What To Wear In San Diego In June

Are you headed to Southern California to visit the Pacific’s Margarita Festival or the 25th Annual Taste of Gaslamp? If you still have no idea what to wear in San Diego in June, then we have to perfect solutions for you. From unique street style and date night outfits to casual and boho-chic looks, we have gathered together the best outfits for you to wear in San Diego this summer.

There are so many fun things to do in San Diego during the summer season. Start by simply enjoying the ocean breeze and the California sunshine. When it comes to fashion, SoCal locals maintain a casual beach vibe with a laid back approach. You will notice that large majorities of people are wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Gather together your classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style. Determining what to wear in San Diego in June will be much easier if you have a preplanned travel itinerary. If not, then check out these outfit inspirations to give you a clear idea of what locals like to wear everyday.

A complete travel packing checklist makes it easier for you to put together the best summer outfits. Combine basic items to create looks that are wearable for both day and night.

Organize your plans and effectively put together a travel packing list for the trip. Use this guide to help you determine what to pack for San Diego this summer. This checklist will guarantee that you have all the important things for a vacation to San Diego this summer. That way you don’t leave behind anything necessary for the trip.


Is June good time to visit San Diego?

June is a good time to visit San Diego because the beach is warm enough for sunbathing and swimming. The sun is shinning and the weather throughout the city is enjoyable.

June marks the official beginning of the summer tourist season; therefore, expect the city to be jamming with lots of activity. In addition, the flights and hotels will be at peak prices; so don’t expect very many travel discounts along the way. Have fun with these hipster things to do in San Diego to prevent exceeding your vacation budget.


San Diego Weather In June

San Diego weather in June generally ranges between 60 to 80 degrees everyday. The average daytime temperature is about 72°F during the day and 62 °F in the evenings. This is precisely why San Diego is voted one of the best family summer vacation destinations.

Weather in San Diego in June:
Average High: 72°F / 22°C
Average Low: 62°F / 16°C
Amount of Rain: 0 Days
Average Precipitation: 0.1 inches / .3 cm
Average Humidity: 74%
Daylight: 14 Hours

Expect the air to feel dry and warm when the sun is shinning. Furthermore, there are zero days of rain expected during the summertime, so soak in that SoCal sunshine.


How hot is San Diego in June?

The temperature averages in the mid 70s, and can occasionally climb into the high 80s. San Diego is a great place to enjoy warm summer weather along the coastline.

The ocean breeze has a slight chill in the early mornings and also after the sunsets in the evenings. Therefore, its recommended to bring lightweight jacket or long sleeve tops if you tend to get cold really easily.


What To Wear In San Diego In June

Whether you choose to drive or fly into San Diego, dress up in summer travel outfits in order to feel comfortable and look polished throughout the trip. As a result, you will arrive in style and be ready to hit the city for any adventure that comes your way.

From gourmet food and craft beer to ocean view walks along the seaport, enjoy everyday when you know what to wear in San Diego in June. Use this style guide and pack your favorite summer capsule wardrobe essentials for the trip. Therefore, you will have chic and fashionable looks that you will enjoy wearing everyday this season.  


Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @shestyledwhat

Dress up a date night outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Camel, and Cream. From day to night, enjoy the warm sunshine and cool ocean breeze.

It’s the perfect temperature to wear fun playful romper that looks cute with your bead bag. It’s how you can wear all white from head-to-toe to enjoy the summer season without feeling guilty.


Edgy Style

Edgy Style: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @jaccgold

Build an edgy style with this 3 color palette: White, Navy, and Latte. Looking for ideas of what to wear on top of bikini top other than cover-ups?

Pull out your cropped poplin top to match with denim shorts. These poplin shirts are not at too serious on a casual weekend. Just remember to pair with your cute swimsuits


Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @ivanahbe

Try boho clothing with a 3 color palette: Camel, Dark Olive, and Beige. If you have been wearing vintage graphic tees with jeans, it’s time to change it up.

Whether you wear with a maxi or mini casual summer skirt, keep your t-shirt short by simply tying a knot that shows off your waistline. This method works best with high waisted skirts. You’re welcome!


Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @graceegrissom

Wear a casual outfit with this 3 color palette: Taupe, White, and Light Grey. You always need a lightweight cardigan during the summer season near the beach. However, layering is the key to dress successfully when deciding what to wear in San Diego in June.

Stay warm in the morning as the June gloom starts off the day. Layer with a white tank top and classic skinny jeans. As a result, you are prepared for both morning and afternoon. 


Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @shestyledwhat

Create a vintage clothing look with a 3 color palette: Orange, White, and Black. When you have no clue what to wear today, go easy and wear a shirt dress. They are a versatile piece that you can wear to work and also for play.

To make it casual, wear comfortable sneakers. But to make it dressy, simply go with block heels sandals just like the Fashion Girls do.


Classy Outfit

Classy Outfit: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @graceegrissom

Build a classy outfit with this 3 color palette: White, Apricot, and Cream. A plain white t-shirt literally goes well with anything.

From jeans to layering with a slip dress underneath, become more creative with your outfit than ever before. Just have fun with it!


Simple Outfit

Simple Outfit: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @taytaygrace

Try a simple outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Olive, and Camel. Do you have a colored denim skirt that you are planning to wear this season?

If you choose a denim skirt other than indigo blue, choose tops that are solid color instead of print patterns. However, you can pick a colorful crossbody bag to make a statement and match with this outfit. 


Sporty Outfit

Sporty Outfit: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @colormyuniversse

Wear a sporty outfit with this 3 color palette: Gold Yellow, Dark Brown, and Black. Grab a drink after the gym. Pair your cute bralette with biker shorts and carry a belt bag around your waist. They make you hands-free, but also keep you stylish even after a sweaty workout.

No matter if you go to yoga or for a run, try this outfit if you plan on going to brunch afterwards. With this look, you don’t need to stop by home to change. 

Style tip: Are you looking for more outfit ideas to wear on a hike that look cute? Plan to get you ready for any adventure in advance!


Workwear Outfit

Workwear Outfit: What To Wear In San Diego In June source: @carlaalexaa_

Create a workwear outfit with a 3 color palette: Beige, White, and Light Grey. Figuring out what to wear to work from Monday to Friday is actually not that easy.

That is why its best to have a well fitted boyfriend blazer that you can always wear with any top or blouse. Dress casual on top for Fridays and wear dressy silk blouses for a serious meeting. 

Style tip: Having a well-built capsule wardrobe collection helps you to be prepared for every workweek. Avoid stressing out and spending extra on workwear clothing. By knowing how to use classic pieces, create a variety of summer office outfits. Save money and time every morning with these styling tips!


June gloom is a serious factor you need to consider when deciding what to wear in San Diego this month. It is best to plan your outfit with a layered approach so that you can easily take it off in the afternoon.

Mix and match your basic essentials with summer capsule wardrobe pieces to make different looks everyday. The more you play around with styles, the more unique and one-of-a-kind looks you’ll comfortably build.

What do you plan to wear in San Diego in June?

Share your stylish outfits for San Diego with us!


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What To Wear In San Diego In June

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