What To Wear To Coachella In 2019

Are you preparing what to wear to Coachella Music Festival this year? Bring along your trendy and personalized capsule wardrobe essentials to create the best Coachella outfits! Lets gather festival outfit ideas from this style guide so that you have a clear idea what to wear to Coachella!

Start putting together fashionable festival outfits using classic wardrobe pieces as a base. To complete the look, incorporate creative and festive accessories. As a result, you won’t need to spend extra money on new clothing and shoes. Furthermore, review these money-saving festival style tips and tricks to help you look fashion-forward on a budget.

Plan each day and night ahead of time in order to have totally Instagram-worthy festival outfits. Enjoy the music festival even more by knowing exactly what to pack for Coachella. Pack light and only bring necessary things along.


What should I wear to Coachella?

The weather is beginning to warm up in the dessert, so you’ll want to dress comfortably in lightweight clothing. Festival outfits require thinking outside of the box because you don’t want to look basic and boring.

Due to the close proximity, here are also a few ideas for what to wear in Palm Springs in April. These tips will be helpful for planning the trip and also for deciding what to wear to Coachella this year.

Here are the best style tips and festival outfit ideas that you must wear to Coachella:

Mix and match capsule wardrobe essentials to assemble a variety of festival outfit ideas. There are so many ways to create a diverse look without spending a dime. Plan your trip ahead so that you have a clear idea what to wear to Coachella this year.


Where to buy Coachella outfits?

When planning each day for an upcoming festival, you may notice that you need an accessory or statement piece to complete a unique festival look. If you are on a clothing shopping budget, we have you covered!

Here are the best places to buy Coachella outfits for the upcoming trip.

From tickets to camping, music festivals are no longer a cheap thrill. Accomplish stylish festival outfits with the best clothing shopping tips to save money. Start with basic essential items you already have in your closet, and then add an interesting statement piece to make it cool.


Coachella Outfit Ideas

Coachella Outfit Ideas source: @dreaming_outloud

Create Coachella outfit ideas with a 3 color palette: Taupe, Dark Orange, and Warm Grey. Keep in mind to always check the weather in advance before officially deciding what to wear to Coachella.

Scan through these Coachella outfit ideas and save the best ones in a Fashion Planner for you to quickly review anytime. Having preplanned festival outfits will help you to enjoy the experience even more.


Shoes For Coachella

Shoes For Coachellasource: @caro_e_

Wear a festival outfit with this 3 color palette: Cream, Steel Grey, and Black. Whether you are wearing a sheer dress with a bodysuit or simple tank top and denim shorts, it’s important to pair with comfortable and stylish shoes for Coachella.

Your best bet is either flat or low heel ankle boots. Bring enough shoe options so that you feel comfortable when walking around all day long. You don’t want to have to worry about blisters or painful feet at the end of the day.


Coachella Best Dressed

Coachella Best Dressedsource: @griffinarnlund

Build a Coachella best dressed style with a 3 color palette: Wine, Black, and Red. Are you searching for Coachella best-dressed outfit ideas? Dress up in a sporty bralette, mini shorts, and also complete the boho-chic festival look with a pretty hair color. This style looks extremely cute with the additional body jewelry.

Style tip: If you plan on wearing lace or solid bralette top outfits, pack the right essentials to complete the festival look that you dream of.


Casual Coachella Outfits

Casual Coachella Outfits source: @samantha_whitaker

Wear a casual Coachella outfit with this 3 color palette: Medium Blue, Dark Blue, and White. Try a denim on denim look when assembling casual Coachella outfits this year.

Match a cropped top with distressed denim shorts to easily copy this style. A spacious belt bag goes well and also accentuates your skinny waistline.

Style tip: Do you know there are various ways for how to wear a belt bag? Avoid wearing a belt bag around the waist all the time. Instead, switch the look every time you wear.


Best Coachella Outfits

Best Coachella Outfits source: @monicasors

Create the best Coachella outfits with this 3 color palette: White, Teal, and Medium Blue. In order to accomplish the best Coachella outfits, all you need is to create a dramatic silhouette.

Dress up a simple crochet eyelet top with shorts, and then finish the outfit with a button-front floral maxi dress to wear as a long duster jacket. Use the tiered style boho flower pattern to provide an exaggerated silhouette.

Style tip: Whether you have a maxi or mini dress, here are chic summer dress outfits to keep you cool. The heat at Coachella can be intense, therefore dress accordingly to be prepared.


Boho Coachella Outfit

Boho Coachella Outfit source: @jamienkidd

Try a boho Coachella outfit look with this 3 color palette: Cream, Warm Grey, and Orange. These boho outfit ideas are a must-try style that you can’t go wrong with at any music festival.

Grab your favorite lacey romper with a delicate pattern and sheer long sleeves. Adding a layered choker and bandana scarf are great accessories to enhance the feminine-vintage style.

Style tip: Instead of wearing playsuits the basic way, learn how to style a romper like Fashion Girls do. It’s totally worth trying for the next festival you attend.


All Black Coachella Outfit

All Black Coachella Outfitsource: @dreaming_outloud

Dress in an all black Coachella outfit with this 3 color palette: Mustard Yellow, Black, and Charcoal. Add a hint of accent color to contrast and pop against the all black Coachella outfit.

A newsboy hat and handkerchief are essentials you need to use as accent color pieces. Simply tie around the strap of a crossbody bag in case it’s a hot and sweaty day. These simple accessories are versatile, functional, and stylish pieces to use all day long.


All White Coachella Outfit

All White Coachella Outfit source: @kendrateal

Build an all white Coachella outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Light Taupe, and Cream. Be creative when layering your one-piece swimsuit with sheer beach cover-ups.

This all-white Coachella outfit keeps you cool during the daytime heat, and also allows you to enjoy live music in a stylish outfit. Keep in mind to add white color high top sneakers and also a chic handbag to carry.

Style tip: Wearing a bikini top with a denim skirt or shorts is a must-try at the festival scene. Utilize these fashion trend tips for stylish swimsuits outfits that are incomparably better than real clothes.


Sexiest Coachella Outfit

Sexiest Coachella Outfitsource: @luisapiou

Create the sexiest Coachella outfit with a 3 color palette: Black, Nude, and Dark Olive. Layer your animal printed camisole with a sheer mesh long sleeve top to create a sexy and elegant look that is not trashy at all. With your cute pleather mini skirt, it’s a chic and fashionable style that you can wear on repeat even after the festival season is over.

Style tip: Whether you have a solid silk or printed cami, it’s a great go-to layering piece throughout all year long. Try this camisole outfit to wear to Coachella this year!


Festival Coachella Outfit

Festival Coachella Outfitsource: @pietrafaline

Create a festival Coachella outfit with a 3 color palette: Black, White, and Red. From crop top to dainty accessories around the waist, there are many little things that add up to making the best festival outfits.

Whether you are wearing boho or feminine style outfits, carry all the daily essentials in a backpack purse. As a result, you will be hands-free all day long.

Style tip: Learn how to wear a backpack purse to style your outfit to a whole new level.


Coachella Night Outfit

Coachella Night Outfitsource: @caitlynwarakomski

Wear a Coachella night outfit with this 3 color palette: Blue, Taupe, and Black. Are you heading to the festival with a loved one? Impress your date with this cute and lovely date night outfit. Pairing an off-the-shoulder chambray dress with a cute bag is all you need for the night out.

The look is not too dressy and casual enough to walk around and listen to the live music. Have yummy snacks along the way feel comfortable and look stylish the entire evening.

Style tip: Use the formula for chambray dress outfit that every Fashion Girl knows about.


Edgy Coachella Outfit

Edgy Coachella Outfitsource: @gallivantingbean

Build an edgy Coachella outfit with a 3 color palette: White, Medium Blue, and Off-White. Simplify your edgy and polished outfit with a pretty lace top and a denim skirt. Choose a lace top that is cropped length to match your bra color when recreating this modern and clean look.

Style tip: Mix and match basic essentials to create stylish denim skirt outfits to wear in Coachella everyday.


Unique Coachella Outfit

Unique Coachella Outfit source: @erica.north

Wear a unique Coachella outfit with this 3 color palette: Pastel Yellow, Green, and Lime. When you are looking for unique ways to dress up a Coachella outfit theme, then first choose a color palette to coordinate the look around.

Even though every piece you wear is casual, the color plays a huge role. Pull out your t-shirt dress and matching sneakers to dress like a Fashion Girl does.

Style tip: The best way to make a stylish and casual outfit is to combine the right t-shirt dress outfit with matching sneaker outfits to create an extra special look.


Cute Coachella Outfit

Cute Coachella Outfitsource: @_sallyjo_

Create a cute Coachella outfit with a 3 color palette: Black, Sky Blue, and White. All you need is to mix and match your capsule wardrobe collection.

A crop top looks cute with a jean skirt. Otherwise, simply dress up in an adorable matching top and travel shorts to look super cute for the day. This outfit doesn’t require any new festival wardrobe pieces.

Style tip: From scallop detail to print, there are various styles of dressy shorts outfits that you can easily create for an upcoming festival. Have the right styling options for every occasion.


From girly to punk style, there are so many styles that you can create with capsule wardrobe essentials. Diversify your look by planning everyday festival outfits so that you know what to wear to Coachella this year. By doing so, you’ll have an stress-free festival experience and take Instagram-worthy photos to capture the fond memories.

What are you planning to wear to Coachella this year?

Share the best Coachella outfits with us!


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What To Wear To Coachella

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