What To Wear In Dubai In April

Experience a magical evening by tent camping in the desert underneath the star filled sky. We’ll help you plan what to wear in Dubai in April so you have compact and lightweight luggage to travel with.

From sandboarding to private dinner in the desert with traditional Arabian cuisine, there are fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Other than only viewing high rise building and skyscrapers, venture outside the box. Enjoy everyday in the desert by wearing the best spring outfits. Include comfortable walking shoes to view the outdoor locations and popular tourist attractions.

When the temperature hits above 80°F in the spring season, it’s not easy to stick to the specific dress codes in the public places. But, you need to be aware of the local customs when traveling to Dubai. Wear travel outfits that do not have low-cut necklines or bare arms showing.

Use classic wardrobe pieces instead of buying new clothes for this vacation. Always plan travel outfits ahead of time to avoid spending extra money and time to dressing up each morning. Be prepared with what to wear in Dubai in April so that you respect local customs.

This travel packing list will help you plan what to pack for Dubai in spring. The packing checklist includes important things to pack for a vacation to Dubai in spring. As a result, you will have a clear idea what to wear in Dubai in April and won’t leave behind necessary items for your vacation.


Is April a good time to visit Dubai?

If you are planning indoor activities like Ski Dubai, IFLy or the VR room, April is a good time to visit Dubai. Add plenty of indoor sightseeing activities to your travel itinerary because Dubai has sandstorms during this month.

The storms reduce visibility and cover the city with debris. However, on a clear sky day, visit Dubai Safari Park and get to see 2,500 wild animals featuring 250 species from the middle of the desert.

Plan what to wear in Dubai in April so that you are prepared for any occasion. This style guide full of outfit ideas will help you assemble chic and stylish looks to wear everyday.


Dubai Weather In April

Dubai weather in April is starting to get hotter and hotter. The average temperature reaches over 90°F during the daytime and lowers to 70°F in the evenings and morning time.

Even though the weather is hot, make sure to adhere to the dress code when in public. Even though you feel like wearing sleeveless tops or short shorts, you must dress in long sleeves and long pants. In case you only packed low V-neck t-shirts, add oversized scarves or a shawl to cover the bare skin to respect the culture.


Is Dubai hot in April?

Dubai is hot in April, but not yet unbearable. Actually, April is the most beautiful weather in Dubai. The warm temperatures and low humidity make it enjoyable to swim in the ocean and cool down the heat during the day.

The great news is that there is zero chance of rain storms in Dubai this month. However, consider bringing lightweight long sleeve shirts and bottoms for going to Jumeirah Mosque to learn about traditional culture and art.


What To Wear In Dubai In April

It is a great time to visit Dubai in the spring season. There activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy, both indoors and out. From Dubai Miracle Garden to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, there are many places to visit in the city. If you have any outdoor activities planned, avoid the outside between 12 pm to 5 pm when the sunlight is most direct and way too hot.

Explore the nature and historical sites by dressing in spring travel outfits. Understand absolutely what to wear in Dubai in April. Do not dress too bare to disrupt the customs and dress code in Dubai.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @andaslife

Create a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: Charcoal, Black, and White. Enjoy a dinner date in your favorite lace top to make you feel extra pretty when dressing up tonight.

If you plan on wearing a dress or skirt, you don’t necessarily have to wear heels all the time. For a classic Audrey Hepburn look, grab ballerina flats with a round-toe silhouette to complement the timeless style.

Style tip: Do you know what else looks good with flats? From jeans to a t-shirt, there are many capsule wardrobe essentials to assist. Here are flats outfit ideas to help you dress to impress everyday.


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @annakhan25

Wear an edgy style with this 3 color palette: White, Black, and Cobalt Blue. When the temperature enters into the 80s, it’s hard to look good in a blazer. That is why you need a linen boyfriend blazer to look relaxed and casual rather than be too dressy. Pair it with chic faux leather leggings to accomplish a monochrome look this spring in Dubai.

Style tip: How do you elevate your wardrobe? The easiest way to dress the issue is by using edgy style blazer outfit ideas. By doing so, you can wear to work and also on the weekend without appearing too dressy.


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @andaslife

Build boho clothing with a 3 color palette: White, Red, and Beige. Enjoying a cup of iced coffee with a rooftop view in Dubai sounds like a bucket list dream come true.

Dress up in your favorite pretty summer rompers to match with a straw hat. As a result, you will avoid any direct sunlight on your face while relaxing outside.


Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @agent_blonde777

Wear a casual outfit look with this 3 color palette: Off-White, Medium Blue, and White. Button up a ruffled poplin top and tuck it into high waisted boyfriend jeans for the to-go style. Whether you choose ruffle detail or a classic oversized silhouette, you’ll look gorgeous no matter what bottom you wear.

Style tip: To stay comfortable and stylish while traveling to Dubai, it is recommended to wear roomy boyfriend jeans with a slightly fitted silhouette. After finding the perfect pair of jeans, all you need is to be creative using outfits with boyfriend jeans to wear daily.


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @zhenyamelay

Create vintage clothing with a 3 color palette: Grey, Peach, Light Pink. Exploring the world-famous Dubai mall is exciting! When going to a mall, dress up in a comfortable t-shirt dress and denim jacket because indoors tend to be blasting with air-conditioning.

Bring a medium-sized backpack purse to carry daily essentials, and also to complement your outfit for the day.

Style tip: Have you been only carrying a crossbody bag? If so, it’s time to change up your bag habit. Upgrade your style by understanding how to wear a backpack purse with things every woman must have in her closet. Save time and money effectively dressing up wherever you go.


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @funnyclyde

Try a classy outfit look with this 3 color palette: Medium Blue, Navy, and White. The number one spring style every fashion girl loves is denim on denim. Easily accomplishable when you need help deciding what to wear in Dubai in April.

Even though it is above 90°F, pair classic skinny jeans with a light washed denim shirt to create this look. Next, you need to style the right way to stay cool on a hot day. Simply tie the shirt bottom to make a shorter length that will balance the proportion.

Style tip: How do you wear skinny jeans when it is so hot outside? By mixing capsule wardrobe essentials and these styling tips. Skinny jeans outfits help to relieve the hot weather when you are exploring the desert city.


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @kylieshaynego

Dress up a simple outfit look with this 3 color palette: Medium Blue, Brown, and Beige. Ditch your jeans and top to go with this seasonless chambray dress for the day. It’s a perfect travel dress that you’ll never get tired of wearing because it looks good during all four seasons.

Style tip: It feels like there is no other way to look stylish with a simple dress. But with the right accessories and footwear, you’ll end up with the proper formulas. Here are chambray dress outfits to wear anytime, especially when in Dubai in April.


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @missaestheticbeauty

Build a sporty outfit look with a 3 color palette: White, Blue Grey, Light Grey. Whether you going for a workout or just feel like grabbing brunch afterwards without changing, wear a cropped white t-shirt and color blocked leggings. It’s a simple and sporty outfit that you can put together for any activity.

Don’t forget to pack comfortable stylish sneakers to complete the outfit. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with tired feet at the end of the day.

Style tip: Blouses tend to get wrinkled easily when travel packing. As a result, you may want to bring a knit t-shirt to travel with. That is totally understandable! Bring enough tees so you can try out these white t-shirt outfits for every occasion.


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Wear In Dubai In April

source: @rowananahar

Create a workwear outfit look with a 3 color palette: White, Mustard Yellow, and Light Blue. Do you have a hard time to pack for a business trip?

From blazers to silk blouses and pants, there are many items you need to pack in order to create the best spring office outfits. With the right clothes, you’ll have a clear idea of what to wear in Dubai in April to start the day hassle-free.

Style tip: Revamp your workwear outfits with peep-toed mule shoes instead of pump heels. This pair of shoes looks gorgeous and is also professional with your outfit.


From Dubai Opera to Louvre Abu Dhabi, spend a hot April afternoon by seeing the collection of Eastern and Western art that is worth the short drive from Dubai. Take time to pack and plan every outfit based on your travel itinerary and current weather temperatures. Decide what to wear in Dubai in April using spring capsule wardrobe essentials. Stay on a budget and dress up everyday in feel-good looks and chic fashions.

What do you plan to wear in Dubai in April?

Share your fashionable Dubai travel outfits with us!


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What To Wear In Dubai In April

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