What To Wear In Rome In June

Rome is one of the most fabulous places on earth, and the city even gets better in the summer season. During the month of June, people have the opportunity to experience the transitioning seasons. Therefore, choosing what to wear in Rome in June can be a bit tricky. Let this style guide help you make the tough choices about which travel outfits to pack for the upcoming trip.

However, this should not discourage you if you are planning to visit the Italy. Let us help you plan what to wear in Rome in June so that you don’t have uncomfortable clothing that ruins your vacation. Here are the local fashion and style trends that are perfect for you to wear in Rome during the summertime.

Furthermore, here is a helpful checklist that details what to pack for Rome in summer. The step-by-step travel packing list includes every thing to pack for a vacation this summer. Combine the information with this style guide, and you will be all set for the destination vacation.


Is June a good time to visit Rome?

Certainly, June is great time to visit Rome. Some of the trees and flowers are still in bloom because spring is just concluding. Enjoy the beautiful evenings when the sunlight covers the entire city with a bronze glow.

Imagine yourself in the best summer outfits on a sunny day with flowers in the background adding a touch beauty. Or perhaps even the idea of wandering the streets wearing summer travel outfits that bounce vibrantly off of the pathways.

Moreover, many people visit Rome at this time of year. You will certainly find a buddy or two to interact with along the way because June is the beginning of peak tourist season.


Rome Weather in June

The Rome weather in June is sunny and demands basic items from your summer capsule wardrobe essentials. Temperatures will rise to a comfortable 83 °F. The lowest temperatures rarely drop below 60 °F.

Weather in Rome in June:
Average High: 83°F / 23°C
Average Low: 63°F / 17°C
Amount of Rain: 3 Days
Average Precipitation: 1.2 inches / 3 cm
Average Humidity: 56%
Daylight: 15 Hours

The days are long and sunny, which further helps to dictate what to wear for Rome in June. Furthermore, there are no strong winds and the humidity is just right.


Is it hot in Rome in June?

It is not hot in Rome in June. As a matter of fact, the temperature hovers in the mid 80s most days and feels delightful. The evenings cool into the low 60s, but even that is bearable with the right layering pieces to cover your shoulders.

At the beginning of June, Rome is still transitioning from the spring season. As the month progresses, summer really begins to set in and further dictates what to wear in Rome in June.

You may not enjoy the hot days if you do not find the perfect clothing for this weather. Wear something light during the daytime and be prepared with a cool weather clothing option during the evening. 


What To Wear In Rome June

Romans enjoy wearing light cotton shorts in June. Thus the saying goes, when in Rome, then dress like the Romans. Consider packing pants that can easily be unzipped into shorts for your visit. In addition, a maxi skirt is a great choice to wear while in Rome.

If you are going to a church or a temple, consider your attire. Otherwise these options will be great for exploring the city. Just about anything that you can feel okay in on a mildly warm day is the ideal choice. 

If you decide to go with a floral shirt, I would advise you to carry a lightweight material. A sleeveless shirt will also be a great option in this case, however make sure it covers your shoulders.

The evenings may have a slight temperature dip, which will require a cardigan to cover up. Carry it in your rucksack because you don’t want to be cold when the temperatures drop in the evening time.


Date Night Outfit

Date night outfit is all about maxi dress in Rome in June. Pair with casual straw hat and straw tote bag for casual look.source: @professionaltraveler

Dress up in a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: Mustard Yellow, Peach, White. It seems like a wide-brimmed straw hat and straw tote bag are summer must-have essentials. Whether you travel to Rome in June, it goes well with a casual maxi dress for a date night outfit. 


Edgy Style

Try edgy style with black crop top and white maxi skirt when deciding what to wear in Rome in June.source: @fiftypairsofshoes

Try an edgy style look with this 3 color palette: Black, White, and Brown. There is nothing wrong with wearing an edgy style in a monochrome palette. A black crop top and summer casual maxi skirt solve it all. Perfect for any special occasion to look simple yet slightly dressy. 

Style tip: When you get tired of wearing dresses this season, it is highly recommended to change it up with summer skirt outfits. They are stylish no matter if you choose mini or maxi length skirts. 


Boho Clothing

Pretty ditzy floral dress is must-have item to wear in Rome in June to create boho style look.source: @hannah_briggs

Wear boho clothing with a 3 color palette: Taupe, White, and Dark Brown. Select the most popular slip dress for travel this summer. From ditzy floral to animal printed dresses, slips are a versatile piece to wear with heels or sneakers any day of the week. 


Casual Outfit

Casual outfit is all about white button-down top with shorts and sandals. So you can walk around in Rome in June in a casual and stylish outfit.source: @veronicapaulinayt

Create a casual outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Beige, and Brown. A crop t-shirt and travel shorts are the perfect casual outfits for summer, especially when traveling to Rome in June.

Simply pair with flat sandals and carry minimal daily essentials in a crossbody bag to enjoy your outing. 

Style tip: Do you need help deciding how to wear flat sandals on every occasion? Here are tips that you can easily accomplish with your capsule wardrobe essentials.


Vintage Clothing

Layer your favorite graphic tee and denim skirt for vintage look you desire. The espadrille wedges are great shoes to wear in Rome in June to stay cool and stylish.source: @saradzodzo.official

Build a vintage clothing outfit with a 3 color palette: Raspberry, Medium Navy, and Beige. Its fun to wear a vintage graphic tee with a denim skirt for the day.

Its even more exciting if you throw on a colored denim jacket to look like a cool girl. Pair with espadrille wedges to make your legs look longer. 


Classy Outfit

Vertical striped wide leg pants are perfect to create classy outfit to wear in Rome in June. Match your sunglasses and head to explore the city.source: @saradzodzo.official

Try a classy outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Off-White, and Black. The wide leg pants are a perfect bottom to wear for the summertime, especially when your tired of denim jeans. They are breezy and easy to pair with a variety of tops.

Play around with vertical stripes or plain linen material pants for this summer look.

Style tip: Don’t forget to wear classic sunglass to complete this style. Make sure the frames match your overall classy outfit look. 


Simple Outfit

Off the shoulder red top with black boyfriend jeans are perfect pieces for simple outfit. Wear in Rome in June when traveling.source: @wearisgabi

Wear a simple outfit with a 3 color palette: Red, Black, and White. Revamp your simple outfit with bold colors like these.

Red off the shoulder top with black high waisted boyfriend jeans are colors to rock this month. Play around with primary colors to make your simple outfit more playful and exciting. 


Sporty Outfit

Always grab your matching set leggings and sports bra to hike top of the mountain when visiting Rome in June.source: @alicesiminiceanu

Create a sporty outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Dusty Orange, and Charcoal. Pull out your matching sports bra and legging set to wear with comfy flip flops.

Enjoy the view and make yourself comfortable and stylish during the sightseeing adventure. 

Style tip: Do you know that there are other ways to wear flip flop outfits with capsule wardrobe pieces? From date night to casual office looks, don’t miss out your chance!


Workwear Outfit

Dress up in shirt dress for office in Rome in June. Pair with flat sandals for business casual workwear outfit.source: @shewa_jay

Dress up in a workwear outfit with a 3 color palette: Cream, Brown, and Beige. Go with a neutral color palette while wearing an oversized shirt dress. The front button-down detail with belted silhouette creates an elegant and sophisticated look that works for both office and happy hour. 

Style tip: Explore more opportunities to dress stylish with these summer office outfits. If you face challenges to dress nice for work in hot weather, follow these rules to keep you cool while surviving the heat wave. 


A summer vacation in Europe sounds so romantic and adventurous. Whether you travel to Rome in June for work or vacation, plan your outfits in advance according to the occasion and local style. Use your summer capsule wardrobe collection to create every outfit. As a result, you won’t need to spend extra budget on new clothing for travel anymore. 

What do you plan to wear in Rome in June?

Share your elegant summer outfits for Rome with us!


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What To Wear In Rome In June

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