What To Pack For Paris In Spring

Taking extra time planning what to pack for Paris in spring is absolutely reasonable. The romantic city is filled with a classic and modern fashion scene. From the Eiffel Tower to beautiful flower blooms in the Luxembourg Garden, make fantasy bucket list dreams come true.

However, purchasing new outfits for every vacation doesn’t help you to travel on a budget. Whether you are a serious budget traveler or looking for special occasion destinations, Paris is the best place to visit during the spring season. The weather is perfect for using timeless capsule wardrobe essentials to design the best spring outfits.

Sip a cup of coffee at the Cafe de Flore with a great setting for people watching. If you are interested in developing chic Parisian travel outfits, then use your classic wardrobe pieces. It’s never too late, pack personalized clothing and make sure to check the weather before departure. As a result, you will know what to pack for Paris in spring without sticking out like a tourist.


Travel Packing List For Paris In Spring

Paris in spring has slightly cold weather, which requires half lightweight and half winter clothing in order to dress warm and cozy. To make your travel packing list for Paris in spring more efficient, use labeled packing cubes or large sized luggage to organize.

However, it’s best to first arrange your everyday travel outfits. Reference these styling tips by months to reduce packing time by 80%. Therefore you can continue to plan fun things to do Paris this spring.

Use the styling guides to help build and efficient travel packing list for Paris in spring. Here are the best travel outfits to wear in Paris in spring.

Paris is known for its romantic and classic style with a twist of minimalist fashion. Make travel packing easier by using an established capsule wardrobe for every season.

Don’t forget to pack a lightweight rain jacket and umbrella in case of a rainy day or windy conditions. Take full advantage of a fashion planner to record a styling guide and bucket list to reference travel outfits at anytime.

Grab Your Free Spring Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Checklist + Travel Packing List!


Things To Pack For A Vacation To Paris In Spring

As the months go by, spring gradually warms up. In the earlier months like March and April, its still quite cold and feels like light winter conditions. When it comes to figuring out things to pack for a vacation to Paris in spring, make sure to check the weather to better plan indoor or outdoor activities.

The first step you need to take before jumping into creating travel outfits is to evaluate a couple of necessary items. Knowing what to pack for Paris in spring will make your upcoming trip more enjoyable and exciting.

Here are the best essential things to pack for a vacation to Paris this spring:

Build a well-planned travel itinerary. As a result, you will be able to adjust the basic essentials and add unique styling tips to cute travel outfits. Take Instagram-worthy snapshots so that the memories last forever.


What To Pack For Paris In Spring

What To Pack For Paris In Spring

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No need to purchase new clothing just for this vacation. Use capsule wardrobe essentials to help stay on a limited budget, especially when you already maxed out the travel budget with flights and hotels. In addition, having preplanned outfits helps you pack easily and allows you to dress up hassle-free every morning.

Preparing your travel itinerary allows you to decide what to wear everyday. Its not easy without knowing the best travel tips. Keep your focus and pack lightly to make your travel even smoother. If you plan on having international phone service during your trip, then download travel packing list apps to help you out. Be organized and guarantee that you don’t leave any of your everlasting capsule wardrobe pieces or basic essentials behind at home.

From Mother’s Day to Easter, there are unique and memorable things to do in Paris for everyone to enjoy. No wonder Paris is such a romantic and historical place to explore. Know exactly what to pack for a trip to Paris in spring. Discover every hidden gem while in Paris and enjoy your cute travel outfits wherever you go.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

trench coat / sweater / floral dress / skinny jeans / slip dress / silk blouse / sneakers / crossbody bag / heels

Mix spring capsule wardrobe pieces with a feminine and casual style to create a variety of date night outfits. With a couple of lovely and pretty blouses, you can build skinny jeans outfits in a French girl style. Comfortably wear these looks from daytime to evening.

Style tip: It gets slightly cooler at nighttime during the spring season in Paris. Therefore, bring your favorite sweaters to wear over a slip dress or with jeans.

The color of sweater is the key to looking casual all the entire time. It is recommended to choose a red color to brighten up your face and look attractive, no matter if you dress up in pants or a skirt.

Don’t forget how to wear a red sweater outfit like a girl boss. With your basic essentials, you have more than 25 styles to try while in Paris this spring!


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

lace top / moto jacket / cardigan / jeans / skirt / shirt dress / mule shoes / tote bag / flats

From big to delicate flower patterns on lace tops, no wonder why they make every woman look pretty. Parisian girls love to mix and match styles to add a fashionable and interesting touch to every outfit.

In order to build an edgy style, choose classic outerwear to tone down a lace top outfit and make you instantly look edgy.

Style tip: It’s important to know what shoes to pack for Paris in spring. Go casual and comfortable with flats and low heels if you plan on walking a lot. In addition, use these flats outfits and master how to wear mule shoes to have happy feet with a cute outfit for the day.


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

silk blouse / faux fur jacket / shirt dress / bootcut jeans / eyelet top / cropped jeans / loafers / fedora hat / belt bag

If you have been wearing a silk blouse only for work or a special occasion, then we’ve got great news for you. With a couple of spring boho clothing pieces, it’s so much easier to design silk blouse outfits that are casual and versatile. They work perfectly during the spring season in Paris.

Do you feel like you look short when wearing bootcut jeans?

It’s not about having a short leg or wide hips. Actually, it’s easily fixable if you follow these bootcut jeans outfits. The tricks are totally a game changer to make you look taller and skinnier without wearing uncomfortable heels.


Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

gingham top / polka dot top / knit top / boyfriend jeans / bootcut jeans / denim skirt / sneakers / crossbody bag / knee high boots

Upgrade your style by switching to casual clothing like boyfriend jeans. They are relaxed and slightly oversized, which will give you space to breathe and feel cozy. Comfortably wear them all day long instead of skin-tight skinny jeans.

However, they are not easy to pair with tops and outerwear to look like stylish French girls. Make sure to pack various tops and blouses to wear boyfriend jeans outfits everyday in romantic Paris.

Style tip: Always check the weather beforehand. When appropriate, pack over the knee boots. They are a great footwear to wear when you feel like dressing up in a pretty floral dress or mini skirt for a day of sightseeing.

In order to accomplish knee-high boots outfits, you need to think outside of the box. Mix and match seasonal capsule wardrobe essentials to be creative.


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

denim shirt / denim jacket / floral top / cropped jeans / denim skirt / skinny jeans / ankle boots / tights / crossbody bag

Even Parisian girls love denim on denim outfits in the spring season. It’s a perfect travel outfit on a budget to stay stylish and feel comfortable. Bring enough vintage denim clothing to put together classic denim shirt outfit ideas that last all vacation long.

Style tip: It’s not only button-down denim shirts that make you look chic. The key to complement your denim shirt is to have the right denim jacket outfits. They are very hip and wearable 7 days a week. Whether you have a blue or black denim jacket, these styling tips will work no matter what.


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

wool coat / poplin top / utility jacket / backpack purse / boyfriend jeans / skinny jeans / mule shoes / beret / loafers

To establish classy outfits, you don’t need to extend your clothing budget with high-end luxury accessories. These simple utility jacket outfit ideas will help you maximize your opportunities to use every essential you pack for Paris in spring. No items will be left out or unworn.

Style tip: Have you ever experienced wearing a tote bag on one shoulder when traveling and at the end of the day your shoulder hurts so much? Keep the weight on both shoulders by knowing how to wear a backpack purse the fashionable way.

These bags are stylish and spacious enough to carry a lot of daily essentials to catch memorable experiences in Paris.


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

blazer / striped t-shirt / cardigan / graphic tee / cropped jeans / chambray dress / denim skirt / sneakers / straw tote bag

Wearing a dress while walking around and sightseeing all day sounds pleasant. However, bring the right dress to make your trip much smoother and cheerful. Master these chambray dress outfit formulas to emphasize your personal style with a simple outfit for the day.

Style tip: From rock band to classic movies, every fashion girl in Paris has a couple graphic tees to occasionally wear. To make a difference, take the challenge for how to wear graphic tees like a Parisian. Let us know which style works the best for you!


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

bomber jacket / white t-shirt / t-shirt dress / classic skinny jeans / leggings / sports bra / sneakers / cap / gym bag

Whether you plan on going to the gym or take a power walk around the city, bring enough workout clothes to maintain your daily routine. But, you don’t want to look like you are going to the gym when stepping out for a cup of coffee and pastry in your sporty outfit.

Mix your workout clothes with skinny jeans. It’s surprisingly drop-dead gorgeous to wear with skinny jeans outfits on repeat without going to the gym.

Style tip: Wearing comfortable shoes for wide feet is crucial for a long-walking day while traveling. It doesn’t mean you can ignore the outfits that go well with sneakers. Try these head-to-toe comfortable looks with your favorite walking shoes.


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Pack For Paris In Spring

boyfriend blazer / lace top / sweater / pants / cropped pants / slip dress / mule shoes / tote bag / pump heels

Isn’t it wonderful to fly to Paris for a business trip or conference meeting? That means packing a variety of outfits to cover from workday to happy hour afterwards. Pack enough capsule wardrobe pieces to discover individual spring office outfits. Please your fashion senses both day and night without worrying about what to wear to the office every morning.

Style tip: There are two items that you must-pack for any business trip: blazer and dress. Whether you bring various tops and blouses, complement the look you need with edgy blazer outfit ideas. Elevate your style and give a personal touch to your wardrobe.

Furthermore, not all dresses are the same. If you are not a fan of big printed dresses, stay minimal with a midi length black silk slip dress. Provide a mixture of feminine and classy collections with gorgeous slip dress outfits to wear both day and night.


Watch the sunset on the Seine or take a stroll at the Jardin des Tuileries to smell the roses. Take a moment to enjoy the day with your favorite travel outfits using spring capsule wardrobe items. No matter what you wear for a trip, know exactly what to pack for Paris in spring. Start your vacation by traveling on a budget and sticking to travel outfits using classic wardrobe pieces.

What do you pack for Paris in the spring?

Share your Paris packing list for spring with us!


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What To Pack For Paris In Spring

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