What To Wear In New York In July

Are you planning a trip to attend the 4th of July Fireworks Parade or to see a theater performance on Broadway this summer? This style guide for what to wear in New York in July will help you prepare fashion forward outfits for every occasion. Here are summer outfit ideas and inspirations that you can easily recreate using basic essentials you already own.

The city can be hot and humid, so build outfits with your favorite classic wardrobe pieces that are lightweight and thin. Assemble fashionable looks that focus on summer capsule wardrobe essentials that never go out of trend and also resemble your personalized taste.

Put on the best summer outfits and explore the incredible sites that the city has to offer. The city is bustling with exciting activities and lively entertainment options. From museum row to the Statue of Liberty, it’s fun to spend summertime in the Big Apple. Get outside and make the best of your vacation getaway.

Deciding what to wear in New York in July begins with planning a complete travel itinerary. With your bucket list as a guide, you can effectively determine what to pack for New York in summer. This travel packing list will guarantee that that you bring all the important things for a vacation to New York this summer.


Is July good time to visit New York?

There are a lot of open-air entertainment options during July in New York. The weather is warm and the city is bustling with action and movement.

When determining what to wear in New York in July, its best to consider your list of activities and travel bucket list. Using your travel itinerary, you can accurately prepare fashionable summer outfit ideas for each occasion.


New York Weather In July

New York weather in July averages a high daytime temperatures between 80 and 90 °F. The evening low temperatures fall between 65 and 75°F. 

Furthermore, expect high humidity within the city. Therefore the weather feels even warmer because of the added moisture in the air. Stay cool by wearing airy clothing that catches any breeze that flows by.

Weather in New York in July:
Average High: 85°F / 29°C
Average Low: 69°F / 21°C
Amount of Rain: 8 Days
Average Precipitation: 4.6 inches / 11.7 cm
Average Humidity: 71%
Daylight: 15 Hours

If you stick to indoor activities, then expect to be blasted with air conditioning. As a result, most indoor options will be fairly cool and may require light layering options.

In addition, New York receives a decent amount of rain during the summer months. In July, 8 days of rain are expected to bring nearly 5 inches of rainfall. It’s recommended to check the weather before departure so that you have a clear idea for what to wear in New York in July and can prepare yourself for the current conditions.


How hot is New York in July?

Daytime temperatures in New York in July can reach into the mid to high 90s. When the humidity is also peaking at the same time that creates conditions for extreme heat.

As a result, it is safe to say that New York in July is hot. Dress in lightweight clothing from your summer wardrobe collection. Stick to pieces that will be thin, airy and moisture wicking.

Furthermore, consider the fact that every building in the city is running the air conditioning on high. Therefore, its recommended to bring along thin layers so that you can cover up while indoors.


What To Wear In New York In July

Put on your fashion forward summer travel outfits and lets head off to New York. Use the outfit inspirations in this guide so that you have a clear idea what to wear in New York in July. Save time by knowing exactly what you’re wearing for each day of the trip.

The NY travel packing list for summer will also help you gather together the must have essential items. As a result, you will be completely prepared with the right capsule wardrobe pieces to have a fun summer vacation in the Big Apple.


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @chelseaasoflate

Wear a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: Charcoal, Black, and White. From big to ditzy, polka dot prints are fun to wear on a date night.

Pair a cute polka dot top with casual ruffled summer skirt to impress your date this evening. Throw on an oversized boyfriend denim jacket to dress like a cool girl.


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @wearetwinset

Create an edgy style with this 3 color palette: Mocha, Black, and White. Flying to New York this month? Keep your airport outfit chic and edgy with a comfortable jumpsuit and moto jacket.

Not only are they both stylish, but also comfortable. You will look good before and after the long-haul flight. Just remember to wear a pair of flats instead of strappy sandals.


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @waityouneedthis

Dress up boho clothing with a 3 color palette: White, Black, and Brick Red. Have you tried this boho mixed with modern look?

Wear a poplin shirt and black cropped jeans to accomplish the monochrome outfit in a New Yorker way. Pairing with classic loafer shoes and a belt bag is great addition to complete this style. 


Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @elizagracehuber

Build a casual outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Light Blue, and Black. Even though it is hot this month in the Big Apple, you are still able to wear boyfriend jeans with any blouses.

Go with light-washed denim jeans and pair with lightweight shirting fabrics with a breathable function. Yes, function and fashionable are all you need to dress smart everyday.


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @blushandblooms

Try vintage clothing with a 3 color palette: Peach, Pink, and White. Its perfect weather to wear casual printed slip dresses or floral midi dresses of your choice. They make weekend looks that are more stylish than ever.

Don’t forget to bring a wide-brimmed straw hat and straw bag. These are the summer must-have items to make you glow. 


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @notjessfashion

Wear a classy outfit with this 3 color palette: Black, Yellow, and White. Highly recommended to wear wide leg pants during the summer. They are comfy, breezy and will make you replace heavy denim jeans forever.

Always wear classic sunglasses when walking around the city so that you don’t have to cringe your face all the time. 


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @tristenzaryn

Create a simple outfit with a 3 color palette: Red, Blue, and White. Going to celebrate Independence Day this month in New York City?

Be creative and wear red bodysuit that is as versatile as a cute swimsuit with blue striped travel shorts to keep you moving. This look is not too obvious that you can wear any day of the week instead of only on July 4th!


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @waityouneedthis

Build a sporty outfit with this 3 color palette: Black, White, and Charcoal. The morning routine starts with a cute bralette and stylish sneakers to hit the gym. Bring a water bottle and make-up essentials in a crossbody bag that big enough for more than just your phone, wallet, and keys. 

Style tip: Planning on road tripping near the city to find a waterfall hike this weekend? Include your summer hiking outfits whether you do day hike or camp for one night. As a result, you won’t need to wear the same outfits twice. 


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Wear In New York In July

source: @maluvanni

Try a workwear outfit with a 3 color palette: Warm Grey, Light Grey, and Medium Blue. Celebrate casual Friday with denim shorts and a boyfriend blazer. They are the New York Fashion Girls favorite pieces that they can’t live without.

The key to staying cool is to wear a knit camisole top underneath instead of short sleeve knit t-shirt. As a result, you can go to happy hour after the work as well.

Style tip: From Monday to Friday, it’s a headache to come up with summer office outfits every morning. That is why at Fashion Wanderer we recommend to plan your outfits ahead of time. Use our community to help each other dress for any occasion.


As the month proceeds, the summer season is pretty challenging to figure out what to wear in New York in July. From humid temperatures outside to extremely cold AC inside, prepare your everyday outfits with us.

Save these outfit ideas so that you can recreate with your personalized summer capsule wardrobe essentials all season long. Have fun with it and look chic and fashionable everyday!

What do you plan to wear in New York in July?

Share your summer outfit ideas for New York with us!


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What To Wear In New York In July

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