What To Wear In New Orleans In July

New Orleans is a city that is worth visiting no matter what time of year. From the crocodiles in the swamps to live music in the French Quarter, there are a variety of attractions that are worth experiencing. Even though it’s hot outside, use this style guide to help you plan what to wear in New Orleans in July so that you look fashionable.

NOLA is one of the most visited places in the entire world. Experience the city this summer to find out the many reasons why people flock to New Orleans every year. Grab your best summer outfits, because its time for a trip to this historical part of the country. We have assembled this guide for what to wear in New Orleans in July so that you have cute and stylish outfits to wear everyday during your vacation.

For more helpful information, view this complete checklist for what to pack for New Orleans. The travel packing list details all the important things to pack for a vacation this summer. When you visit New Orleans, its guaranteed that you will be prepared with the must have essentials, and fashionable outfits to wear.


Is July a good month to visit New Orleans?

Since July is the summertime in New Orleans, it is not really the best time to visit. New Orleans is extremely hot and humid during the summer. In addition, the summer season is hurricane season in New Orleans. Therefore the city sees many heavy rainy days.

However, when there are no storms, then the weather is bearable by all means. Since July is the off-season in New Orleans, travel expenses and hotel accommodations are much more reasonably priced.

Despite the weather, the lively nature of the city persists. There are a variety of events and festivities that you can attend, so its best to know what to wear in New Orleans in July so that you are prepared with fashion forwards looks for each day.


New Orleans Weather in July

The summer season in New Orleans is hot and humid. The New Orleans weather averages humid daytime highs in the 90s, and clammy lows in the mid 70s. July also has the hottest days of the year, often reaching into the high 90s.

Weather in New Orleans in July:
Average High: 92°F / 33°C
Average Low: 76°F / 24°C
Amount of Rain: 13 Days
Average Precipitation: 7.5 inches / 19 cm
Average Humidity: 73%
Daylight: 14 Hours

Furthermore, the humidity is so high that you feel sticky at all times of the day. Be prepared for the daytime humidity level to be around 90%, which adds to the gradually increasing cloud cover during the month.

Although the summer is a hot season, there is also lots of rainfall to be expected. The city receives rain during nearly half the month. As a result, it’s recommended to bring a lightweight rain jacket and umbrella on your trip to New Orleans this July.


Is New Orleans hot in July?

July is a relatively hot month in New Orleans. The city averages daytime temperatures in the 90s, coupled with extremely elevated humidity levels. As a result, the air is heated and moist, so you feel sweaty at all times.

In addition, a lot of rain is experienced in New Orleans in July. There are around 13 days of precipitation that are a combination of heavy rain showers and thunderstorms.


What To Wear In New Orleans In July?

Because of the high temperatures experienced in New Orleans in July, were going to lighten up the clothing options. You will definitely need to wear summer capsule wardrobe essentials during this vacation getaway. July experiences some hot weather, and you want clothing options that feel comfortable when wearing.

Don’t let the high temperatures limit your desire to have fun in New Orleans this summer. Remember to grab your portable umbrella along with your favorite summer travel outfits, and get ready to enjoy those warm rainy days.

Review the style inspirations below for tips on what to wear in New Orleans in July so that you are prepared for the trip. Make the effort, and give yourself the best experience possible in New Orleans this summer.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @lo_graham

Dress up in a date night outfit with this 3 color palette: Black, Burnt Orange, and Latte. Look absolutely gorgeous with these most popular slip dresses to wear for every occasion.

Go with a midi length to give a classic and elegant look. Pair with cute block heel sandals to revamp your date night outfit. 


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @renae_stylediary

Build an edgy style outfit with a 3 color palette: Black, Cream, and Sky Blue. Tired of wearing denim jeans? These wide leg pants are perfect summer pants that’ll replace your same old jeans.

White or pastel color bottoms are highly recommended for this season. If the bottoms have a high waisted silhouette, always pair with a cropped length top. 

Style tip: Still haven’t decided what to wear with wide leg pants? Here are this season’s trendy outfits that you can easily try with the summer capsule wardrobe essentials you already have. 


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @itsrisss

Try a boho clothing with this 3 color palette: Dull Yellow, Raspberry, and Medium Navy. To make an outfit survive the heat wave, it’s important to know which tops go well with your bootcut jeans.

Take any sleeveless tank top into the action and celebrate 4th of July weekend in a boho style. 


Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @kristen_nevils

Wear a casual outfit with a 3 color palette: Green Tea, Sky Blue, and Cream. Feel like there is nothing to wear other than denim shorts during summer? Well, you are wrong!

Grab these trendy t-shirt dresses and throw a denim jacket around your waist just like Fashion Girls do. Give your waist a little love and you are all set to rock all day long. 

Style tip: Don’t have a go-to style for the weekend? If you have only denim jeans, its time to upgrade! Add casual t-shirt dress outfits that you can wear all summer long from work to play. You’re welcome!


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @dashing_darlin

Create a vintage clothing outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Medium Blue, and Camel. The straw tote bag trend is huge!

When you don’t know what to wear in New Orleans in July, all you need is this bag to wear with a poplin shirt and denim shorts. They make a simple outfit so unique and stylish even though you are wearing with cute flat sandals


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @dogmomtraveldiaries

Build a classy outfit with a 3 color palette: Dusty Pink, Rose, and Beige. From babydoll to shift style, there are so many dress silhouettes and print pattern to choose.

Stay cool and stylish this summer by picking one that enhances your body type. In addition, make sure it goes well with your signature Michael Kors tote bag and dressy flip flops.

These two accessories play a huge role to either revamp or downgrade your outfit.


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @aprildilao

Try a simple outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Black, and Off-White. Layering a white tank top with a lace bralette is such a fantastic idea. The classic items mingle together well with a slight feminine touch.

Don’t underestimate the power of white tank tops that totally refresh your wardrobe collection. All you need is to know how to wear a white tank top to make your dream come true outfits.

Style tip: If you have a low neckline that you feel uncomfortable wearing, simply layer with higher neckline undergarment to give you more coverage.


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @dropdeadgorgeousartistry

Wear a sporty outfit with a 3 color palette: Black, White, and Charcoal. Having a bad hair day? It doesn’t mean that you have to give up style at all, especially if you have a ponytail cap.

From messy bun to braided hairstyle, we’ve got you covered. Just dress up in your favorite leggings and white t-shirt and let’s head to the gym!


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Wear In New Orleans In July source: @aprildilao

Create a workwear outfit with this 3 color palette: Lipstick Red, Black, and White. There is something about wearing a matching color boyfriend blazer and travel shorts together that looks professional and sleek.

The more bold the color, the better the look. In addition, an opposite primary color like black lace top is the best option for work and happy hour. Put on your favorite color lipstick and enjoy a happy Friday!

Style tip: Isn’t it challenging to figure out what to wear to work when it’s humid and hot? None of us are a big fan of dressing up in the morning according to the weather. However, you’ll love these summer office outfit solutions that help you reduce time everyday. You will now have enough time to stop by at your favorite coffee shop before work. 


From Jazz music to fresh made beignets, there are so many fun things to do and eat while traveling to New Orleans. However, to fully enjoy the trip, plan what to wear in New Orleans in July using your summer capsule wardrobe collection. Fully enjoy the culture and environment by wearing cute outfits all the time.

What will you wear in New Orleans in July?

Share your chic outfits for New Orleans with us!


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What To Wear In New Orleans In July

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