What To Wear In Iceland In March

Celebrate and experience the diverse culture at the Reykjavik Folk Festival with local folk music and traditional food. Let us help you plan what to wear in Iceland in March to explore history in a great family-friendly atmosphere.

From National Beer Day to DesignMarch, you won’t run out of ideas for what to do in Iceland in March. Prepare the best spring outfits using capsule wardrobe essentials to comfortably explore the countries natural beauty and creative art.

It is exciting to plan a trip to a whimsical travel destination like Iceland. By wearing cute travel outfits featuring classic wardrobe pieces, you will improve spending habits and keep under budget. Understand exactly what to wear in Iceland in March so you don’t do any unnecessary clothing shopping.


Is March a good time to visit Iceland?

March is still a good time to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights. In addition, it is one of the nation’s least busy times. This will allow you to enjoy the popular tourist attractions without very many crowds.

If you plan on a self-driving tour to explore Iceland, then rent an affordable car that is four wheel drive and capable of traversing snow and ice. Always check the weather and road condition before venturing out for the day.


Iceland Weather In March

Iceland weather in March is still adjusting from the harsh winter. You may expect some rainy and windy days. The average temperature reaches about 40°F during the daytime and 24°F in the early morning and evening time.

Depending on the daily temperature, expect either rainfall or snow. Be aware of the current conditions when deciding what to pack for Iceland in springThis style guide will make sure you know what to wear in Iceland in March. Use the travel packing list for Iceland to prepare the necessary things for a vacation in spring.

Because the weather is still cold, it feels like winter weather for most other regions of the world. It is possible to still be able to hunt for Northern Lights and have a chance to go ice caving this month. For this reason, it is still a popular month to visit Iceland with affordable flights and hotel prices.


Is there snow in Iceland in March?

During the month of March, the average rainfall in Iceland is over 3 inches, which is the highest total of the year. However, it can be either rain or snow, just depending on the temperature that day. But in general, you’ll only see the snow on the mountains, and not on the valley floors.

Always check the weather and be prepared with what to wear in Iceland in March. Create spring travel outfits with the best base layers to keep you warm and dry all day long. Maintaining multiple layers will keep you feeling lightweight for outdoor activities rather than using bulky heavy outerwear.


What To Wear In Iceland In March

From the beautiful waterfalls at Gullfoss to the world famous Blue Lagoon, there are many places to visit in Iceland. Formulate your bucket list and make dreams come true. Start planning itinerary first in order to create everyday spring travel outfits that can keep you warm and looking stylish.

Use spring capsule wardrobe essentials to make cute outfits so you know exactly what to wear in Iceland in March without spending a dime. By doing so, you’ll save time dressing up in the morning and keep your luggage light and compact for easy travel.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @jingle_belle_

Wear a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Black, and Grey. Enjoy taking a stroll and watch the sunset near the Glacier. Even though you decide to wear a skirt for the day, bundle up in a seriously soft and warm sweater and fleece-lined leggings to look cute and keep warm.

Stay in monochrome color palette, but keep in mind a variety of textures from shiny to fuzzy.

Style tip: To impress a date, it’s all about what sweater color you decide to wear tonight. Instead of black or pink, try white sweater outfits to brighten your skin complexion and glow all night long.


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @jemerced

Create an edgy style with this 3 color palette:  Black, Warm Grey, and White. Looking for other outerwear ideas rather than a down jacket?

Go simple and classic with an oversized wool coat to layer with chic tall boots for extra warmth.

Style tip: A heavy coat looks good with a convertible leather crossbody bag. Either carry your bag with the handle or over the shoulder for a hands-free option.


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @annamaxnyc

Build boho clothing with a 3 color palette: Taupe, Light Brown, and Black. Take a day trip to South Shore by car to explore Mother Nature’s beauty. Dress in leggings and a long lightweight rain jacket to prevent wind and drizzly weather.

Style tip: Picking the right comfortable walking boots is essential when it comes to deciding what to wear in Iceland in March. Go with fashionable, waterproof and warm snow boots to pair with your travel outfit.


Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @hey_may_jay

Wear a casual outfit look with this 3 color palette: Light Grey, Orange Red, and Black. When it is gloomy and feels cold outside, layering might not be the only answer. Pack oversized cozy blanket scarves in a backpack purse to keep in the body heat when its freezing.

Style tip: Wearing a pair of gloves and carrying a bag throughout the day is inconvenient. That is why it’s best to travel with a backpack purse. It is practical and spacious to carry daily essentials for hiking and walking tours. Before putting together the outfit, successfully learn how to wear a backpack purse with capsule wardrobe pieces.


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @qqjie_612

Create vintage clothing with a 3 color palette: Light Grey, Medium Blue, and Black. Its comfortable to wear head-to-toe black everyday.

Adding a cool girl denim jacket is a great additional item to break up the outfit. It’s the perfect outerwear to go well with black clothing. In addition, this spring wardrobe piece won’t make you look too heavy and bulky.

Style tip: Does black only look good with denim? The answer is in the coolest denim jacket outfits. Whether you have a dark washed or light washed jean jacket, it works in every color.


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @forwhitesonly

Try a classy outfit look with this 3 color palette: Cream, White, Latte. Take a day trip to the town of Reykjavik to explore the streets with your layered classy outfit.

Instead of wearing snow boots, go with a pair of pointy toe ankle boots. They are the perfect footwear to wear all day long without causing any blisters or sore feet.


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @missviirgiiinparis

Dress up a simple outfit look with this 3 color palette: Dark Navy, Mustard Yellow, and Light Mocha. Feel effortless with your super classic skinny jeans and lightweight puffer jacket when taking a one hour day hike to the Glacier.

The trail is not advanced, therefore you won’t need any extra gear. All you need is a comfortable warm outfit and sneakers for the day.

Style tip: Skinny jeans are great travel pants that you can easily dress up and down every morning without thinking too much. But if you’re feeling stuck choosing what to wear today, start with these repeatable skinny jeans outfits.


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @ellie_sherlock

Build a sporty outfit look with a 3 color palette: Navy, White, and Black. Ditch your leggings and grab fitted boyfriend jeans to tuck into the ribbed turtleneck top. These basic essential pieces are great layering items for both day and night. When worn with street style puffer jacket outfits, every fashion girl loves this look.

Style tip: It seems like wearing boyfriend jeans and snow boots are not easy to match. But with these boyfriend jeans outfits styling tips, you’ll learn how to pair them well without dressing up in the wrong way.


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Wear In Iceland In March

source: @officialdianamsk

Create a workwear outfit look with a 3 color palette: Black, White, and Light Grey. For any important business meeting or work related conference, carrying a large sized tote bag is essential. Pack an iPad, notebook and travel gadgets to make your day more accomplished.

A well-made bag makes it much easier to create spring office outfits everyday without spending extra budget on travel clothing. The accessories make all the difference.


Explore the stars of live music at Harpa and have a chance to see the Northern Lights through the glass dome inside the concert hall. It will create an unforgettable memory for everyone to enjoy.

Plan your vacation and prepare travel outfits for each day. Use spring capsule wardrobe pieces to prevent shopping for new travel clothes. Wake up every morning to cute spring outfits instead of being concerned with what to wear in Iceland in March. Accomplish your bucket list adventures wearing personalized outfits everyday so you can capture memorable photos to share.

What do you plan to wear in Iceland in March?

Share your modern travel outfits for Iceland with us!


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What To Wear In Iceland In March

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