What To Wear In London In June

If you are traveling to London this summer, then you don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe with you. We have gathered together exactly what to wear in London in June. Here are must have items and helpful summer capsule wardrobe essentials for you girls to consider.

There are so many fun summer travel outfits for you to choose from in order to maintain your style statement. It is not too hot in the summer in London. So, you can carry long sleeve tops and trousers with ankle boots. You will definitely love this combo look. With this look, you are all set to defeat the sun and chill in the summer evenings in London.

Everyone wants a stress free travel experience. Therefore, you will have to pack your choices in an efficient way. Otherwise, you risk feeling unprepared while on your vacation. Follow this helpful guide that details what to pack for London in summer. As a result, you are guaranteed to include all the important things for a vacation this summer.


Is June a good time to visit London?

Actually, June is the best time to visit London. Most of the royal residences are open to the public at this time because the occupants are away for an extended holiday.

In addition, June is when the birthday parade for the Queen is hosted. So, it is the time to be a witness of the royal aristocrat crowd in London. You will see various colorful garments reminiscent of the summer months.

Furthermore, the weather is charming in London at this time of year. The daytime is getting longer with over 16 hours of daylight, and the outdoor temperatures are increasing as a result. So, carry the best summer outfits and enjoy a trip to the historical metropolitan city.


London Weather in June

June marks the beginning of summertime in London. As a result, London weather is June is warm with extended daylight hours. The average temperature in the daytime 70 °F and the evening low averages in the mid 50s.

Weather in London in June:
Average High: 70°F / 21°C
Average Low: 56°F / 13°C
Amount of Rain: 8 Days
Average Precipitation: 2.2 inches / 5.6 cm
Average Humidity: 66%
Daylight: 16.5 Hours

You should expect enough quality daytime hours with nice weather in order to thoroughly explore the city. You will definitely experience mostly sunny skies in London in June. Light summer clothing pieces are the best outfits to wear in London at this time of year. But for the evenings and mornings, you should carry a mid-weight jacket or sweater for comfort and style.

However, there is a slight chance of rain in the summertime. Expect 8 rainy days in London in June. As a result, its recommended to travel with a lightweight rain jacket and umbrella. Check the local weather forecast so that you can accurately prepare the proper gear.


Is London hot in June?

June is a great time to visit London. You can definitely enjoy the rooftop bars and open garden at this time of year. However, London is not hot in June.

The overall climate across London in June does not vary greatly. However, in the northern portion of the country, you will feel a little cooler than the other regions of the country. The weather is very fickle minded and you should not completely believe the weather forecast.

In this season, you will definitely enjoy chilly summer evenings and cool morning breezes. Carry a light jacket for this reason so that you feel comfortable at all times.

Leave the heavy winter layers at home because the cold weather is comparatively less in this month. Check out these stylish travel outfit inspirations to gather a few ideas for what to wear in London in June.


What To Wear In London In June

Even though its summer, you may feel cold so a summer scarf is very much needed at this time of year. A lightweight scarf is very easy to carry in your handbag to use when necessary.

Be prepared for your trip by reviewing the travel outfits below so that you know what to wear in London in June. These summer looks are the most up to date fashion and style trends. Feel confident selecting your outfit each and every day.


Date Night Outfit

When going out for a date night in London in June, dress up in white linen dress with cutout back silhouette. They are chic and elegant that works for day and night.

source: @monystyle_

Create a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Black, and Peach. Deciding what to wear to a date is a serious life choice. For summertime, pick a backless white linen dress that goes well with your heels or flats. This silhouette is an elegant and chic way to dress up for the evening. 

Style tip: Summer is the best time to wear dresses. Especially if you know chic summer dress outfits, you’ll survive the heat wave. From accessories to lightweight outerwear, check out these style tips before summer ends.


Edgy Style

When it's hot and summer weather, wearing a chic jumpsuit is great idea especially for London in June.

source: @_katiemkelly_

Dress up in an edgy style with this 3 color palette: Charcoal, Black, and Jet Black. In order to dress in edgy style, you don’t need many pieces. All you need is a chic jumpsuit that you can easily wear as head-to-toe black with flat sandals and black leather crossbody bag.

With a wide leg style playsuit, you don’t need heels because you already look taller.


Boho Clothing

Mini floral dresses are perfect for boho clothing. Easily to wear to London in June to pair green and yellow color combination.

source: @thekittyluxe

Build a boho clothing outfit with a 3 color palette: Forest Green, Mellow Yellow, and Black. There is absolutely something special about floral dresses.

From ditzy mini to colorful wallpaper inspired flower maxi dresses, they keep every body type happy. Wear with pretty block heel sandals to give you the extra height you need. 


Casual Outfit

Casual outfit is all about white shirt with cropped skinny jeans. When in doubt wear this outfit to London in June.

source: @masteramas

Try a casual outfit with this 3 color palette: Light Cream, Medium Blue, and Black. How can you not look casual with a button-down poplin shirt and cropped jeans?

It’s classic and casual look that is every Fashion Girl’s go-to style for work and weekend. Pair with loafer shoes for the more classic look that you’ve been searching for. 


Vintage Clothing

The floral printed blouses are perfect for vintage look that you can wear in London this month. The peplum silhouette is effortless chic that you can wear with bootcut jeans or any denim of your choice.

source: @perpetualplaces

Wear vintage clothing with a 3 color palette: Apple Green, Light Blue, and Black. The floral top and classic skinny jeans are perfect for the summer season.

It may look too simple, however you need to consider the right print pattern for this look. Explore various options that look good on you. With the right capsule wardrobe essentials, you’ll have fun wearing these pieces without ever getting bored. 


Classy Outfit

This classy outfit is every Fashion Girls favorite. The plain white t-shirt is versatile item that go well with any color midi slip skirt. Throw an oversized denim jacket when traveling to London in June.

source: @philorose

Create a classy outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Dull Blue, and Melon Mint. A plain white t-shirt goes with literally everything from midi slip skirt to oversized denim jacket, you name it.

Simply tucked in the t-shirt or fold the sleeves a little bit for a cool girl look. 

Style tip: If you haven’t tried classic white t-shirt outfits to wear all year round, you better hurry. Because not all formulas include white tees with denim jeans. With these styling tips, you’ll end up using every capsule wardrobe essential that you have in the closet. 


Simple Outfit

Dressing up in simple outfit with boyfriend jeans are idea with cute yellow top. When deciding what to wear in London in June, try this look.

source: @stylishsafiya

Build a simple outfit with a 3 color palette: Yellow, Medium Navy, and Canary Yellow. Feeling down? Try a bright and energetic color silk blouse and shoes to make you feel better.

Even though you are wearing jeans, it doesn’t matter at all. 


Sporty Outfit

Having a sporty outfit or two is great way to survive June weather in London. Layer your top with sweatshirt and biker shorts for street style look. Don't forget to pair with white sneakers for more comfort.

source: @thebritalianway

Try a sporty outfit with this 3 color palette: Beige, White, and Black. What looks good with biker shorts?

Layer your hoodie with t-shirt and you are covered for June gloom in the morning and warm afternoon. Don’t forget to pair with comfortable and stylish sneakers to roam around the city.

Adding round sunglasses that look good on you is also a great idea!

Style tip: Do you need help to look cool? The best sunglass outfits will complete the solution. Not all sunglass look good on you or with your wardrobe. Be aware to choose the right one to instantly upgrade your look everyday. 


Workwear Outfit

Go with lightweight boyfriend blazer and white cropped jeans for casual Friday. No need to wear heels instead go with flat sandals when taking business trip to London in June.

source: @heyitsromeca

Wear a workwear outfit with a 3 color palette: Warm Grey, Black, and White. Don’t know what to wear in London in June for work? For a casual look, try white boyfriend jeans with a lightweight grey color boyfriend blazer.

This look great with a black t-shirt or camisole top inside to look business casual. It’s the perfect summer office outfits that you can easily accomplish with your capsule wardrobe collection. 


The morning starts of cloudy and gloomy most of the time this month. When deciding what to wear in London in June, prepare travel outfits that are versatile and keep you comfortable all day long. Show off your layering skills with capsule wardrobe essentials for every occasion. 

What do you plan to wear in London in June?

Share your unique travel outfits for London with us!


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What To Wear In London In June

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