What To Wear In Barcelona In June

Barcelona does have its own dress code, so why not indulge in the local fashion to blend in a bit more? We will guide you towards the best summer outfits to help you plan what to wear in Barcelona in June.

After all, Barcelona has become a fashion epicenter for Europe. This guide features outfit inspirations for what to wear in Barcelona in June. Check out what trends and casual wear to look for when planning your trip.

Use this checklist when planning what to pack for Barcelona in summer. The travel packing list is complete with the must have essential things to pack for a vacation to Barcelona this summer. After reading through these articles, you will be well prepared for your summer vacation to the Mediterranean coast.


Is June a good time to visit Barcelona?

June is considered one of the best months to visit Barcelona. Because of the Mediterranean breeze, you’ll never want to leave this ideal climate.

Part of your summer capsule wardrobe essentials has to include the latest in swimwear. Going for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea should be at the top of your bucket list of activities.

Most people go to Barcelona to experience live music at Primavera Sound. Not only have some of the biggest names in music performed there, but also look up the festival lineup to see the current list of bands that are playing.

Once the daytime calms down and you’re looking for a place to dine, look into the incredible rooftop terrace dining options that are available. The weather is perfect for outdoor dining in the evening.


Barcelona Weather in June

Assemble your favorite summer travel outfits because the weather is glorious this time of year. No one could ask for better weather than Barcelona in June. Everything smells sweet and delicious with the soft summer air.

Weather in Barcelona in June:
Average High: 80°F / 27°C
Average Low: 68°F / 20°C
Amount of Rain: 3 Days
Average Precipitation: 1.1 inches / 2.8 cm
Average Humidity: 71%
Daylight: 15 Hours

The temperature has been known to jump up to the mid-to-upper 80s, yet the evenings are a serene blend of 60 °F.

If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll notice a change in your skin texture as well. The humidity in the air will keep your skin smooth and moist. We hope you choose to explore what Barcelona has to offer in June, at least for the enjoyment of the excellent weather. 


Is Barcelona hot in June?

Definitely not! Expect humidity and warm breezes since you’re right next to the Mediterranean. When choosing what to wear in Barcelona in June, pack breathable and light clothing.

Layers may not be needed at all for this trip. However, packing a lightweight rain jacket is encouraged because rainstorms tend to happen unexpectedly. 

The only time you may experience a cold spell is in the evening. If you tend to feel a bit chilly, more so than others, take a lightweight sweater or cardigan that will pair well with your outfit selection. 


What To Wear In Barcelona In June

The best summer outfits to wear in Barcelona is June include colorful flowy tops. These can be blouses, tank tops, sleeveless tops, etc. Slightly open button-down shirts and V-necks are often seen being worn around the city. In addition, dresses tend to be more floral and colorful.

While the dress code tends to show more bare arms, the skirts go to about the lower thigh or kneecap in length. No need to bring ridiculous short skirts, or even cut-off shorts. This will look less than casual, and also not the proper attire for a lunch or dinner setting. 

While in Barcelona, you’ll notice everyone prefers designer brand fashion. Take a look into the boutiques and shops when you arrive, and also bring your own designer styles along. If you really want to stay on top of things, look up which designer is on trend this season in Barcelona. 


Date Night Outfit

Enjoy your date night with this outfit. From white linen midi dress to structured denim jacket to stay flattering.
source: @kimberlyvictoriaa

Try a date night outfit with this 3 color palette: Medium Blue, White, and Warm Grey. Planning what to wear to date night is not easy.

For the summertime, go easy and wear a white linen dress and throw on a structured denim jacket to revamp your casual date look. From day to night, you are covered with this look!


Edgy Style

Dress up in head to toe black by wearing black slip dress. They are the edgy style look that you can copy to wear in Barcelona in June.source: @dior.bunny

Wear an edgy style with a 3 color palette: Black, Sea Foam, and Charcoal. Would you love to wear head-to-toe black in summer?

Grab your favorite black slip dress that is most popular right now to pair with sneakers. Whether it is skin tight or loose fitting, you look fabulous wearing this classic wardrobe piece.

Style tip: Don’t you love having an everyday go-to outfit when you don’t know what to wear today? Try these gorgeous slip dress outfit and you’ll be loving each way to style the look. 


Boho Clothing

Red graphic t-shirt and denim shorts are perfect for summer season. Grab your boho clothing to enjoy Barcelona in June.source: @kate_labetskaya

Create a boho clothing outfit with this 3 color palette: Black, Red, and Light Blue. Pair your favorite vintage graphic tee and denim shorts for a boho-chic look.

The looks are not too casual nor too dressy. As a result, they are perfect pieces to wear in Barcelona in summer. 


Casual Clothing

Boyfriend jeans are must-have essentials for casual clothing for Barcelona in June.source: @mrs.svetlana_sorych

Build a casual clothing look with this 3 color palette:  Black, White, and Light Blue. The distressed and ripped boyfriend jeans are four seasons travel friendly. Wear with a sleeveless top and button-down shirt for a casual weekend look that creates a stylish outfit. 

Style tip: From spring to winter, there is one item that Fashion Girls are wearing everyday, boyfriend jeans. Whether or not you have tried them, use these boyfriend jeans outfits as a starting point to be on trend today. 


Vintage Clothing

Upgrade your white t-shirt by hand embroidering to wear with your summer casual skirt as vintage clothing that you can wear in Barcelona in June.source: @mille.noergaard

Try vintage clothing with this 3 color palette: White, Black, and Off-White. Do you have a plain white t-shirt that you are tired of wearing?

Don’t throw them away! Instead, use this tutorial and learn how to hand embroider a shirt. As a result, you can continue wearing them with your personalized capsule wardrobe.

From hand heart designs to inspiring quotes, you name it, we’ve go you covered. It won’t take you much, all you need is 5 minute to embroider a shirt and upgrade your style. 

Style tip: Wear with jeans or a casual summer skirt. From mini to maxi length, there are many ways to fully enjoy your embroidered t-shirt. 


Classy Outfit

The striped travel shorts are perfect classy outfit piece that you can easily wear to Barcelona in June.source: @nastyamamma

Wear a classy outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Black, and Pastel Pink. There is something about striped travel shorts that totally brings a classy outfit to life. Even though you are wearing a casual white tank top, it still makes the look so special. 

Style tip: Do you have dressy shorts to wear this summer? Don’t get discouraged when you don’t know what to wear with them. Here are the styling tips to create one-of-a-kind shorts outfits you can try with your capsule wardrobe essentials. 


Simple Outfit

This cute white button-down romper look good with classic sunglasses as simple outfit to wear in Barcelona in June.source: @sofiafahlstedt

Create a simple outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Black, and Charcoal. To make your simple outfit stand out, you need to wear this white romper with Birkenstocks. The button-down collard playsuit looks extra cute on you while wearing classic sunglasses with it. 


Sporty Outfit

Don't forget to wear comfortable sneakers to pair with your sporty outfit. They are super cute to wear in Barcelona in June.source: @leajplf

Dress up in a sporty outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Black, and Wine. When deciding what to wear In Barcelona in June, go with a street style sporty outfit.

Start with wide leg pants and a crop top, then finish your look with these classic sneakers. They are comfortable, affordable, and stylish so that you don’t hurt your feet or ruin the outfit. 

Style tip: Have you tried these fashionable sneakers outfits? From date night to business casual, it is possible with the right sneakers. Pair together your capsule wardrobe collection to wear these looks right now. 


Workwear Outfit

Grab your favorite boyfriend blazer to accomplish this workwear outfit to wear in Barcelona in June.source: @brightwhitewolf

Build a workwear outfit with this 3 color palette: Light Grey, White, and Pastel Pink. From Monday to Friday, all you need is a relaxed white boyfriend blazer. It looks good with a camisole top and crop pants for casual Friday.

If you plan to take a business trip to Barcelona in June, prepare your summer office outfits to dress up for work. Bring along classic items in order to mix and match your stylish look. 


When you have no clue what to wear in Barcelona in June, start with your capsule wardrobe essentials. Determine what occasion you are going to, and then plan sophisticated outfits that you look forward to wearing. With the information in this style guide, you will have a clear idea how to look stylish and elegant no matter what. From casual coffee date to fun evening outing, enjoy your outfit everyday.

What do you plan to wear in Barcelona in June?

Share your chic outfits for Barcelona this summer with us!


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What To Wear In Barcelona In June

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