What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

Are you struggling to decide what to pack for New Orleans in winter? It’s not okay if you are spending an entire day to pack for your upcoming travel destination.

New Orleans is known as the best US destination to experience French and Spanish architecture and also listen to upbeat music. Visit the holiday-spirited street decorations in the French Quarter and also eat Creole cuisine at historical local restaurants. Don’t forget to wear comfortable airport outfits so that you are able to head out in the town.

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation getaway with family and friends to get away from harsh winter, New Orleans is the perfect location for everyone. Dress up in cute winter outfits to enjoy fresh made beignets at Cafe Du Monde or even search for wildlife on a thrilling guided swamp tour.

There are many exciting and fun things to do for the entire family. Make sure that you know exactly what to pack for New Orleans in winter so that you are prepared to enjoy your trip.


Travel Packing List For Winter In New Orleans

Its important to have a well organized travel packing list for winter in New Orleans. Even though you have packing cubes or the best suitcase, it doesn’t matter if you are not wearing the proper outfits for New Orleans winter weather.

Whether you are staying in New Orleans for the weekend or for a week long vacation, make sure to pack a couple of the best base layers for cold weather. Grab your fashion planner to help you mix and match your favorite outfits in order to enjoy winter in New Orleans.


Things To Pack For A Vacation To New Orleans In Winter

Because it is so far south, New Orleans experiences slightly different winter weather than many other northern locations. As a result, the things to pack for a vacation to New Orleans in winter becomes challenging. Not only lighter layers like sweaters and quilted vests, but also a couple of more important things you need to pack.

Here are essential things to pack for New Orleans this winter:

There is no snow that you need to worry about in New Orleans, so that is nice. The warm fall-like weather makes travel packing much lighter. You get to have fun with different classic wardrobe pieces using your lighter winter capsule wardrobe essentials.

In addition, you are able to comfortably wear a dress in winter. Don’t forget to utilize these packing tips to lighten up your suitcase. Create unique and personalized looks when travel packing for New Orleans this winter.


What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

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Packing light is not easy if you have a messy and unorganized closet filled with a mixture of seasonal clothing. That is the number one reason why most people spend more than 30 minutes to pack clothes for vacation travel.

If you live in a sunny and warm winter weather place like Los Angeles, or rainy winter region like San Francisco, it won’t be easy to plan what to pack for New Orleans in winter.

Because of less rain and less heat, you need to mix and match your winter capsule wardrobe with other seasonal essentials. As a result, create unique and fun outfits for everyday in your travel destinations.

Use these travel packing tips and best travel packing apps to save time planning what to pack for New Orleans in winter. Furthermore, you will never have a problem packing the wrong items to go with your travel outfits.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

moto jacket / sweater / flannel / turtleneck top / skirt / classic skinny jeans / shorts / heels / ankle boots

Whether you are wearing a skirt or casual jeans, always make sure to layer the top pieces. As a result, its super easy to take off pieces as it warms during the day. Then, throw on a moto jacket to stay warm and look chic in the evening.


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

jacket / blazer / dress / striped top / camisole / joggers / tall boots / fedora hat / tote bag

Dress in an edgy style with black color statement pieces. Add a touch of texture to the look with sleek leather or silk fabrications. Cool accessories like a wool fedora or dainty necklace are great additions to these basic essentials.


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

chunky cardigan / turtleneck top / white sweater / dress / jumpsuit / pants / beret / tote bag / boots

Create a boho look with your packing list for New Orleans in winter. Use diverse textures including wool blend and suede fabrics. Not only is this look stylish, but also adds warmth and insulation on a cold night.


Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

red sweater / cardigan / dress / winter skinny jeans / top / boots / beanie / blanket scarf / boots

Add trendy animal prints or minimalist grid plaid patterns to your casual outfit. It’s not a bad idea to also play around with bright bold colors to beat your dark winter blues.


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

sweatshirt / sweater / top / boyfriend jeans / skirt / thermal leggings / boots / heels / sneakers

Whether you are wearing a chic brand new sweater or vintage sweatshirt, plan a good pair of bottoms to save you time dressing up every morning. Always pack at least 3 different silhouette bottoms for your travel destination so that you cover every occasion.


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

jacket / soft sweater / dress / skirt / thermal leggings / bag / white t-shirt / ankle boots / pump heels

If you are tired of the plaid print pattern, change it up to animal or leopard print in order to create a classy outfit. Timeless print patterns can’t possibly go wrong with every outfit.


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

sweatshirt / lightweight puffer jacket / dress / cropped skinny jeans / tank top / knee high boots / ankle boots / tote bag / beanie

Simple outfits tend to look dull and casual without a puffer jacket. From heavy insulation to lightweight puffer jacket style, choose what to pack for New Orleans in winter based on the weather.

Easily create street style puffer jacket outfits all winter long. Make sure to pack additional casual essentials that go well with your outfits when traveling to New Orleans in winter.


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

puffer jacket / sweatshirt / faux leather jacket / sport bra / thermal leggings / white top / hat / sunglass / sneakers

Whether you are going for a walk tour or for a short hike, start by layering. Simply take off pieces as it warms during the workout, and then throw sporty outerwear over the top when grabbing brunch afterward.

The biggest styling tip to accomplish a sporty outfit is to mix athleisure items and casual clothing together.


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

jacket / mint blazer / wool coat / shirt / camisole / white denim jeans / travel shorts / bootcut jeans / boots

The best basic layers for workwear outfits are a relaxed button-down shirt or camisole top. Always wear classy outerwear that goes well with your winter office outfits to nail the meeting and beat the Monday blues.


Whether you are going to the French Quarter to enjoy Christmas or taking a lovely day stroll on Valentine’s Day, always check the weather before departure. When you travel pack for New Orleans in winter, bring layer-friendly clothing pieces.

As a result, you will be covered with cute winter outfits no matter what from the daytime warm to the evening chilly temperatures. With these packing tips and stylish looks, you will never get bored with your winter capsule wardrobe essentials. In addition, you are sure to bring along your favorite travel essentials.

What do you pack for New Orleans in winter?

Share your light packing tips with us!


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What To Pack For New Orleans In Winter

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