What To Pack For London In Spring

One of the most challenging tasks in the vacation planning process is deciding what to pack for London in spring. From Big Ben to Kensington Palace, the city is filled with historical sites to explore. The warm spring weather makes sightseeing much more pleasant than during the cold winter season. In addition, there are much less crowds than during the extremely busy summer.

If you are looking for budget saving travel insight, then the best time to visit London is during the spring. Not only is the weather absolutely gorgeous, but you’ll also be able to lighten your suitcase with the best spring outfits to dress up everyday.

Smell the roses and watch the sunset by Big Ben. Dress up with classic wardrobe pieces to stay warm and take a couple Instagram-worthy snapshots to capture the memory. Utilize basic essentials and these styling tips to create daily travel outfits. Therefore, you will have a clear idea what to pack for London in spring without panicking at the last minute.


Travel Packing List For London In Spring

London is a great place to visit, and is also voted number one spring travel destination among tourists. Bring enough lightweight outerwear and comfortable walking shoes. Pack more efficiently by utilizing labeled packing cubes and spacious luggage to organize your clothes.

Its best to start by creating a travel packing list for London in spring. First of all, know what to wear every morning to reduce packing time by 80%. In addition, you will save space in the luggage as well. Packing lightweight is a major step towards traveling on a budget.

Here are style guides and travel outfit tips for what to wear in London in spring.

London is filled with historical monuments that are mixed with a hip young fashion vibe from high-end street fashion to world-famous Oxford Street. Make sure to study travel outfits based on each month.

As a result, you will have a clear idea of what to wear and the different weather conditions you can expect. Save the spring outfit ideas in a fashion planner so you can refer back quickly. Easily use your spring capsule wardrobe essentials to create stylish looks at anytime.

Grab Your Free Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Checklist + Travel Packing List!


Things To Pack For A Vacation To London In Spring

Going on a vacation to London feels very exciting because of the immense history that the city contains. London is a great place to visit during the spring season because the weather is much more enjoyable for outdoor activities.

Before creating cute travel outfits for everyday, make sure to take time to figure out things to pack for a vacation to London in spring. You don’t want to leave behind anything important. Use the travel packing checklist to help you organize all your basic essentials.

Here are the best things to pack for a vacation to London this spring:

With these essential items and travel itinerary filled with fun activities, it’s easy to build personalized outfits. Wear stylish looks everywhere you visit and find hidden gems all around the historic city.


What To Pack For London In Spring

What To Pack For London In Spring

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Utilize spring capsule wardrobe essentials to keep you under budget. No need to splurge on new clothing when you already have flights and hotel accommodations booked. Preplanned cute spring outfits also makes your luggage lighter and is easier to dress up hassle-free each morning.

Keep in mind the best travel tips to prepare a travel itinerary including what to wear everyday. By doing so, it helps you to have a compact suitcase. In addition, downloading this travel packing list app into your smartphone saves space in a suitcase. You will be well organized throughout the trip without the worry of leaving any capsule wardrobe essentials behind.

If you have already searched things to do in London, then you know there are more than popular tourist attractions to visit. Make sure to cover all the sightseeing locations to discover hidden places, events and attractions while in London this spring. Use this travel packing list for London to help you efficiently pack so that you know what to wear to be ready for the springtime vacation.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Pack For London In Spring

jacket / moto jacket / floral dress / white t-shirt / slip dress / scarf / denim skirt / crossbody bag / knee high boots

When the weather is getting slightly warmer, it is perfect opportunity to wear a mini dress with over the knee high boots for a date night.

Watch the sunset and grab some wine to toast the special evening with loved ones. If you plan on wearing dresses, grab a lightweight jacket to make the knee high boots outfits you must try tonight.

Style tip: Forgot to pack a dress for the London trip? That’s ok! Pull out any color jean skirt and we’ll also help you make stylish denim skirt outfits to wear every night.


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Pack For London In Spring

blazer / graphic tee / shirt dress / skinny jeans / cropped jeans / straw tote bag / pump heel / backpack purse / mule shoes

In order to create an edgy style look for the day, learn how to wear a backpack purse to go well with your outfit. Simply wear a knit t-shirt and tuck in the jeans. Make casual chic cropped jeans outfits so you feel comfortable walking around London without getting tired.

Style tip: Are you struggling to decide what to wear with your rock band t-shirt? When traveling abroad, it’s easy to wear jeans with everything. However, avoid dressing up the same thing by knowing how to wear graphic tees like fashion girls around the world.


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Pack For London In Spring

sweater / polka dot top / graphic tees / polka dot skirt / bootcut jeans / denim skirt / ankle boots / flats / hat

It’s not easy to change up quickly from winter to spring when the temperature starts reaching above 50°F during the day in London in spring. However, it is still cool even thought the weather is slightly warmer.

Dress comfortably and wear sweaters during the day. Its best to choose the right color sweater. Especially with a  fun skirt or pants, it’s so much easier to create white sweater outfits to wear from winter to spring.

Style tip: Can’t decide between a polka dot top or skirt to pack for London in spring? Bring both! They are versatile and timeless pieces that create classy polka dot outfits for every occasion.


Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing: What To Pack For London In Spring

denim jacket / puffer jacket / chambray dress / cropped jeans / skinny jeans / cardigan / crossbody bag / sneakers / bucket bag

Casual outfits don’t always have to involve denim jeans clothing. Mix up your travel packing list with a chambray dress outfit. They are not too sheer or thin to wear on a cloudy day with thermal tights underneath.

If you haven’t tried to wear dresses while traveling, then start here. They are comfortable Instagram-worthy outfits every fashion girl packs while traveling to London in spring.

Style tip: Some days in London feel much colder than others. It’s a smart idea to pack a lightweight foldable puffer jacket that is both waterproof and windproof. Grab layers with matching walking shoes to build London street style puffer jacket outfits for each day.


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Pack For London In Spring

red sweater / moto jacket / t-shirt dress / cropped jeans / boyfriend jeans / eyelet top / sneakers / crossbody bag / loafers

Why is every fashion girl crazy about these girl boss red sweater outfits? The reason is because they include the right combination of denim jeans and stylish footwear. Layer cropped or boyfriend jeans to look casual with a moto jacket and create a vintage look.

Style tip: Nowadays everyone wears just about anything with boyfriend jeans. But do you know what top to wear from your capsule wardrobe? Check out the boyfriend jeans outfits so you have a clear idea of what to pack for London in spring.


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Pack For London In Spring

lace top / floral top / denim shirt / skinny jeans / boyfriend jeans / slip dress / mule shoes / belt bag / espadrille

You may feel too dressy wearing a lace top when going sightseeing. But with the right essentials, you can dress down to create lace top outfits that make you look pretty without a doubt.

Style tip: Mix and match classy outfits with a modern twist by adding a belt bag around your waist. It helps you to be hands-free and won’t hurt your shoulder when walking around all day long.

But how to wear a belt bag? Let us show you belt bag outfit hacks so you know what to bring for an upcoming trip.


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Pack For London In Spring

white t-shirt / utility jacket / denim jacket / boyfriend jeans / t-shirt dress / pants / mule shoes / tote bag / sneakers

Even though you are wearing a light knit t-shirt, it is crucial to wear a lightweight jacket to prevent any wind or rain. Utility jacket outfit ideas work in either olive or navy color. No need to add accessories to your simple outfit.

Style tip: If you can’t rely on one jacket, add a jean jacket to switch around. Try the coolest denim jacket outfits to create denim on denim or casual date look to wear almost everyday.


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Pack For London In Spring

sweatshirt / track jacket / striped t-shirt / joggers / leggings / sports bra / shorts / crossbody bag / sneakers 

How do you create a sporty outfit without wearing too much workout clothes? The way you do it is like this. You can keep the leggings, but switch the top to a striped tee. Whether you choose pinstripe or wide black and white stripes, it all goes well with the striped t-shirt outfits you pack.

Choose your outfit wisely so you can walk around Hyde Park and grab a cup of coffee afterwards without changing outfits.

Style tip: When traveling to London, it is crucial to pack the right walking shoes that go well with your personalized style. Feel comfortable wearing sneakers all day long without causing blisters or swollen feet. Pick the right footwear to pack and build your outfits for sneakers later.


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Pack For London In Spring

boyfriend blazer / poplin top / blazer / floral top / pants / slip dress / tote bag / flats / pump heels

Are you planning on a business trip to London this spring? If you need help choosing what to pack for London in spring, then this workwear style guide will help. Pack enough blouses and footwear to create diverse spring office outfits to wear from Monday to Friday.

If you are thinking of extending your stay to further explore the city, try the edgy blazer outfit ideas to elevate your wardrobe. Therefore you can wear to work and also on the weekend.

Wearing heels all the time sounds so painful. That is why many business woman have a pair of foldable flats in a tote bag for work and travel. With these flats outfit ideas, you’ll look professional and fashionable throughout the entire workweek.


From flower shows to gourmet local eateries, enjoy every moment when wearing your favorite travel outfits using spring capsule wardrobe essentials. Maintain a well organized closet full of things every women must have in her wardrobe. By doing so, planning and determining what to pack for London in spring is so much easier than you think. Start your trip by travel on a budget and increase your overall satisfaction.

What do you pack for London in spring?

Share your London packing list for spring with us!


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What To Pack For London In Spring

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