with your favorite outfits.


Best Types Of Winter Hats

  • Beanie: The beanie is the most casual and chic winter hat that will keep you very warm. It’s a go-to winter head accessories that you can style in the most laid-back manner.
  • Newsboy Cap: Newsboy cap effortlessly adds a unique touch to any outfit. This style of hat creates a sophisticated look when worn with a suit or pencil skirt for work.
  • Fur Hat: Fur hats are sometimes called a Cossack. They naturally give the most warmth back to your head. This head piece is a luxurious item that goes perfect with your trench coat and ankle boots.
  • Trapper Hat: The trapper hat also called the bomber hat, is very useful in harsh winter weather. It covers your ears so that it will also trap the heat to keep you warm when snow storms come.
  • Fedora Hat: Fedora hat is four season friendly and is an elegant essential piece that makes every outfit look chic and edgy.


Is Acrylic Hat Or Wool Good For Winter?

When it comes to shopping for the warmest winter hats, you might be struggling to decide which hat is good for you. It’s not easy to evaluate the hat without testing it outside to know what material you should choose.

Have you heard of hats being made with acrylic or wool fibers?

Wool hats are made from the fleece of sheep, which is a natural fiber. Wool is a bit more expensive than many other materials, but it is well worth the price. In addition, wool hats are water-resistant and also moisture-wicking, so that they keep you toasty and also feel extremely soft on your skin.

Acrylic hats are made with synthetic fibers that don’t breathe well. But, they are the best choice if you have allergic reactions to wool or have sensitive skin.

If you come across, acrylic and wool blended hats, it really depends on the ratio. The different amounts of blended fibers can control the warmth and moisture wicking ability.

Pro tip: Higher acrylic material, the less prone to shrinkage. The more wool content within the hat, the head will be dry of sweat in both cool and warm temperatures.


The Warmest Winter Hats

The trick to wearing the warmest winter hats is to reduce the static and resulting messy hair. Don’t you hate when visiting a place and the moment you take off a hat, your hair is has gone wild! Let’s control our hair and keep it looking great, doesn’t that sound wonderful?


Pom Pom Beanie

Pom Pom Beanie

One size fits all pom pom beanie is perfect to go with your oversized sweater or off-the-shoulder sweater dress with knee high boots. The cute faux fur pom detail makes this slouchy beanie so cute and also adds a unique touch.


Cable Knit Beanie For Women And Men

Cable Knit Beanie For Women And Men

Whether you dress up or dress down, you will still look stylish. This warmest winter hats will keep your hair looking great.

Insider tip: Made with 100% acrylic, this cable knit beanie for women and men is a great choice if you have sensitive skin. It is a high quality beanie that won’t disappoint you and is also perfect for outdoors activities.


Knitted Winter Caps For Ladies

Winter Caps For Ladies

Knitted winter caps for ladies with a fuzzy faux fur lining gives you extra warmth. This two layer design traps the heat and keeps you feeling warm. This hat has lots of room and can easily cover your ears. In addition, it keeps the sun out of your eyes when you are snow skiing.

Insider tip: Super cute hat that is really warm and cozy. You will want to wear this winter hat to comfortably avoid a bad hair day!


Wool Beret

Wool Beret

Wool beret is a stylish fashion item that you can easily wear in winter. In general, it won’t give a lot of warmth to your body compared to many other hat styles. If you are looking to have fun styling with your outfit, grab a red garnet beret to wear with your turtleneck top this winter.


Fleece Lined Slouchy Beanie

Fleece Lined Slouchy Beanie

This fleece lined slouchy beanie with pom pom detail is so cute and perfect for any winter vacation. Inside is well lined with fleece to keep your head warm throughout your trip, don’t want to be catching a cold.

Insider tip: Great price and great quality that won’t be itchy while wearing it all day long. Guaranteed to be much better than you expected!


Fuzzy Bucket Hat

Fuzzy Bucket Hat

Sport meets feminine glam style. This fuzzy bucket hat is a classic style with a cozy texture. Made with a lightweight nylon, it keeps your head and ears warm all winter long.


Faux Fur Trucker Hat

Faux Fur Trucker Hat

This classic faux fur trucker hat is so stylish and will be perfect to wear with your bomber jacket and skinny jeans for casual look. Use the back strap to adjust the size and you are ready to go!


Trapper Hat

Trapper Hat

Made with wool and faux fur, this trapper hat is one size fits all for women and men. Button up the straps on both ears using the flaps down underneath the chin. Will definitely keep you warm and cozy when it is below zero outside.

Insider tip: Stylish and comfortable trapper hat that is perfect for gifting this holiday season.


Wool Felt Fedora Hat

Wool Felt Fedora Hat

Made with 100% wool, this felt fedora hat has a touch of suede braided in the band for comfort. It is a four season friendly classic essential item. Upgrade your outfit with a trendy fall and winter colored hat.

Insider tip: High quality wool felt fedora hat is a great $15 investment to add to your winter capsule wardrobe.


Need help finding the warmest winter hats to go well with your casual and workwear outfits? Finding the right style of warmest winter hats is easy with these simple styling guidelines. Give a finishing touch to your outfit with a must have winter essential accessory. Whether dressing up on a cold winter morning or even packing for your next adventurous winter vacation, be sure to wear the warmest winter hats that keep your hair looking great.

What’s your go-to warmest winter hats?

Share your favorites hat style with us!


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