What To Wear In Florida In July 

A lot of swimsuit outfits and sheer clothing. It’s not unusual to see tourists walking around in a swimsuit that has a coverup over it. This is specifically what to wear in Florida in July for your summertime beach vacation.

One of the key “don’t” fashion rules in Florida during summer, is don’t wear anything too constricting on your body. You’ll end up feeling over heated if you wear excessive coverage.

What summer capsule wardrobe essentials should you travel with? A decent selection of lightweight t-shirts. While packing for a summer trip, we can’t forget the basic commodities that are most needed. Why t-shirts? Because it’s always (besides a beach towel) the first thing we grab after getting out of the water. 

Florida is a hotspot for fashion forward looks and trendy lifestyles. If you are into local fashion and style trends, then Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and Coconut Grove are the best places to visit. 

So, what to pack for Florida in the summer? That’s easy! All your fun, bright, lightweight summer outfits are required for this trip. Use the travel packing checklist to help you efficiently plan. Be prepared with all the important things for a vacation to Florida this summer.


Is July a good time to visit Florida? 

Yes, July is a good time to visit Florida. However, you will be met with a lot of tourists in Florida because July is the peak month for summer travel in the state.

As a result, there are quite a bit of fun activities and events held throughout the summer season. You are also able to meet people from various states and different countries.

Because Florida has cultivated a vast tourism center, the state has an interesting dress code. From traditional Cuban prints to neon-colored bikinis, you will also encounter every type of flip flop footwear imaginable. 


Florida Weather in July

The Florida weather in July is wet. Not all the time, but Florida receives the humidity from the sea air off the Gulf of Mexico. The first rule of thumb, if your hair is easily affected by humidity, then have a few backup hairdos planned.

Weather in Florida in July:
Average High: 92°F / 33°C
Average Low: 75°F / 24°C
Amount of Rain: 13 Days
Average Precipitation: 7.6 inches / 19.3 cm
Average Humidity: 73%
Daylight: 14 Hours

What about what to wear in Florida in July because of the rainy weather? Ponchos are highly popular with local Floridians. Even though July sees a fair share of wet weather, the rain doesn’t last throughout the entire day.

There will be odd rain showers for 5 minutes here and 20 minutes there, right before the sun breaks through the clouds again. Its recommended that your best summer outfits contain a simple water-proof jacket that can be easily stowed away. 


Is Florida hot in July? 

Yes, Florida is hot in July. The summertime temperatures range for 80 to 100 degrees during the day. The heat is exaggerated by the extreme humidity. The thick air sticks to your body and makes you feel moist and sweaty.

To put it mildly, even Florida nights are not cool or breezy. Instead during the evening, the temperature may drop to around 65-70 degrees. However, the hot and humid weather tends to stay throughout the entire summer. 


What To Wear In Florida In July 

Now we want to keep the focus on what to wear in Florida in July? Include items that will not overheat or constrict your body. And for the “do not” portion of your Florida outfits? Leave the jewelry at home. Accessories in the Sunshine State should only be sunglasses and maybe a floppy beach hat. 

Rompers are also an excellent choice to switch it up from sundresses and shorts. You’ll feel like wearing a swimsuit for every event in Florida in July. Not only because it will be comfortable, but also because the heat can be so intense during the summer. While keeping that thought in mind, pack any summer travel outfits that work well for the hot and humid weather.


Date Night Outfit


Date Night Outfit: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @remyswopes

Wear a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: Raspberry, Dark Brown, and Taupe. Don’t know what to wear in Florida in July when going out tonight?

Go with strapless romper to keep you flattering and feeling playful. To help the leg-lengthening effect, go with taupe color suede block heel sandals that give you the extra height that you need. 


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Wear In Florida In July


source: @kristaperez

Create an edgy style with this 3 color palette: White, Light Brown, and Charcoal. A white linen dress always makes you feel breezy and stylish. Perfect for Independence Day and many more summer outdoor events.

Pair with a cute straw tote bag and head out to celebrate the moment. 

Style tip: You may find that a straw bag is hard to look good with every outfit, or even assume it is only a fashion forward bag for the summer season. However, this trendy bag is actually for all year round. Learn how to wear a straw bag with every capsule wardrobe essential and make it happen. 


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Wear In Florida In July


source: @cestlestyle_

Build a boho clothing style with a 3 color palette: Apricot, Medium Navy, and Brown. The colored poplin shirt with stunning statement sleeve is so elegant when paired with high waisted cropped jeans.

This primary color palette is inspired by Spanish architecture. This is all you need to recreate this boho style look.

Summer season doesn’t have to be all white clothing. With proper color combinations, going with a bold color is not a bad idea. 


Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @jennabowman

Try a casual outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Light Taupe, Beige. Tuck your favorite vintage graphic tee into comfortable travel shorts that are secure, functional, and fashionable. Because it is summer season, you need a mesh tote bag to carry instead of any other bag style. 

Style tip: When it’s hot, you may end up wearing the same shorts all the time. That is why it’s recommended preparing dressy shorts outfits to wear for every occasion. Mix and match your capsule wardrobe and try these outfit inspirations for yourself before the summer ends. 


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @meghan_lanahan

Wear a vintage clothing with a 3 color palette: Off-White, White, and Light Grey. Do you have cute cover-ups that you can wear as a dress on top of a swimsuit?

Having a versatile caftan tunic is a great investment for any beach vacation. Instead of wearing a regular dress, having a couple of stylish swimsuit outfits handy will save your sanity. 


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @tiffanygeovana

Create a classy outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Black, and Light Blush. Do you know how to wear monochrome during summer?

It’s all about going lightweight on top such as lace trim detailed camisole top and classic black skinny jeans at the bottom. Great ways to look classy for work, and also for going out. 

Style tip: Having a go-to layering piece, such as cami top, makes every wardrobe chic and elegant. No wonder you can wear these camisole outfit ideas all year long. 


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @katryn.nicole

Dress up in a simple outfit with a 3 color palette: Plum, Dusty Rose, and Medium Brown. The classic way to dress up a simple outfit is going with one piece garments like playful rompers.

They are fun to wear and also keep you cool. An off-the-shoulder style with 3/4 sleeve silhouette gives you just enough balance between bare and coverage. 


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @kaylamsanderson

Build a sporty outfit with this 3 color palette: Black, Medium Blue, and Electric Pink. Taking a day hike is always a fun thing to do on a gorgeous weekend.

Wear a comfortable t-shirt and leggings. In addition, throw on a denim jacket in case of little chill in the morning or to keep you warm while indoors.

If you plan on more day hiking activities, prepare summer hiking outfits to have stylish looks when its hot outside. 


Workwear Outfit

WorkwearOutfit: What To Wear In Florida In July

source: @meghan_lanahan

Try a workwear outfit with a 3 color palette: Light Grey, White, and Beige. No matter what you wear, carrying the right bag determines the entire look. It can ruin or upgrade your office appearance.

Therefore, go with a spacious work and travel friendly tote bag. Every Fashion Girl owns a favorite bag that goes well with their summer office outfits.


From holiday to beach vacation, there are lots going on this month. Know what to wear in Florida in July to keep you stylish and cool whatever you do. Use your favorite summer capsule wardrobe essentials and these styling tips that come highly recommended by local fashionistas.

Which summer outfit for Florida would you wear?

Share what you plan to wear in Florida in July with us!


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What To Wear In Florida In July

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