What To Wear On A Coffee Date

The day is quickly approaching, but you still haven’t figured out what to wear on a coffee date, yet? Here are the best coffee date outfit ideas that you can easily assemble using your capsule wardrobe collection. These stylish looks work all year long, and perform well from daytime to date night.

Whether or not the date also includes going to a movie or fancy dinner, plan your date outfits in advance to make you feel good and build confidence. From color palette to silhouette, there are a lot of considerations to think about. The most important factors that you need to specifically be aware about for a coffee date are comfort and confidence.


How should I dress for a coffee date?

A coffee date is a very casual setting to dress for. Therefore, it requires an effortless look. The casual staples often used to dress for a coffee date include denim jeans and t-shirts with comfortable sneakers. These classic essentials are a great choice for casual daytime look.

But if you are planning on more than just a coffee date, then prepare a versatile look with this affordable moto jacket on top. Just think of what clothes you are most comfortable wearing because that’s the ultimate goal. 

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare cute coffee date outfits in advance so that you don’t panic at the last minute. To help you when you encounter a “nothing to wear” kind of situation, we’ve got you covered!

Here are plenty of options that you can easily copy when deciding what to wear on a coffee date. Save these inspirations and gives these date outfit ideas a try. Share your look with the Fashion Wanderer community because we are all here to help each other succeed in love, life, and career.


What To Wear On A Coffee Date

What To Wear On A Coffee Datesource: @gabriellazacche

Whether you met online ,or were introduced by friends, first impressions tell a lot about each other. That’s why planning what to wear on a coffee date is super important.

Other than a first date or fancy dinner date, a coffee date presents its own challenges when trying to come up with the right look. The look can’t be too casual, and it definitely shouldn’t be too dressy.

Here are the best styling tips to help you survive the first date impression. Save these outfit ideas into your Fashion Planner so they are ready to help you out when you’re in need.


Denim on Denim Coffee Date Outfit

Denim On Denim Coffee Date Outfit

source: @paudictado

The generic denim on denim look using a jean jacket can make you look too casual. However, this head-to-toe denim look with bustier denim top with high waisted boyfriend jeans are the best option for a coffee date outfit.

Pair with strappy heels and cute sunglasses to enjoy the warm sunshine. 


Evening Coffee Date Outfit

Evening Coffee Date Outfit

source: @gemmatalbot

Feel like you met the right person? Prepare for a coffee date to lead into evening, because you never know!

If you plan on going to a high-end cafe, dress up in a classy polka dot outfit with block heel sandals. Impress your date and things may to a memorable and romantic evening date together. 


Coffee Shop First Date Outfit

Coffee Shop First Date Outfit

source: @candidlychan

Meeting someone for the first time at coffee shop can be intimidating. Because a coffee shop with your favorite cup of latte is such a casual setting, everything looks good on you.

Wear a shirt dress with matching strappy sandals in all black to make you look edgy and sophisticated, if that’s the vibe what you want to portray. By the way, mini length shirt dresses are pretty flattering to wear on a casual date.


Clothes To Wear On A Coffee Date

Clothes To Wear On A Coffee Date

source: @gracefullyglamblog

Dresses are not the only piece to wear and impress your date. From travel shorts to espadrille wedges, there are a variety of clothes to wear on a coffee date.

Make your favorite ice coffee to-go and take a walk together to enjoy the sunny daytime weather. It totally helps to break the ice and you may find more things in common to talk about. 


Coffee Date Dress For A Sunny Day

Coffee Date Dress

source: @claireguentz

Looking for a right coffee date dress that doesn’t give the wrong impression? Your best bet will be this most popular slip dress for both day and night.

Go with a casual printed pattern like ditzy floral or polka dot, they are more casual than wearing a silk dress. Pair with low top white sneakers to complete this look. High heels are not required!

Style tip: It’s always a great idea to layer a lightweight cardigan or jacket over the top. Try these gorgeous slip dress outfits to wear from daytime to evening. It will become your new go-to date outfit. 


Sunday Coffee Date Outfit

Sunday Coffee Date Outfit

source: @yuyannshi

Actually, Sunday coffee date outfit one of my favorite outings to plan for. All the house chores are done and before the workweek starts, easily squeeze in a date or two with friends.

Dress in a casual t-shirt dress with a cropped denim jacket to look pretty, but not too dressy. If you want to wear a dress for a coffee date, always choose casual dress material like knit or linen fabric. 


What To Wear For An Afternoon Coffee Date

What To Wear For An Afternoon Coffee Date

source: @aliceoliviac

Big fan of afternoon caffine, but haven’t decided what to wear for the upcoming coffee date?

Wear a casual graphic tee and tuck the top into denim shorts. Finish the look with trendy metallic pointy pump heels that match your classy clutch.

The afternoon date might last longer than expected, therefore grab this boyfriend blazer so that you don’t have to borrow one from him. 


Cute Coffee Date Outfit

Cute Coffee Date Outfit

source: @miss_gunner

Why is it so hard to look cute on a coffee date?

Utilize your capsule wardrobe properly and prepare date outfits with a feminine poplin shirt with puff sleeve. Pair with fashionable high waisted pants for an effortless chic look.

Perfect from work to date style, you can’t resist carrying your favorite crossbody bag all week long. 


First Coffee Date Outfit

First Coffee Date Outfit

source: @iamcharlotteolivia

First time is always the hardest. Deciding cute coffee date outfits that are not too dressy is the key.

A little trick here is to go with a pretty white linen dress and black ankle boots. Mixing two different styles like a girly dress with edgy style shoes goes well together in order to balance the look for a casual date.


Spring Coffee Date Outfit

Spring Coffee Date Outfit

source: @rutaenroute

Not all coffee date outfits are the same for each season. Pull out your spring capsule wardrobe essentials to make this look happen. Dress comfy with a chic jumpsuit, and throw on a lightweight jacket to accomplish this look. 

Style tip: It is challenging to determine how to wear a jumpsuit with basic essentials because the style and silhouette are one-piece. If you feel that way, we hear you! Start by finding the right shoes and maybe a jacket. Check out these jumpsuit outfit ideas to totally change your game plan this season. 


Summer Coffee Date Outfit

Summer Coffee Date Outfit

source: @nuriablanco3

When it’s hot or humid outside, brighten up the mood with the best summer coffee date outfit to wear. Whether you choose shorts or a denim skirt as the bottom, try a casual but flirty off the shoulder eyelet top.

This is summer must-have top make you ready for any special day. Sip your favorite blended coffee and get to know your date!

Style tip: When in doubt, review your summer capsule wardrobe essentials to create any style of coffee date outfit. With these guidelines, you’ll have a clear idea of the best color palettes and silhouettes to choose. 


Fall Coffee Date Outfit

Fall Coffee Date Outfit

source: @juhigodambe

Hot cup of coffee makes your day on a cool fall day. Fall season is perfect weather to wear a black turtleneck top and plaid mini skirt for a preppy and stylish look.

Keep it casual when choosing the skirt print pattern for the outing. 


Winter Coffee Date Outfit

Winter Coffee Date Outfit

source: @cocobeautea

Depend on the weather for the day, start collecting winter capsule wardrobe to come up with outfits to wear. However, no need to wear dresses for the winter season when going on a coffee date.

Instead, pick an elegant wool coat to pair with winter skinny jeans and black loafer shoes that will revamp your wardrobe. They are the classic statement pieces that make you look cozy and effortlessly chic any day of the week. 

Style tip: Think you need more formulas for perfect loafer outfits for any season? From dresses to denim style, there are many ways to accomplish loafer outfits with a capsule wardrobe collection. Try for yourself and save your favorite looks for future outfit planning!


Dressing up for any occasion is not easy. Whether it is a fancy dinner or first date, its important to give the right impression every time.

When deciding what to wear on a coffee date, check the weather and start putting together an outfit using your capsule wardrobe collection. Plan coffee date outfits before the day in order to help you to stay on point without looking rushed. Enjoy the date by looking cute and confident.

What are you planning to wear on a coffee date?

Share your cute coffee date outfit ideas with us!


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What To Wear On A Coffee Date

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