What To Wear In London In August

London is a city where charm of the old world and modern styles go hand in hand. The city showcases magnificent history along with incredible sights for tourists to visit and enjoy. If you’re planning a summer vacation, then follow the tips in this style guide so that you know exactly what to wear in London in August.

Tourists travel to London from all around the world at this time of year. The weather in London is mildly warm, and that is why travelers love to visit during the summertime. Start with your summer capsule wardrobe essentials, and lets mix and match basic items to create the looks you desire to wear.

In addition to this style guide, you should review the checklist of what to pack for London in summer. The travel packing list details all the necessary things to pack for a vacation this summer. Have a clear idea of what to wear in London in August and also pack all the important items to make the best of your vacation.


Is August a good time to visit London?

Yes, August is a fabulous time to visit London because the city is absolutely beautiful in the summertime. The weather is good for enjoying the outdoors, and that is also why it happens to be the peak tourist season.

August is also a great time to be visiting London if you want to see the royal residence throughout the capital city. The royal occupants are away for the summer and therefore a few sites are open to the public.

In addition, London’s Theater Kids Week gives out a free child ticket with every ticket purchased for an adult. Dress up in your fashionable attire and check out one of the top shows at the West End of London.


London Weather in August

London weather in August is delightful because the temperature ranges between 65 and 75 °F most of the time. In the evenings and early mornings, you can experience temperatures between 55 and 60 °F. Summer in London is more or less like the springtime in many regions of the United States.

Weather in London in August:
Average High: 73°F / 23°C
Average Low: 59°F / 15°C
Amount of Rain: 8 Days
Average Precipitation: 2.4 inches / 6 cm
Average Humidity: 72%
Daylight: 14.5 Hours

However, there is quite a bit of rain in London in August. The rain generally comes in the form of heavy drizzle, but still expect at least 8 rainy days throughout the month. It is advised to bring a lightweight rain jacket and umbrella for your summer vacation to London.


Is London hot in August?

London is not hot in August and does not get as hot as other parts of the world in the summer. You will experience mildly warm weather in the city during the summertime.

When determining what to wear in London in August, dress comfortable in summer travel outfits since the temperatures are on the warmer side. However, the air is not as hot or humid as other regions in the world. Look fashion forward without concern about overheating and being drenched in sweat all day long.


What To Wear In London In August

On this trip, you will want to pack the best summer outfits. Bring along clothes that will feel comfortable and that you will enjoy wearing each day. Carry some skirts, lightweight pants, and casual tops. A summer scarf is nice for those cool evening and early mornings.

Try not to wear shorts that are above knee length when visiting London. Dress standards in the capitals of European countries tend to differ a bit compared to the United States. With these style tips, we hope you are better prepared for what to wear in London in August. 


Date Night Outfit

Impress your date night with elegant outfit. Strappy heels and flowy maxi dress is all you need for London in August.source: @onamikarajmi

Build a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: Pastel Pink, Raspberry, and Brown. Buckle up your strappy block heel sandals and dress up in a summer maxi dress outfit.

This combo is easy to wear and also a go-to style for a day to evening date. It’s so pretty that it also works for a casual date, so when you don’t know what to wear to a coffee date, here you go!


Edgy Style

The classic moto jacket always look good with white linen dress. It's edgy but feminine style that you can wear to London in August.source: @kiraatikova

Try an edgy style outfit with this 3 color palette: Black, White, and Beige. How do you dress monochrome in London in August?

Go with a mini white linen dress and a chic moto jacket. It’s the edgy style meets feminine touch that makes this outfit unique and effortlessly chic.

You can wear comfy shoes or pointy pump heels, whichever fits right for the occasion. 


Boho Clothing

The straw bag goes well with casual or boho style look. It's perfect outfit to wear to London in August.source: @kacheetee

Wear boho clothing with a 3 color palette: White, Black, and Camel. Did you know that layering a tee with a sleeveless dress is a thing?

From casual to slip dress, the white t-shirt is versatile top to layer with any dress style out there. For a more casual look, carry a straw bag for a cute summer look. 

Style tip: Change it up with a couple variations of white t-shirt outfit. Layer with dresses or simply wear with skirts or jeans to look amazing all year round. 


Casual Outfit

The casual outfit formula goes like this, white poplin top and light-washed mom jeans and espadrille wedges. It's perfect outfit to wear with your bfs to London in August.source: @belleandbunty

Create a casual outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Medium Blue, and Burnt Orange. There is a casual outfit formula that every Fashion Girl love sto wear: white poplin top, relaxed fit boyfriend jeans, and closed toe espadrille wedges.

These three items are must-have basics for a casual Friday or even going out for brunch with girlfriends. Pair with classic sunglasses that look good on your face shape and then you are ready to rock all day long. 


Vintage Clothing

The silk camisole top and comfy sweatpants are ideal vintage clothing to wear in London in August. Grab classic sunglasses that look good on your face shape.source: @kiraatikova

Build a vintage clothing look with a 3 color palette: Camel, Black, and Off-White. There is one classic item that literally goes well with any style vintage look, and that is a silk camisole top.

Whether it has lace trim detail or leopard printed cami, it’s not hard at all to create the various styles you desire to wear for the day. Grab your favorite capsule wardrobe essentials to accomplish this look.

Style tip: Are you tired of wearing a t-shirt all the time? If you haven’t tried camisole outfits yet, then you’re missing out! From date night to office looks, wear this one top on any occasion all year long. 


Classy Outfit

Head to toe white is the classy outfit to wear to London in August. Grab your favorite lace bralette top to pair with biker shorts for the day.source: @cristinaastyles

Try a classy outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Cream, and Off-White. Having a head to toe white outfit for the summer season is a great idea. It keeps you chic and classy no matter what.

Try high waisted biker shorts and this bralette top. Over the top, throw on a relaxed boyfriend blazer to give you some extra coverage. 

Style tip: Have you tried to wear bralette outfits for work and also on the weekend? Because it is skin tight, there are a few tricks to deal with this so you can wear to work without looking inappropriate. As a result, you will even be ready for happy hour afterwork!


Simple Outfit

When deciding simple outfit, go with straw hat and white dresses for summer season. Bring tote bag to carry daily essentials when traveling to London in August.source: @josieldn

Wear a simple outfit with a 3 color palette: Camel, White, and Black. The big tote bag is calling you to pack a blanket, wine, and fruits for a picnic on a gorgeous day!

Wear your favorite shirt dress and a wide-brimmed straw hat to enjoy the ocean view like you mean it!


Sporty Outfit

Grab white tank top and leggings for workout day. This is the most trendy sporty outfit to wear in London in August.source: @kaypuregym

Create a sporty outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Red, and Light Grey. When it’s hot out, all you need is a white tank top to pair with high waisted leggings.

Yes, wearing comfortable sneakers is the key to making this look work. 

Style tip: Do you know how to wear a white tank top and not looking like you are going to the gym? Hard to believe, but there are so many other ways to come up with outfits that are versatile and not only for a workout. These outfit ideas help you to join brunch or grab a cup of coffee after a morning walk. Stylishly dress up so that you have no need to go back home and change to a new wardrobe. 


Workwear Outfit

Deciding workwear outfit to wear from Monday to Friday is not easy. Go with white poplin shirt and pants for casual office look to wear in London in August.source: @fashionisminepassion

Dress up a workwear outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Taupe, and Brown. Are you having a hard time to decide what to wear to work during the summer season?

Waking up and thinking to hard without having caffeine in your brain is harsh. However, if you have already planned summer office outfits, then you will be prepared for the workweek. As a result, your morning routine is smoother and more enjoyable.


It is almost the end of summer. If you have not packed yet, the determining what to wear in London in August is the first thing you need to tackle. Use your imagination and assemble capsule wardrobe essentials that make you look cute everyday. 

What do you plan to wear in London in August?

Share your street style outfits for London with us!


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What To Wear In London In August

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